Saturday, 24 December 2011

oh go on then merry christmas.

David Roviks - A Christmas Song.

The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping

Its  sure is difficult to avoid. I for one wont be posting anything for a while because the library I use will be shutting down for Christmas.Where I'll be hanging out, the computer will be off limits unless I can do some gentle persuading. A time of year when I usually feel like some kind of traitor, because I don't enter into the spirit of things. I't not that I'm a toatal misery guts, I just don't get this time of the year
And when I  have a little herbal smoke too much, and possibly a little too much egg nog, the inevitable happens, and their is usually some almighty clash. I like it if it snows, but that's about it, I can see my family at any time of the year,  I love them  like my friends but even then I hesitate about staying a whole 24 hours with them. And anyway their for life, not just for Christmas.
Their lovely , but god they like an argument, so do I , I suppose, but lets face it certain peoples lifeheld beliefs are very difficult to change, especially in this holiday period, beliefs can get rather entrenched a bit.
Reasons for my dislike of this time of the year are the usual suspects, the seasonal fakery, the waste of paper, the misery that explodes , and the annual artificial need to guzzle and consume vast amounts, whilst people commodify and profiteer from our faked jollity. Santa the manufactured symbol that resides right next to the sick heart of capitalism and consumerism.
Blessed Saturnalia, roast chestnuts underneath the pagan tree..... oh dear oh me.... But children love it I suppose , this shindig of excess.  Their  sun will rise anyway, rudolph will leave eat all the carrots and someone will have bamdoozled the sherry.
I suppose it is is a time when many do genuinely take  some time out  to celebrate their faith, fair enough , but the original meaning seems to have got lost a long time ago now.
 I will probably end up feeling a little tired and emotional by Monday, looking for some kind of solace. Won't make the old  mistake of admitting myself into a mental asylum , but i'm sure their will be  many nervous wrecks by the end of the weekend , who'll join the queue. And if anyone force feeds me the Queens speech one more time I will truly be upset.
But i'm also keen  on reflection at this time of the year, a little  introspection, why i'm a hypocrite too, got my bag of greenery sorted out, and will probably be hitting the bottle too.
Anyway  whatever you do, take it easy out there, and yes , have a good time, follow your dreams, your currents, each according to your need. Have some fun. Stay positive and stay human.
But remember  too as this holiday period approaches The Salvation Army is planning  for increased demand for its services for vulnerable peopleand con-dem cuts will spell misery for millions of people right into the new year. Sorry to be a damp squid, however if I dont have time to say it, wish you a happy peaceful  new year. The times are a changing , and another world is inevitable. In these times of austerity  and as our debits increase.lets try to make poverty history ( an old message still as urgent as before) and let hope reign. Kick out the Tories.We don't have to take what our leaders want to deliver,so if its your kind of thing merry Christmas, Chanukkah, solstice, Yuletide, Saturnalia, Kwanzaa, Festivus... or anythin else you  care to celebrate. Think I've said enough. Laters...... heddwch/peace

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