Sunday, 26 August 2012


Before I climb my next mountain,
should I take some time to breathe,
offer some kind of explanation
let you see what I've been looking at?
Imagination beyond caged confinement
the pen releasing ink in defiance
as faultlines are rearranged.

Another world dances
with songs of innumerable perforation.
Floating, we wait, for the point
when humanity's conscience arrives in one breath
we are the future , we have always been
already committed, navigating another path,
getting restless in the branches.

Possibilities appear, accellerate towards us
at the rivers edge, we leave behind our chains
we  sing songs of tomorrow's distance,
westward, seaward, deep and far.
At the beginning  of a journey following the rising tide
the power we have is what we can share,
We have all  that we shall ever need,
onwards we blaze, walking side by side.

Trust is arround us screams deliverance
the difference from yesterday, is that now  we no longer  have any fear.
Our expectations necessary,  survival depends on not getting stranded,
embracing new paths of reality,the call of stream to stream
from near and far, the wind blows across the desert
somethings in the air, and there's no going back
goodbye to the old ways, of division and murmour.

The cradle of civilisation is a heavy tear
empty and lost, but soon we make our new meanings;
the world is ours for the taking. Enough is enough you see!
no law so far has granted us freedom,
and soon all the old haters will no longer care
because they have slowly started to evolve
we've occupied their hearts, and now they are our codefendants

It's a long road, and there's no turning back.
with certainties roots and wild branches
our hearts demand nothing less than resurrection
a mouthful of sky, beyond the shadows
a new glimmer, a new world set right
power given back to the people.
In the garden earlier, we planted  the seeds of re-evolution.


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