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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Solidarity to Junior Doctors taking Industrial action today.Save the N.H.S

Not taking place here in Wales,  for the time being  because the NHS in Wales is devolved. Since 199, the Welsh Government has been involved in running its NHS, so for the time being will the junior doctors contract already in place, so Junior Doctors will be working as normal today. We are  guess most fortunate to have the NHS in our hands for now. We still have  public service  being run not for private greed. Catching up at last, after all  the Welsh have generally been poorer and sicker than the English  for at least the past 300 years .
Nevetheless across the border  Jeremy Hunt has vetoed  a deal that would have ended the junior doctor's  dispute, that was supported by the NHS's own negotiators.  At the same time N.H.S trusts cannot balance books because of poor funding. A political decision to create room for private enterprise  in healthcare. Cuts elsewhere such as in councils, has also piled on the pressure. Despite taking place in England, we must stand together until their is fairness for doctors, safety for patients  and safeguards for the future of the NHS everywhere. After all the approach taken by the Government in England is still an attack on us all.
The government is trying to crush the doctors and the NHS,  ( an  essential service that  the Welsh people helped create, modelled on miner's mutual aid schemes, ) whilst  undermining the BMA  and allow it to fall into the hands of the private sector, we can't let this happen. We must all support the junior doctors, to stop Jeremy Hunt from forcing doctors into accepting a contract that puts more live  at risk.  Dangerous to patients  because tired doctors don't perform at their best, and mistakes will be made.
Another Pig headed Tory ideological  attack on hard working honest people. Remember doctors save lives, Tory's take them away.We must continue to support the junior doctors and all those who seek to defend the NHS,  porters, cleaning staff etc ect  standing shoulder to shoulder with them all  in solidarity.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

St Teilo's day / Dydd Sadwrn Teilo

The 9th of February marks St Teilo's Day.  The waters of  his well - now dried up -   near Maenchlochog,  in  West Wales, Pembrokeshire's rural heartland, where a church dedicated to him dating back to the 12th Century can be found. It was said  to cure whooping cough. Pilgrims came from far and wide water to drink it's spring water, which was said to cure paralysis and other ailments.
There was only one drawback; they  had to be slurped from Teilo's skull. This strange practice  continued into the 20th century using one of the saints three skulls!
Teilo was born  at Penally  in Dyfed , around AD 500 and was cousin of David the patron Saint of Wales. His original name was apparently Eliuid . He went on to become Bishop at Llandaf Cathedral in Cardiff, and died back  in Dyfed at Llandeilo Fawr. These three places all wanted his remains, so God was bought in to arbitrate. His solution was to clone the body so that each church had its own dead Teilo. A miracle, or perhaps just a dodgy excuse for a triple set of relics. The three churches former centers of the Teilo cult,  are still standing. He was a very popular saint,- and by medieval times, there were over thirty churches and villages dedicated to him across Wales and Brittany. ( In Brittany he is known as the Saint of horses, and of fruit trees and is  sometimes  depicted riding a stag,) 
 uring his time in Brittany , he is said to have saved people from a winged dragon  which he tamed and which he kept tied to a rock in the sea. In another a local Lord offered him all the land he could encircle between sunset and sunrise , Teilo chose to ride a stag to cover as much ground in the time available.
Down the centuries the saint's multiple relics went missing piece by piece,  but what is claimed to be one of Teilo's skulls recently reappeared  in Hong Kong of all places.  After protracted negotiations on February 8th 1994 there was a special service at Llandaff,  at which the skull was installed in its own niche  in  the cathedral's St Teilo chapel. The reinstated relic is now considered far too precious to be used as a cup.
Incidentally there are other ways of preventing whooping  cough without getting out of your skull. Pass the patient under a donkey nine times, or else persuade them to take a ride on the nearest bear. This particular brand of preventative medicine often kept a bear-keeper in sticky buns and honey. Or whatever bears eat.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Gazans struggling to stay warm this Winter.

While we in Britain moan about current weather conditions, spare  a thought for the people of Gaza. Still in the grip of a crippling illegal blockade. Deprived of food and medical supplies.basic items like lightbulbs, baby formula, mattresses, blankets, shampoo, conditioner and building supplies. Today Israel does not allow except 12 basic items to enter Gaza , out of 9,000 commodities.From soap to coffee , from computers to spare parts. Despite an agreement between the Palestinian Government, Israel and the United Nations that allows a small amount of building supplies for reconstruction  the blockade persists  and the Egyptian border is closed, Gaza exists as an open air prison with no access to the outside world.Many homes still  damaged and unrepaired since the 30 day war waged by Israel in the Summer of 2014,
Meanwhile unemployment has reached 75% according to the World Bank. There is currently a massive gas shortage  and people are struggling to say warm. Now heavy winds and floods have made things worse. The  cold increasing this peoples suffering. Paralysing the daily life in the Gaza strip, keeping most of the population in doors, with schools and universities being forced closed.
With further bad weather imminent, what little hope they have we  might presume will be washed away. But the Palestinian;s resilience is a strong one and despite these people being poor and their conditions being hard. These proud people  still manage to stick together and find ways to survive whilst retaining their dignity and respect.
As fellow humans  in acts of solidarity we should do all we can to end this immoral sieqe of Gaza. It is our duty to  restore their life.

