Monday, 22 April 2013

Happy Earth Day on Lenin's birthday

                          Earth Day,celebrated  today,
                          on the occasion of Vladimir's birthday.
                          not sure why,never thought Lenins brand of thought,
                          could be identified with modern ecology,
                          merely a conicidence  of  creation, and spin,
                          not the rock though, across the fields, the smallest
                          minority on earth is still  the individual,
                          earth first,  the message for today,
                          we'll strip and mine and plunder
                          the other planets later.

                          ' To rely upon conviction,
                          devotion and other excellent,
                          spiritual qualities -  that is not to be
                          taken seriously in politics.
                          It is true that liberty is precious-
                          so precious that it must be retained,
                          authority poisons everybody who takes,
                          authority on himself.'
                          Thanks for that comrade Illyich,
                          much prefer your  words today,
                          than Peter Brabeck, from Nestle,
                          who has  just recently said,
                          'the idea that water is a human right,
                          is extreme.'

                          But sorry, comrade,
                          today the earth is still divided,
                          the rich still steal more than they deserve,            
                          I much  prefer  the words of Gerald Winstanley,
                          the earth a common treasury, for all to share,
                          as the hours pass, the earth still needs, feeding,
                          hope reflected in the tears,we and she sheds,
                          waiting for another chance,in the silence between breathing,
                          The fabric of existence, woven ,
                          on latitudes and longtitudes of absence.
                          delivers,a palpable heart
                          with each mornings blooming roar,
                          transmits its message,on the underside of leafs,
                          feeding our sensations, driving our emotions,
                          trying to keeping us undivided,
                          more than just a dream,it's sensation is clear,
                          spinning on it's wheel, I watch with wide, eyes dear.                


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