Sunday, 17 October 2010


They try to control us
the old enemy deep outside,
their words are dust
brush them away.
The first five years
are always the hardest a headline cries,
rubbing salt into milky eyes.

Time to shake
the sleep away
and catch the fire by its throat,
they feed us lies
day after day
they lie because they must
hiding pain behind laughter.

Sky is angry
wind comes down
gathers up leaves
launches the bullets.
It moves slowly
this should be enough.

Each of us
runs for cover
we are not surrounded yet.
These dog days
take everyone by surprise
but we will not be
trampled down, survivors all.

Love is stronger than hate
we are still here
in a landscape still contained
by its margins, edges
and borders,
this is our season too.
Our time of discontent.

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