Gazans struggling to stay warm this Winter.

Gaza's enduring spirit lives

These are not chess pieces,
these are people,
struggling to retain dignity,
in an open air prison,
bitterly cold,
their thoughts ,
cling to freedom,
as distant lights,
offer some consolation,
hues of hope and warmth ,
to gently protect,
Gaza still breathes,
with keys of memory,
still releases it's tale.
does not stoop, or lay broken,
Gaza's enduring spirit,
lives on and on.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Yonis Reuf ( 1918-1948) - Ey Reqib

' Ey Regib ' is an anthem of Kurdistan written by Yonis Reuf, who was also called 'Didar.' He was born in February 1917 in the city of Koye located in  Erbil Governote. After finishing school in Kirkjuk, he moves to Baghdad and studies law. ' Ey Regib ' was written in 1938. At the time  hie is in jail in the Kurdistan province as a political prisoner.
'Ey Regib' means literally ' hey guard,' but the title is more  translated as 'hey enemy'. It was the song of the short-lived republic of Mahabad in Iran in 1946 and is still sung across all of Kurdistan. principalities. 
It has also become the song of the Parya Karkaren Kurdistan , the Kurdistan Workers Party ( PKK) in its struggle against the Turkish State. In Turkey and all across the borders the Kurdistan people have had their rights denied. Ey Regib tells the story of their struggle and how a nation  has thrived throughout history against their oppressors. Their language and culture of the people, their right to self determination has suffered under continual state denial and prosecution.
This time must end. The Kurdish people have the right to be themselves, to speak and write and to work  and sing their own song.
The Kurds of Rojava  and Kobane canton of  are currently fighting ISIS . Building a new world in the shell of the old. Planting seeds of imagination. Showing us another world is possible. Victory to the Kurdistans.

EY Reqib

Hey Enemy, the Kurdish nation is alive with its language
Can not be defeated by the weapons  of anytime
Let no one say Kurds are dead
Kurds are living
Kurds are living, their flay will never fall

We, the youth are the red colour of the revolution
Watch our blood that we shed on this way
Let no one say Kurds are dead
Kurds are living, our flag will never fall

We are the childrem of the Medya and Keyhusrew
Both our  faith and religion are our homeland
Both  our faith  and religion are Kurd and Kurdistan
Let no one say the  Kuds  are dead
Kurds are living, their flag will never fail.

The Kurdish youth  have risen like lions
To  adorn the crown of life with blood
Let no one sayKurds are dead
Kurds are living
Kurds are living,  their glag will never fail

The Kurdish youth are ever present and
Forever will be ready to sacrifice their lives
Sacrifice each life they have, each life they have

Lawi Kurdi  hazir u  amadeye,
Giyan fidan e, giyan fida her giyan fida
Giyan fidan e, giyan fida her giyan fida 

Friday, 5 February 2016

Happy Birthday;William Burroughs ( 5/2/14 -2/8/97) - Everything is Permuted ( a cut-up)

Happy Birthday William Seward Burroughs, El Hombre Invisible,  a figure who looms  large through the last half of the 20th Century counterculture. Seeping into literature, painting, film and music. Whose image greets me every morning I  wander into my own living room, as my dreams awake. 
An iconlclast who himself became an icon, explorer of the outer boundaries of culture and identity. Happy birthday Uncle Bill.

Everything  is Permuted  ( a cut-up)

Nothing  is True.

Everything is  Permuted.

The word writes and re-writes itself.

It is no coincidence that the means of magic  is found in the words we use.

Language is a virus.

let them intermingle.

Everything  is permuted.

Mutating and metamorphosing.

A soundless hum.

Forged prisms of uniqueness.

Traversing life.

Mosaics of Juxtaposition.

Tools of precognition or subversion.

Everything is permitted..

' Take the  air. '

There are no accidents.

Although it's very difficult to get it right.

Get with it  or just say silent.

Allies wait with heavy commitments.

Eveything is permuted.

