Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Gunpowder Plot - The Case for the Defence

Guy Fawkes, was an English mercenerary, much maligned, but due to a deep undertow of popular discontentment has become a symbol of resistance. Possibly down to Alan Moore and his brilliant comic creation in V for Vendettas, across the world protestors are wearing the stylised masks of Fawkes, some wear his mask as a symbol of their contempt for authority and government, reclaiming Guido as a symbol of hope and resistance. I guess he's become kind of cool. His thoughts undertaking a kind of revival.
Still though his effigy will be burned across  many place in Britain today, because of  his failure along with other Catholic conspirators to blow up the English parliament in 1605. He might have failed but his memory still has a heavy resonance, and people are now finding other effigies to use instead. Ah if he had succeeded, what then?
He was however never burned at the stake  in the first place, he was hung..... hey ho, carry on resisting, and if you must play with fire, be careful out there.....

Attilla the Stockbroker and David Roviks - Guy Fawkes Table

Remember, Remember the 5th of November,
Gunpowder , Treason and Plot
I know no reason why the gunpowder plot should ever be

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