Friday, 3 July 2015

In the garden

In  the garden, I steal myself away,
sit and inhale pungent smoke,
watch the grass grow beneath my feet,
as I try to forget the burden that humanity brings,
the shadows lift and the sun comes out.

I escape darkened patterns of thought,
walk barefoot over turf,
water flowers as senses awaken,
scatter seeds for the butterflies and bees,
in my sanctuary of devotion.

Here lies a place of  peace, a pleasant distraction,
a landscape shaped by hand,
in harmony with nature,
enabling magic to grow again,
to release its melding scents.

I could stay here for a while,
but I go and wait for loyal love's return,
and the companionship of friends,
as the earth spins gently by,
and the night sky turns silver.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Heatwave flashback

Been busy helping someone move today, gosh it was rather sweltering. But if I think its been hot this week, I recall the summer of 1976, the year of the national Eisteddfod coming home to us here in Cardigan/Aberteifi. Throughout the summer the entire country sweltered under the heat, for most of its duration, the therometers tipped 26c,  at least I was not stuck in the confines of school. 
Rivers ground to a trickle, while some even stopped flowing. Without water,  companies were forced to cut the working week, while vans patrolled the streets to make sure the hosepipe bans were strictly enforced. Today at least I had  the relief of a bit of rain, thank goodness for that.Ah days of youthful adventures by the seaside on the West Wales coast, and the dawning of the musical explosion of Punk.

The 1976 Punk explosion

Monday, 29 June 2015

Gaza bound flotilla seized by Israeli navy.

Following my last post, news  has reached me that Israel has boarded and taken over a vessel attempting to break the blockade of the Gaza strip, officials have said.
In a statement the Israeli army on Monday  said that it did not use force in redirecting, the main boat Marianne to the  Israeli city of Ashdod. 
Petros Stergiou, a spokesperson for the flotilla told Al Zazeera that organisers lost contact with the ship at around 2 am time on Monday morning as the military boats approached. Once again the Israeli government and its military has acted like state pirates and attacked in international waters. We must continue to respond and react against this injustice, as we will until the port of Gaza is open and the seize and occupation is ended.
I hop all on board will be safe.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Breaking the Siege Freedom Flotilla III

Today a flotilla of at least 3 ships with supporters from over 20 countries, will try to set out across the Mediterranean Sea, bound for the Gaza strip. The aim being to confront Israels maritime blockade of the Palestinian people, and deliver symbolic  humanitarian aid to those imprisoned there.
Dismissed by Israel as a publicity stunt,and a threat, unauthorised, but serves to remind the world that the blockade is another war crime. A continuous violation of international law. A collective punishment of more than 1.8 million Palestinians.. The flotilla's journey will seek to highlight  the impact of Israel's 8 year imposed,inhumane land , air and sea blockade.
Setting sail to what is known as the worlds largest open-air prisons by many different human rights groups. The blockade having already bought a solitary confinement to Gaza's people by further restricting their movement outside the territory and curtailing  the amount of items that can be bought in.

Activists on these ships will attempt to deliver much needed medical supplies and solar panels, to people  living in disgraceful conditions, in an act of peaceful civil disobedience and solidarity. I hope we will not see a repeat of what occurred 5 years ago when a previous Gaza Freedom flotilla of 6 ships, the first including Turkish and Greek vessels, made nine attempts to break the siege. These ships  were also carrying humanitarian aid and building materials, activists and journalists and aid workers. It resulted in Israeli commanders boarding a ship called  the Mavi Marmama in international waters, in horrifying scenes it resulted in 8 activists being killed, dozens injured, in an act of piracy that also saw dozens  injured.
Since then, others have attempted to land supplies in Gaza, or even sail from Gaza to rendezvous offshore. All have sadly failed, with ships impounded and destroyed.
The journey will be a tough one, but I hope the latest attempt will succeed, that they reach Gazas port, without any fatalities or injury and bring attention to the international community the Palestinians plight and send a message of hope to the Gazans who have to endure such a punishing daily life of struggle.
This blockade must be lifted

Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Conservative Party is Your Enemy

Remember the British Conservative party is diametrically opposed  to the good of the British public and deliberately acts against their interests and then lies  about the result. Their motives are mostly irrelevant. If you are not a millionaire, the Conservative Party is not your friend, they are enemies of the people. Inhabited by people with no feeling at all.How on earth are they now governing the land,  they have no mandate to do so, and remain for me  a thoroughly nasty bunch of  people,  with policies designed to wreck our lives, destroying Britain as they carve it into pieces.Just because they are now in power, this does not mean that they should be given a green light to cut welfare at will. They must be opposed with every opportunity.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Allright for some

Campaigners are demanding an immediate review  into the Royal families contribution to Government austerity measures. It seems the Queen will not face any cuts to Royal finances for at least another 2 years - despite an 11% increase in her income. In the 2 years since the Civil list was replaced by the Sovereign Grant, the Queens taxpayer funded income has shot up from £36.1 million to more than £40 mililon, which seems obscene to me, especially in today's uncertain economic climate. They are simply outdated and  in serious need of reform.
Surely  its time to auction of the crown jewels, give her homes to the homeless, as they line their pockets through strict nepotism and strategic alliances. The Royal  family is more than just an international embarassment, it is a crime against the British public. We should give thanks to those who have earned  it, than to those who were born to rule, simply  because they have the right last name.
The rule one for the rich and another rule for everybody else, obviously springs to mind. The cost is not the only reason I would  like to see the  back of ther monarchy ( and I can assure you that is my wish) - I would want them gone, even if they were free. But this latest abuse  of public money and their lack of concern  for the taxpayer is a symptom of an institution that cannot be held into account.
It surely is absurd that we still have them in this modern age. They are not elected, just inheritors of a status that is so outdated. Maybe having a King or Queen reminds the people of the old days, when Britannia  ruled the waves, along  with much of the world's land mass. The reality today is rather different though,  they simply serve  little purpose, other than  to perpetuate a divisive class system, at a time when Britain is the most unequal society it has  been in Queenies 60 year reign. I for one  hope their reign does not endure.
Is it not time  they were served an eviction  notice from Buckingham Palace and offered a council  house in return. But mind you they would have to wait around 8 years  for one to turn up, on the current waiting list from Westminster City Council.
Surely we must have sufficient  grounds by now for pressing for the dissolution of the monarchy.Time for them to give their palaces and silver and gold  back to the nation.  I long for the day when instead of singing God save the Queen or King, we cry out loud Viva Republic.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

After Austerity Demo - Time to Keep fighting

Went up from Wales yesterday to the Peoples Assembly Demo in London, one of the biggest I've attended for years. It saw as many as 250,000 people taking to the streets to protest against austerity. 
Masses of Trade Union banners mingling with  placards from the Peoples Assembly, the Green Party, a myriad of political groups, Anarchists, Autonomists, Quakers, Hari Krishnas, all religious faiths, Class War dancing in the streets, Hunt Sabs, CND, Stop the War, you name it, they were there, a broad church clamoring for change.
Amazing too to bump randomly bump into several people from various parts of the country, which was pretty amazing considering the amount of people.
Not once did I feel unsafe, people in masks did not bother me, the only time I felt uncomfortable was the sight of policemen in uniform, carrying out governmental orders, but that's another story.
The message of the day, was "This Far, No further" to the government and their cuts. The feeling I left with was one of solidarity, celebration, a largely peaceful affair, but nevertheless saw people managing to get their different messages out. Linking us all to the economic and political struggles coming ahead. As the government agrees £12 billion welfare cuts- hours after this brilliant swell of people, just adds insult to injury.
It is  not the end. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by rich politicians, bleeting  on about immigration  or aspiration or  EU referrendums. We must  unite against a system that seeks to oppress us all. After this big demo, we keep faith, keep fighting,  when  you see this many people marching together, it does release a good feeling, however much some speeches, being a tad lackluste . As a movement, we will keep on fighting, gaining momentum, with each step.