Friday, 3 December 2010


Where are we?
In my mind I still see stars
New worlds, rippling beyond current stone
Towards another possibilty
Emerging out of emptiness
Restless beyond control

One day soon
Fallacies will fall

In this season of winter chill
Shipwrecked amongst widening gaps
Currently youth runs wise outside
Of the ground
No longer fearless, unlocked.
Tomorrow's twilight nourishes the flames
Endless drumbeats, echoing masses enraged
Nothing to gain, so much to lose
Their voices raised towards tomorrow

Knock, knock
In the streets waves are growing
Colours unite at a moment's notice
Knotted together becoming more visible

Out with the blue and yellow they scream
Untamed they stand uncorrected
This is because they know their truth

Their playfulness and imagination makes headlines
Haunting those hiding above
Ebbing and flowing like tides of united breath

Their veins full of our future's blood
On and on, breaking words full of lies
Rising irrevocable, spreading mantles
In continued state of wakedness
Everyone watching, as they traverse outside
Shivering between sabbaticals, a clarion to all

Never saying, "Perhaps" demanding the possible now
On rooftops, wrapped around belief
Watch them grow in a world of make believe.

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