Saturday, 21 June 2014

Undertows among Midsummers heartbeat

(Merry Solstice, heddwch/peace)

In subtonic conditions across the land,
try to find  passion, follow its hungry shout,
soaring through the trees and breeze ,
as we play hide and seek,
under the fiery sun,
sharing our love,
for woman, spirit, man.

Climb fissions of desire,
beyond  their cuts and scissors,
the cruelty of life that freezes,
the whitewash that covers up our eyes,
try to deflect the shackles ,off oppression
with voices  ringing with longing,
arrows of hope, aimed straight at hearts.

Seek hands of human friendship,
that resurrect lifes limbo,
painting pictures anew,
as turpentine clouds,
sizzle and shimmer,
lift us to a future,
where we all seek,
the same water of  life.

Swim among,
tides of change,
rearrange  their illusion,
flow with fusions of devotion,
reach out  for the taste  of  invisible knowing,
comfortable always, when all seems lost,
unleash your hidden yearnings,
dance long with summers mighty breath,
hang close to the earth beating below your feet.

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