Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love is Liberation.

                                                    Do not try to bind it with words
                                                    let it reveal itself as its contagion
                                                    becomes a soothing plaque.
                                                    Swaying in seasons drift
                                                    touching the void of emptiness 
                                                    stretching to infinity, travelling on waves
                                                    abandoned will always

                                                    Everything it meets get filled with gladness
                                                    timeless , destined to rise and rise 
                                                    in patterns of endless recurrence
                                                    more than enough to go round
                                                    filling the air with  measureless dizziness
                                                    casting warm shadows on  the rest of our lives
                                                    running relentlessly through our veins 
                                                    in tomorrows heartbeat for all to share.

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