( happy birthday;  William S. Burroughs)

"You were not there for the beginning.  You will not be there for the end. Your knowledge of what is going on can only be superficial and relative. " - William Burroughs

Material ( with William S.  Burrough) - seven souls

( an earlier post on the centenary of his birth can be found here :-

Thursday, 4 February 2016

World Cancer Day - Not beyond Us.

A campaign to unite the  world's population , in the fight against cancer, World Cancer Day is a global event that takes place every year on February 4 . A disease that will kill more than  eight million people worldwide this year . The world needs to unite against this disease that knows no borders and represents one of humanity's most pressing concerns.
 This years theme, " Not beyond us,"  demonstrates a proactive and positive approach  towards the disease, highlighting that solutions do exist across the continum of cancer, and that they are within our reach.
Moreover , understanding and responding to the full impact of cancer on emotional , mental and physical wellbeing  will maximise the quality of life for patients, their families and care-givers. Every citizen should have access to  free treatment options and care.
Awareness so important, for the survivors and those who are not so fortunate, we should not be afraid to talk about it. For many affected by the disease it is a solemn one of reflection, but for others it's a time to become aware of this disease's impact and what is being done to help effect change for millions it impacts. A diagnosis of cancer does not mean that you have to live a painful and miserable life. Their is hope and positivity to. 
I for one am glad that my partner is still doin ok, so give  great thanks to the |N.H.S and all it's fantastic staff, for the great support that we have received and continuing solidarity with the junior doctors. 
Best wishes.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Lets be honest, there's got to be a better way.

" Lets be honest. The activities  of our economic and social system are killing the  planet. Even if we confine ourselves merely to humans, these activities are causing unprecedented privation, as hundreds of millions of people and today more than yesterday with probably more tomorrow - go their entire lives with never enough to eat. Yet curiously none of this seems to stir us into significant action. And  when someone does too stridently point out these obvious injustices, the response by the mass of the people seems so often to be a figurative if not physical blow to the gut, leading inevitably to a destruction  of our common future. "

- Derek Jensen, The Culture of Make Believe

I strongly believe that capitalism has a lot to answer for. Its daily contribution to human death and human misery has simply become unbearable, am not sure how our wonderful planet can survive whilst we sustain it. The political and economic and general social structure of world society must now be re-configured to ensure the preservation of all human beings, not just the privileged few, with their vested corporate interests. Interests that want to preserve the old economy that refuses to work for ordinary people nor the planet. Power hungry interests that are currently tightening their grips. The ranks of this powerful elite no longer restricted  to those who are actual members of Government or the bureaucracies  that buoy them up. This elite now embraces the top executives of the ever growing  multinational  corporations that are tightening their grip on the governments in both developed and developing world.  
Surely the human race should be sufficiently intelligent enough by now, and be able to take control of its own destiny, and refuse to be defined,  by the warped logic that  controls us now.  Directly responsible  for creating the huge gulfs that exist now between the rich and poor.
We should not  sit back and accept this inequality, thankfully a growing number raising their voices, saying no,  a growing populist movement, seeking fairness over privilege, a disparate anti-austerity social and political forces angered and increasingly made desperate by the crisis that I have talked about that is currently pulverising our society. That challenges the forces that try to chain us down.

I am not a conspirationist, by the way just someone  who truly worries for the world, I wonder if we don't change  things soon whether there will be a planet worth living in for the generations to come. There must be a way of taking back control from the hands of a few greedy individuals. Every day I walk on this planet I hope that we find a way to implement some change. To make this world a better place for those that come after us, a world beyond the shackles of corporate greed.
The refugee crisis  that we are currently witnessing is also one of the most dramatic expressions of the crisis of a social system that is no longer capable of coping with the most basic needs  of the vast majority of humanity. The despicable treatment metered out to them is also the product of an equally profoundly inhumane social system. The world migrant crisis is a symptom of the inevitably uneven and combined development of the capitalist system . It condemns billions of people to grinding misery while lavishing an untold minority with untold wealth. An inequality  that fuels migration to better parts of the world. 
The crisis is a product of a consciously created  poverty, the dispossession, , oppression and exploitation of the greater part of humanity by the few, which simultaneously creates mass human poverty and enclosed havens of wealth. Combined with imperialist  backed war s wars In Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya that have made  millions homeless and pushed people into grinding poverty.Thus helping create hells on earth.

The  response from country's largely  responsible for their misery in the first place is not to end the  bombing and looting  in the respective refugees country's of origin.Instead they set the wheels in motion to make their flight from  hunger and war even more difficult.
There's got to be a better way. When we all stand together young people and old, saying loudly and clearly that enough is enough, that the world belongs to all of us, not just those on top. We will  truly transform the world for the better.