Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Balancing Acts

There's a fine line between,
depression and elation,
identity and what is hidden,
slow beats of anticipation,
that sail on the tail of the wind.
The silence of secrets,
that history does not record,
the hungry and the cold,
hanging round corners.

There's a  difference between,
austerity and robbery,
the democratic murder,
that is not shown on the news,
where they sweep away the tears,
carry on the combination of stealth
                                           and lies,
that leave us in the grip of vile
in visible nights, the blizzards are blowing,
as divisions cracks grow among darknesses

It's time to escape,
blow away the scalding breath,
shape some new spectacles of desire,
cast away their fear, follow dreams,
that  rustle up some passionate fire,
create a new parliament  for the people,
built on circuits of love.

With heart fragments recovered,
we can release the pressure,
we shall take it all back,
we don't need to run or beg,
we will turn their tides,
cancel out their abominations,
the mists of tomorrow,
still glimmering with hope.                              

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