Monday, 22 December 2014

No Room at the Inn

Jesus  so it is claimed could find no room for him and his guardians to lay his head, and now over two thousand years later there's still no room at the inn and no right of return for the Palestinian people in their own land - Today I send my thoughts and love to all those in Palestine and especially Gaza this Christmas. As we head towards 2015, Israel is still occupying the land that is not theirs. If Mary and Joseph attempted to reach Bethlehem today, they would get stuck at Israeli IDF checkpoint and be confronted by a huge apartheid wall that rips apart neighbourhoods, isolates people from friends, steals productive farmland and water supplies, all illegal under international law. Israel forces maintain severe  restrictions on Palestinians freedom of movement between the West Bank, and Gaza and Israel  through a series of complex system of permits, many roads forbidden to travel upon, freedom of movement severely restricted.
After nearly  50 years of  occupation, it has become difficult to differentiate between Israel's 'security concerns' and flat-out apartheid policies.
I hope we will continue in the New Year to help the oppressed of Palestine. gain their freedom.
From the rivers to the sea, Palestine will be free.

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