Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Impersonation is a form of flattery I guess!

Well I was just stumbling around this afternoon this afternoon on ye old internet, started to look for an old post of mine, and instead of just looking  here for some reason I  pressed a search entry, to the post I remember writing, but then noticed another link , because the link I'd beenafter was called After Banky : A parlour guide to Gaza,  but this other link said After Banksy Criticl ;  and then  noticed this voice was saying there was a link to his blog, in a language  familiar to mine, but somehow  rearranged, and this person claimed to be a truthseeker, something a millions eyes from me, and this link does actually link to my blog here it is :- https://criticl.me/post/after-banksy-2281 it's still there, only one post, and from a year ago , but nothing I ever put up,and nothing to do with me, so found the discovery more than a  little odd. Impersonation a form of flattery, or something more sinister? 
Anyway this teifidancer is still kinda real. So be yourself, everyone else is already taken! 

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