Friday, 12 December 2014

Whispering True Words.

Kindness can't be beaten,
and the water within us sings,
lets words be spoken, released on travelling  tonque,
makes new spaces, for us to hang out and spin,
where eyes have seen oppression,
where hearts have ridden waves of pain,
time travels, wants our voices to be heard,
stories to be shared with the world,
with inks running  freely,
try to show people what we have seen.

Across the globe,
some people finding it hard to breathe,
so gather round, and help these pulses flow,
to turn again, to become sparks in the afterglow,
a dazzle in the rain, singular defiant voices rising.
travelling across the land, finding connections,
examining and breaking up old paths,
creating and destroying, tearing up old  rules,
feeding new ideas, new routes and bridges,
needed for survival, before the weight of the world,
comes tumbling, crushing down.

Leaves remember, all the beauty's of the earth,
to follow sources of diversity, all the ways of life,
caught and captured on the winds to refresh,
beyond the closed systems, against intolerance,
truth is simple, glides carefully  from one heart to another,
can  nourish us as we wait, for seeming iniquities,
and for perceived injustices to pass,
searching beyond the  rubble,
cannot be dangerously silenced,
keeps pushing and pushing, soaring,
roaring , waiting desperately for something to change,
whispering true words, of simplicity,
with individual choruses of surfacing reason,
against hopelessness, despair, and fear,
the pendulum of justice  swings,
and collective rivers of unity sings,
carving a path to  the futures corridor,
bringing fresh hope, for all our voices to explore.

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