Sunday, 22 November 2015

Beunaventarra Durruti laid to rest (14/7/1889 - 20/11/1936)

With forty years of  fighting, of exile, of jailings, of living underground, of strikes, and of insurrection, Beunaventura Durutti, the  legendary Spanish revolutionary and Anarchist lived many lives.
Uncompromising, intransigent revolutionary, he travelled a long road from rebellious young worker to the man who refused all bureacratic positions, honours, awards, and who at death was morned by millions of women and men. Durutti believed and lived his belief that revolution and freedom were inseperable.
On this day Beunaventurra Durutti was laid to rest in 1936.A hero to the Spanish working class , half a million workers attended his funeral. With the rise again of the far right, no better  time than to remember this inspirational man who died fighting against fascism in the Spanish Civil War.
On 14th November Durutti arrived in Madrid at the height of the  civil war from Aragon,by air with 5,000 men( numbers vary according to different accounts).The column had to go by train as all the railway tracks had been bombed. He went  to the frontline on the 16th. On the 19th November  1936, he was shot dead  by a sniper, he died the following day, his funeral  was in Barcelona and was attended  by half a million people.It is widely accepted that only about 700 of his fellow comrades were still alive a week later.

Rare footage of Beunaventura Durutti's funeral.

This book is his definite biography :

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