Sunday, 24 May 2015

Well done Ireland

Huge congratulations to friends in Ireland, for winning equal LGBT marriage yesterday! Still a long way to go until we wipe  out  bigotry and prejudice based on gender and sexuality of this planet. But we won't stop fighting.

Friday, 22 May 2015

The scandal of food waste

Food waste  is morally unacceptable when their are people starving. In a year a supermarket like Tesco's admits  that 28,000 tons of food to waste was generated in its stores and distribution centres in just 6 months. And this just the tip of the iceburg when added to what other supermarkets throw out. How many could this have fed?  A great deal of this food  is still perfectly edible, for ***** sake!
If we did not live  in a profit obsessed capitalist society this simply would not happen. "We make less money if people got some  of our food for free " is the main argument why food is being wasted.But Capitalist companies that cannot make a profit on a commodity, would rather scrap it it than give it away, and allow the poor to eat, because there would be no profit in this. 
Then again if we did not live  in a capitalist society, poverty would not be such a problem either. We must stop these scandulous levels of foodwaste, 50% of edible and healthy food is routinely wasted, and serves as a symbol  of what is so wrong in our society.
Rather than wasting millions of pounds worth  of food  that is still usable, why not make supermarkets donate their leftover  produce that are still safe to eat to food banks.
Encourage existing customers to donate towards a delivery service to needy people in their area on the delivery run.
Is it not time to end this supermarket waste scandal

So please consider signing the following petition

or  just  simply take away for free what they do not want

Right my posts are going to be getting rather quieter from this day on, as I'm going on a short break. I might post a few things while away, and on my return, not sure how often , I will  post in the future, I will have a little think. All the best heddwch/peace.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


A million years  ago, perhaps more,
another universe was possibly known,
floating above the earths crust,
deep, deep in space,
stoned us, kept us in our place,
with lightning seeds, instead of weapons,
struck the earth with empirical devotion,
from the cosmos, arrived transcendental,
in spirals of space time continuam,
before the beginnings of blind faith,
and the tears of evolution.

BBC guilty of broadcasting pro-Israeli propaganda.

Not the first time either, this is meant to be a news  organisation without an agenda.  In a ruling  the BBC''s editorial committe agreed with complainants that an online BBC article  about Gazas tunnels http:/// breached the organisations accuracy guidelines,  but Eadot Hechts  propaganda  piece ( minus the word 'independent' in  his biographical note ) remains on the BBC website..
Also this week, the World Service programme Business matters  is running a programme every day from Israel and the Occupied territories, which again  contains much innacuracy. Israel did not pull out of Gaza in 2005, Israel  remains the occupying power in Gaza and is recongnised  as such by the UN and international governments. Hamas did  not  take over Gaza it was elected to govern. Israel did not close down its borders with Gaza because Hamas  'is committed  to its destruction' but as part of its policy of occupation. etc etc
The Palestinian people are under occupation, or in exile, millions living as refugees. A programme like this does not make any sense unless these basic facts are  explained.  The BBC cannot keep making programmes about Gaza where Israel lies are presented as fact by a BBC presenters.
There are no comparable articles commissioned by the BBC from  Palestinian or Pro Palestinian commentators, in which they are given  carte blanche to set out their point of view. This a privilege afforded by the BBC  only to Israels spokespeople  and until now these  spokespeople have taken full advantage of this freedom across the BBC output, whether broadcast or online.
Israels propaganda time and time again is given prominence on the BBC whose news programmes reach 81% of  the UK audience
It is hoped that two ECU rulings  will go some way  to pushing back these privileges and introducing something that resembles professional journalism  in the BBC's coverage of Israels ongoing occupation of the Palestinian people.

Please dont be silent. Make your voice heard. Please  make an official complaint to the BBC everytime you see a whiff of bias.  It's our service, they need to be challenged.

