Thursday, 4 July 2013

4th of July

Dear people of USA as you celebrate 'your' 4th July, 'independence' and supposed liberties and freedom.
Please do not forget that the USA was built on genocide, slavery and imperialism.
Your 4th of  July is a hypocricy not only to yourselves but to miillions around the world.
Your government supports and aids the ongoing genocide of Palestinians.
The USA still occupies and takes away the freedoms and Independence of many countries whilst killing their people in the name of 'fake wars', and the ongoing atrocities across the world, whilst innocent people are also enslaved in your torture camp, Guantanamo Bay - the list goes on.

Whilst some of you celebrate this mockery please also remember this quote

' Native Americans pehaps have least to to celebrate after centuries of extermination, persecution, denial, and isolation in poverty on reservations.'
- S Lendmen

As a result their cultures are willfully denigrated. Their legacy includes betrayal, treaties made and broken, lands stolen . rights denied, and themselves criminally ignored to this day. For them, justice delayed was never gotten, giving them no reason to celebrate, nor America's growing impoverished millions on their own and out luck in an increaingly uncaring society, focused solely on serving privilege, not on popular needs.

So many others are also denied, persecuted, vilified and gravely harmed in today's America, from Latino immigrants to Mulsims, because of their faith and ethnicity it gives Washington convenient enemies to incite fear to wage wars for power, profit, and plunder at a time America's only enemies are manufactured, not real.

Danny Glover reads Frederick Douglas's  Fourth of July Speech

Whilst I'm at it free Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu- Jamul and all other prisoners of conscience, and stop your drones raining down and killing innocents in Pakistan, and Afghanistan, your imperialist adventures across the globe.

( Thanks to Jo)

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