Saturday, 10 August 2013

Under the Influence

                                            Picture by - Orlando Montenegro
                                              (happy birthday dad)

In this poet's utopia,
everyone stumble,
everyone falls.
but every breath released,
arrives from a star,
under every paving stone
words grow,
becoming anchors of release,
wild roots of navigation,
to be cradled and kissed.

Sentences storm barricades,
enemies melt away into the mist,
nothing is impossible,
dreams keep turning,
the world upside down,
no one is forgotten,
no one is illegal,
aesthetics of innocence,,
smell of sweetnesses scent.

Every new born child,
enters a worlds without conflict,
no worry, no money,
no shame, no guilt,
in the air love spreads,
like a fever,
to every corner of the word.

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