Monday, 7 September 2015

Stop the Arms Fair :- 7-12 September 2015

This September, one of the world's biggest arm fairs comes to London. This needs to be stopped. The DSEI arms fair is where arms companies showcase their weapons and make deadly deals with buyers from across the world, including those from countries with serious human rights problems.
The arms fair is due to take  place from September 15-18, involves more than 1,000 companies and 30,000 attendees. The results are felt around the world, as people are killed, economies are devastaed, refugees traumatised, and peaceful protest is crushed.70% of the population of the UK are against selling arms to human rights abusers. Just as fences are erected to stop victims from seeking refuge, fences have been erected outside London's Excel centre, to help the global arms trade to do business and fuel repression and  conflict across the globe.
We must stop these companies profiting from conflict and repression. Join people this week for a week of action in the run up to the arms fair to make it as difficult as possible for it to go ahead.
On September 12 there will  be a mass day of action to stop the arms dealers from  going about their deadly business. Direct action already taking place that will prevent the deliverydelivery of arms to this horrible event.

Organised by Campaign Against the Arms Trade. More information below.

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