Thursday, 10 December 2015

Passing Christmas lights

Passing colors glowing, tinsel hung high, 
Christmas lights, shimmering and sparkling,
the smell of food, enticing on tongue,
another world lingers though,
a different reality resides,
in the corner of our eyes,
the tragedy of hunger,
the waste of consumerism,
austerity that daily bites.

For some now the air drips with sadness,
as the cold season blows again,
people on long and tiresome journeys, 
drifting among thrift stores,
food banks and charity shops,
while the sky above turns dark and grey,
citizens left wanting, running on empty,
struggling on, in this festive time of distraction.

Perhaps some small acts of kindness,
will be sufficient to keep some gladness alight,
against buffeting winds, strength can grow, 
allow people to decorate hearts with hope,
fill glasses full of reason and some cheer,
with little things, perhaps can piece things together,
reach out and find some change,
abandon the past, infiltrate the future, 
to share the sustenance of survival,
beyond the warped economics of now.

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