Friday, 26 February 2016

Truth can set you free : this is my version.


( mee-dee- uh)


An institution largely controlled by rich people, in order to convince poor people to blame other poor people for problems created by rich people.
Constantly manipulating, perpetuating myths, that allow the poor to be blamed for their poverty, that allows the rest of society to avoid taking any responsibility.Allows dangerous policies to be imposed on whole sections of society without the full consequences from being examined. Through a systematic misrepresentation of the poorest in society. Offering us a constant stream of propoganda, disinformation and lies. This is turn, influences the way people see the world, and as a result, the media is a key by which the general population comes to accept, and support things. It also enables people to adopt a worldview that is pessimistic, desensitised and fatalistic. Increasingly the focus lies on sensationalism and entertainment that leads to the overuse of soundbites, that tend to be repeated indefinitely.
The great Noam Chomsky has helped develop a detailed and sophisticated analyse of how the wealthy and powerful use the media to propogandise in their own interests behind a mask of objective reporting. More of which you can read about in a book he wrote with Edward Herman called Manufacturing Consent : The Political Economy of the Mass Media. It is noted however that mainstream media journalism has fallen precipitously in the minds of the public in recent years. 

Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and the media

In the last decade or so, with the growth of the internet, alternative news websites have sprung up that challenge these narratives, that do not follow a predetermined agenda. People have begun to realise that they they are being misled, manipulated and lied to and have started to resent it. Unlike the corporate mainstream media, this blog does not rely on well paid journalists, or the reliance and dependence on the concerns of advertisers, but try to remain truly independent in spirit. Trying to release a point of view that is not distorted in favor of state corporate interests. This is why, even though I am nearly always skint, this blog carries no advertisements, and therefore remains independent in spirit carrying my humble message beyond the confines of consensus.
It is clear that the establishment though is still afraid of free voices, that try to  push for social change. That hopefully can and will continue to hold powers that be to account. Beyond the daily inane machinations of the mainstream media, voices that refuse to serve and maintain the status-quo. 
We should all  try and seek to report the truth , providing fair and comprehensive accounts of events and issues, that polices our institutions. If we continue to fail to report the truth , and consider story's from every angle, we fail the public and one another. This is only my point of view however, I am sure their are those out there who will find my words an irrelevence, a mere distraction, in the larger scheme of things. We all have our different versions of reality, different  opinions I guess that can all help people see and interpret things differently. I hope to keep on releasing my free expression, the truth as I see it, a truth that sets me free. Plus the usual mixture of poetical musings and distraction.
Thanks to all those that encourage the flow of my words, sad to see a few go since the new year, but I bear no hard feelings.  

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