Link to article that bought this matter to my attention :-

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Hetty Bower over 90 years a campaigner for peace and justice

The remarkable Hetty Bower died aged 108 in 2013. From the First World War to the day she  died she was an active campaigner for peace and justice. Here she explains why.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I love Badgers, so I'd rather their was a cull of Tories

The new Conservative Government will apparently continue their cull of badgers, regardless of complaints from the public. One thing, the Conservatives have proved time and time and again is their arrogant indifference and callous disregard to our wildlife, let alone, people. The savage immorality of them, must be stopped. As they plan to waste an obscene amount of money on this senseless cull, whilst at the same time  planning £12 billion of new welfare cuts. It is simply ridiculous logic.
The Defra Press office has confirmed  that Lord Gardiner has been  appointed as their Lords minister for DEFRA,  former Deputy Chief Executive  of the Countryside Alliance,  yes this says,  clearly where their heart really lies.  However hard you look, you will never find a trace of compassion under their skin.
I would  urge you all, to send a little message, surely our countryside would be better served by lovely badgers, than, the roaming virus of Tory destruction.
I say save the badgers, cull all Tories

Monday, 18 May 2015

Ian Curtis (15/1/56 -18/5/80) - Gone but not forgotten

Today marks the tragic anniversary of the suicide of  Ian Curtis,  the troubled, mercurial, tortured singer and lyricist  of the band Joy Division. A lot of my formative years were  spent listening to his songs, and in a roundabout way,  introduced me to the work of such  fascinating literary writers like William Burroughs and  J G Ballard. Words meant a lot to him as they do to me. 
He left behind  at the young age of 23, a wife and daughter  and for many the whiff of sadness, but also  left a musical legacy of much genius and musical depth.
I still dig out his records, and find them the opposite to the labels put on them, like depressing and bleak, I genuinely find them uplifting. Poetry in fact, beautiful with a primal power.
Here are a few of my favourites songs of his. His absence still  resonates with many, gone but not forgotten.

Transmission (1978)

Radio, live transmission.
Radio, live transmission.

Listen  to the silence, let it ring on.
Eyes, dark grey lenses frightened of the sun.
We would have a  fine time living in the night.
Left to blind destruction,
Waiting for  our sight.

And we would go on as  though  nothing was wrong
And  hide from these days we remained all alone.
Staying in the same place, just staying out the time.
Touching from a distance,
Further all the time.

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance,dance. dance, dance, dance, to the radio.

Well I could call out when the going gets tough.
The things that we've learnt are no longer enough.
No language that we've  learnt are no longer enough.
No language, just sound, that's all we need know, to synchronise
love to the beat of the show.

And we could dance

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio.
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio.

New Dawn fades (1979)

A change of speed, a change of style.
A change of scene ,with no regrets,
A chance  to watch,  admire the distance,
Still occupied, though you forget.
Different colours, different shades,
Over each mistakes were made.
I took the blame.
Directionless so plain to see,
A loaded gun won't set  you free.
So you say.

We'll share a drink and step outside,
An angry voice and one who cried,
Well give you everything and more,
The strains too much, can't take much more.
Oh, I've walked on water, run through fire,
Can't seem to feel it anymore.
It was me, waiting for me,
Hoping for something more.
Me, seeing me this time, hoping for something else.

Shadowplay (1979)

To the centre of the city, where all roads meet, waiting for you,
To the depths  of the ocean when all hopes sank, searching for you,
I was moving through the silence without motion, waiting for you,
In a room with a window in the corner I found truth.

In the shadowplay, acting out your own death, knowing no more,
As the assassins all grouped in four lines, dancing on the floor,
And with  the cold steel, odour on their bodies made a move to connect,
But I could only stare in disbelief as the crowds all left.

I did everything, everything I wanted to,
I bet them use you for their own ends,
To the centre of the city in the night, waiting for you,
To the centre  of the city in the night, waiting for you.

Love will tear us apart (1980)

When routines bites hard,
and ambitions are low,
And resentments rides high,
But emotions won't grow
And were changing our ways, taking different roads.

Then love, love  will tear us apart again,
Love, love will tear us apart again.

Why is the bedroom so cold?
You've turned away on your side.
Is my timing that flawed?
Our respect runs so dry.
Yet there's still this appeal that we've kept through our lives.

But love, love will tear us apart again,
Love, love will tear  us apart again.

You cry out in your sleep,
All my feelings exposed.
And there's a taste in my mouth,
As desperation takes hold.
Just that something so good just can't function no more.

But  love, love will tear us apart again
Love, love, will tear us apart again.
Love, love, will tear us apart again,.
Love, love , will tear us apart again.