Friday, 4 September 2009

A safer Britain

Doodle 8/24/09
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I lose my head often in the midst of thought, I feel no sudden loss or unexplained pain
I lose her voice on end of telephone,
disconnected by a silence , are they tapping my attitude.
I lose my resolve in the middle of the day,
I have no urge to participate, or lose my patience ,
now its afternoon,it no longer rains,
just another september day,another day in a safe Great Britain.
The power of convictions verses the power of lies,
same old chorus the world still burns.
Theirs nothing new he said ,nothing Knew ,the same choreographed slaughtering of those we seek to protect.
Mr Brown your wrong again,
dyings hard, have some toast ,dont lose sleep, a glass of good wine ,
dont set your alarms , try not to worry ,every day is full of surprises,
it does not matter anymore,the more we do, the more they hate,
watch out beware, everything is safe, everything is allright..................

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