Sunday, 13 June 2010


How to measure time -
Greenwich Meantime?
Business World?
Or Solstices, equinoxes
nature drifting.
Space time continual?

If you travel far enough in space for long enough
you will come back younger than world population.

Time - Personal Perception -

Sit down watch a good movie - passes quickly.
Sit here with nothing to do, or in a doctors waiting room,
passes very slowly.

Has the last year been a dream?
When does dreaming switch to reality?

WHAT DO I HAVE TO SAY, THat has not already been said,
too much information already
in peoples heads.

Heading towards meltdown
oh no it's not that bad.

Ah the lovebites that deliver
after the off-licence has shut.

The belief in words and sometimes
nothing at all.

The love of the milk of human kindness,
randomness, relentless.

I appreciate all who have passed on through
especially the commentary.

Syzgergy synthesis,
We are all born free.

I carry in my arms a lighted joint
+ half bottle of wine.

Thank you
Thank you

blessed be.

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