Friday, 31 October 2014

The flow of magic.

Happy Samhein/ Calan Gaeaf

As Octobers, splendour surrenders,
coalesces and dissolves,
and the veil lifts again  on the earth,
poets try to communicate,
the sliced magic of things once witnessed,
to breathe a little  life out of thougths which grow within.

Near the rivers edge, time moves  in slow motion,
bubbling invocations leave their notation,
as words slip and slide, on thresholds rotation,
planting seeds from beneath skin,
this night of divination, allows us to keep searching,
with seas of ink and love, to replenish the earth with feeling.

Minds flying full of cobbled webs and threads,
follow the hubble bubble of exchange,
scribbled echoes and dreamscapes cast free,
to tunnel  our breaths with light and shade,
verses shaking loose undercurrents of imagination,
tides sweeping letters adrift on seas of navigation.

Our arrows shoot far into the sky,
pierce the night and its shadows,
from bright gatherings, noursishment, 
                       gets  released into air,
resonating with human care,
keeps this grinning manic world,
spinning with the afterglow of reason.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Assata Olubala Shaker (b 16/7/47) - She who struggles, Poet , Revolutionary.

Assata Olugbala Shakur was born JoAnne Deborah Byron  on July 16, 1947, in Jamaica, New York. a descendent of slaves. Adopting an African name, she took on Assata, meaning 'she who struggles,' Olugbala, meaning 'love for the people,' and Shakur, meaning 'the thankful.' The first woman to be placed on the FBI's Most wanted  Terrorist list, Shakur was a member  of the Black Panther Party and Black liberation Army in the late 1960' and 1970s.
In the early 1970', several false criminal accusuations for murder, robbery and kidnapping were bought against Shakur. All except one were later acquiitted or dismissed. In 1973, Shakur and two other friends were cornered by state troopers on the New Jersey Turnpike, and became involved in a shootout where she was  severely wounded, apprehended and charged  for the murder  of  Werner Foerster, a New Jersey State Trooper. Although Shakur  protested her innocence, and subsequent medical and forencic evidence  indeed  proved it was not possible for her to have  shot the state trooper, she was however convicted of the murder. She was incarcenated  in several prisons throughout the 1970'  until she managed a daring in 1979, and has managed to live in exile  in Cuba since 1984.She is recognised  by the Cuban Government as a revolutinary fugitive in exile, at once venerated by supporters, the Cuban Government continue to contribute to her living expenses, and is regarded as an icon by many others, as a living link  to  a revolutionary era.
The FBI's animalistic hunting of her resumed after nearly 40 years when it labelled  her a terrorist, offering $2 million for her capture,  still reminding the world, and becomming a symbol of America;s gaping racial divide, reminding us that the oppresion  of Black women by America is far from over and to many the world over she continues to remain an inspiration to all lovers of freedom,  as a courageous fighter, liberator and hero, and is defended by many who do not want to see her returning to a prison cell.
She has since continued to dedicate  her life to challenging injustic, advocating  on behalf of those persecuted using her skills as a writer, artist and poet. In 1987 she published a powerful memorable book 'Assata Shakur - An Autobiography' where she outlines her beliefs, and the book contains many of her poems, two of which I include here. In this book she also writes from a perspective whose life continues to be on trial.
Long may Sister Assata Olubala Shaker retain her freedom and we carry on breaking down the chains.

Affirmation - Assata Shakur

I believe  in living
Ibelieve  in the spectrum
of Beta days and Gamma people.
I believe in sunshine
windmills and waterfalls,
tricycles and rocking chairs.
And I believe that seeds  grow into sprouts.
And sprouts  grow into  trees.
I believe  in the magic of the hands.
And in the wisdom of the eyes.
I believe  in rain and tears.
And in the  blood of infinity.

I belive in life.
And I have seen the death parade
march through the torso of the earth,
sculpting  mud bodies in its path.
I have seen the destruction of the daylight,
and seen bloodthirsty maggots
prayed to and saluted.

