Saturday, 20 December 2014

I have a dream!

Sleaford Mods - Jolly F*cker

Ready for Christmas.... Fuck... I'm never bloody ready for christmas, it's all a illusion, as they  smash us up, over and over again, don't leave us with many crumbs, as coldness and starvation takes hold, but those tory blighters  will still be  having a toast, sitting comfortably in their cozy homes, filling their bloated faces  with cake. Yes the spectacle of consumerism and distraction draws close, but in these times of austerity and crisis, it is crucial to remember  that the seeds  of a better society already lie embedded  in the contradictions of the current one. In these dark times, when  hope seems lost, we must constantly remind ourselves that the seeds for  a better world already  lie deep in the scorched earth of the present one. As they continue  building their walls of oppression, tommorrow we  must carry on confronting and challenging head on, let us be the  spirit of revolution reincarnated, striking down upon the  scrooges of our time, as  darkness seems to envelop the world.
Bah humbug, merry crisis and a happy new fear. Hope the future is brighter, reignites all with passion and integrity.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Lights out for Gaza

Switch off your lights tonight 7pm -8 pm in solidarity  with Palestinian families in Gaza.
Currently  they only get electricity for 6 gours a day.Power off for 18 hours.
Today there  is a global solidarity campaign highlighting this problem and the innocents  living with  a blockade on the Gaza strip and  its ongoing power crisis.
The Palestinians in Gaza suffer from power shortages for long hours, that has been exasperated after the last Israel war.
Combined  with poor electricity infrastructure, there is shortage of  industrial fuel to generate power and technical  issues with Gaza's power plant, linked with Israel's recent bombing campaign.
Daily life is a constant battle for the deprived residents of  one of the worlds most densely populated places on earth.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Surprise, Surprise G4S guards found not guilty of manslaughter of Jimmy Mubanga

Surprise, surprise - 3 state employed private security guards working for G4S accused of 2010 manslaughter of deportee Jimmy Mubanga, walked free earlier this week after being cleared by an Old Baily jury - like the police,  except somebody,somewhere makes a profit from public money and nobody anywhere is held accountable, and Justice once again gets blindfolded.
It is difficult to reconcile this verdict with the evidence at the trial that over 20 people  heard Jimmy Mubanga say "I can't breathe".Another sad signifier of the numerous cases of private companies wholly inappropriate conduct over the last few years.

Happy birthday Chelsea Manning

I have written about Chelsea Manning several times before today I mark her 27th Birthday. Chelsea Elizabeth Manning changed her name from Bradley earlier this year to reflect the fact that she is trangender and wants to live as a woman. The above picture  is how she sees herself "this  is the closest representation of what I might look like if I was allowed to present and express myself the way I see fit." Currently she is serving a 35 year prison sentence for whistleblowing and for revealing to the public that the U.S army, the C.I.A and Iraqi and Afghan forces committed  human rights violations in breach of international law.
It was revealed  earlier in the week by her Welsh aunt,( Chelsea  herself attended Tasker Millward school Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire for four years) that US authorities tortured her with barbaric techniques. which posed,  a  psychological  threat to her health.
These allegations add further to the growing calls to investigate US interrogation techniques, as well as the roll of British intelligence played in this process.
No circumstances whatsoever can ever justify the use of #torture. Perpetrators  must be held accountable.
Chelsea manning has always claimed she acted in the public interest, hoping to spark a meaningful debate on the costs of war, specifically on the conduct of  the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan. However she was not permitted to present this as evidence at her trial, and was only allowed  to explain her motives at the sentencing  phase.

Before her conviction, she had already been held for three years in pre-trial detention, including 11 months in conditions which the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture described as cruel and inhumane.
Today marks her fifth birthday spent in prison. For many across the world we perceive her as a heroine who was not afraid to speak out, blowing the whistle on war crimes. Her treatment is an example of how far the U.S will go to try and cover  up its crimes. There will  be vigils and standouts  in a number  of cities across the world, to mark the occasion, and calling for her freedom.
Her supporters are gathering in London  between 14.30-16.00 on the steps  of St Martin in the fields Trafalgar Square.
Please sign Amnesty International's petition calling for her immediate release.
Happy birthday/ Penblwyd Hapus Chelsea Manning


Link to Amnesty International Petition

" In our zeal to kill the enemy, we internally debated the definition of torture. We held individuals at Guantanamo for years without due process. We inexplicably  turned a blind eye to torture and executions by the Iraqi government. And we stomached countless other acts in the  name of our war on terror."

- Chelsea Manning

Letter asking for clemency, August 2013

Monday, 15 December 2014

The Met aint happy

A number of false advertisements alleging that the police are racist have been spotted around London. It is believed that they were put up at the weekend  with political magazine Strike claiming credit for them.
In a facebook post Strike said after complaints were received ' if  only the met put this much effort into investigating their own crimes and corruption.' 
The police remind me of alcoholics, who do not  deal with their problems, until  they put their hands up and say, yes, think we've got ourselves a problem.
The posters which borrow the logo of the  Metropolitan Police have  been seen occupying advertising spaces on bus stops across the capital, and have also been spotted  outside the Mets own headquarters. Another ad says " We caused the 2011 riots by shooting an unarmed civilian and then ling about it. And we got away with it."
Have always admired  the likes of Adbusters myself, and I must say it is always nice when  people try to  redress the balance a little bit.
Meanwhile some of the posters have been cordoned off while police look for evidence.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Waiting for the Great leap forward

Oxford academic Danny Dorling recently  observed a remarkable and disturbing phenononem. Last years the world's richest 1%  owned 41% of the world's wealth. What bloody century are we living in? Pinched myself, yes it's the 21st, but it gets even worse. This year alone the richest 1% owned 48% of total wealth. That's an increase of just 7% in just one year.
If this is to continue for say another  7 years,  this would mean that the 1% would earn 100% of the world's wealth. Crazy. It does not take an economist to point out  that it's just not possible. 
Dorling concluded therefore that in the next 7 years something is going to happen. No one can tell what, but I have a few ideas. It is clear  that if things continue as they are, something seismic is going to happen. Hope people are pushing in the direction I want it to go.
Waiting for the great leap forward.