Saturday, 22 October 2016

Word of the day - Palpable

When something is palpable, you can touch or handle it, even though the word is often used to describe things that usually can't be handled, such as emotions or sensations.
You probably wont see palpable used to describe,  say an egg or a doorknob or a motorcycle. Palpable is usually reserved for situations in which something becomes invisible becomes so intense that it feels as though it has substance or weight. When the towers came down, the sense of sadness, it was palpable. Loneliness and longing can be palpable too.

adj:- capable of being perceived,
especially capable of being handled or touched or felt.

" a barely palpable dust"

"felt sudden anger in a palpable wave."

" the air was warm and close - palpable as cotton"

"a palpable lie"

" Popular opinions, on subjects not palpable to sense , are often true , but seldom or never the whole truth " - John Stuart Mill

"The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs. " - Charles Baudelaire

I personally have a palpable distrust for politics and  politicians. Speaking as they do often, words of palpable nonsense. There is a palpable sense that people are increasingly hungry for new political approaches. A palpable hum of urgency, a palpable sense of change ahead. I hope a different level of representation becomes increasingly palpable.
A poem too should be palpable too, able to be felt.

 " A poem should  be palpable and mute as a globed fruit." - Archibald MacLeish (1892 -1982)

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