I have seen the kind become the blind
in one every lesson.
I have walked on cut glass.
I have eaten crow and blunder bread
and breathed the stench of indifference.

I have been locked by the lawless.
Handcuffed by the haters.
Gagged by the greedy.
And, If I know any thing at all,
it's that a wall is just a wall
and nothing more at all,
it can be broken down.

I believe in  living
I believe in birth
I believe  in the sweat of love
and in the fire of truth.

And I believe that a lost ship,
sneered by tired, seasick sailors,
can still be guided  home
to port.

Love is Contraband in Hell - Assata Shaker

Love is contraband in Hell,
cause love  is a acid
that eats away bars. But you, me, and tomorrow
holds hands and makes vows
that struggle will multiply.
The hacksaw has two blades.
The shotgun has two barrels.
We are pregnant with freedom.
We are a conspiracy.
It is our duty to fight for our freedom
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to  lose but our chains.

Reprinted from :-

Assata An Autobiography (1987/2001)

Here is a link to a campaign that continues to support and  defend her:-

Assata Shaker in her own words

Sunday, 26 October 2014

October 30th UK.Drugs debate..

On October 30th, 2014 the UK Parliament  will host a debate on the country's drug policy. To ensure your MP represents you at the debate and works to support evidence-based drug laws in the country. visit here:-

Friday, 24 October 2014

Blog Stuck in rut

Blog unable to upload photos or videos at moment in time, I hope it's temporary, any suggestions please?Also missing a dear  friend, but that's another story. Meanwhile between 13 and 26th October a joint police Operation called 'mos maiorum'  takes place  in nearly all European countries to  identify, imprison  and finally  deport illegallised  migrants. Thousands of  people will be subject to so called ' racial profiles ' and will be harassed and criminalised  upon those criteria.
The following site tries to document the actions that are part of 'mos maiorum'  and to make these effects visible to everyone.
Please contribute  to document public police checkpoints  or identify  checks throughout the European union.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Aberfan - Lest we forget

48 years ago a on Friday October 24, 1966 , 9.06 a. m shortly after  school assembly many  tons  of collier rubbish swept down  the sides of Merthyr Mountain as a result of a conflict of financial interests, verses financial ones, that sadly still happen today, which saw the death of 144 people, including 115 children, many of whom were between the age of seven and ten long with,  five of their teachers,  in what is now known  today as one  of one of Wales worst mining disasters in it's history, not forgetting Senghennydd which I've written about previously  when in 1913 over 400  were killed. But  The sores and wounds of this  disaster is now forever  stored in the memories  and feelings of the people of Wales because of the whole collective loss of a generation that it wiped out. So today again we  try not to forget  the children and adults who died, this human tragedy, that  many say could easily have been  prevented .And today we  still try not to forget, we remember this people grief  and how they  carried on,
Today we remember the people of Aberfan, and hope still that lessons learnt from that today can be learnt for tomorrow, and especially today  where this bitter legacy still continues, and continuing social and economic problems in the South Wales valleys because of successive govermnents have made lives a  contining source of discomfort.  People before profit. Lest we forget.

Monday, 20 October 2014

The Battle of the Tarpaulin - Police Brutality

Hundreds of police officers attack Occupy Democracy participants because they don't want them  to sit on tarpaulins. This was after Occupy Democracy broke  away from  the TUC march on  Saturday and headed to Parliament Square for an open Assembly,  wardens had asked protestors to leave under an old by law, then sent the police in, and  then their was a total overreaction, on behalf of the police and a standoff lasted till yesterday. What was witnessed was a scene that  had reminiscences of Hong Kong, less freedom seen in Parliament Square. The protestors sound system was confiscated and   tents and sleeping bags were not allowed into the camp. The massive overpolicing and  attempshut down this democratic forum is truly shocking and outrageous. The protestors plan to occupy  the square for the next week.  Viva  freedom.

George Orwell on the police ;-

" I have  no love for  the idealized 'worker' as he appears in the bourgeois mind, but when I see an actual flesh and blood worker in conflict with his natural enemy, the policeman, I do not  have to ak myself which side I'm on."