Monday, 31 October 2011

Adelaide Crapsey (9/9/1878- 8/10/14) - The Witch

When I was a girl by Nilus stream
   I watched the desert stars arise;
My lover, he who dreamed the Sphinx,
   Learned all his dreaming from my eyes

I bore in Greece a burning name,
  And I have been in Italy
Madonna to a painter-lad,
  And mistress to a Medici.

And have you heard ( and I have heard)
  Of puzzled men with decorous mien,
Who judged - The wrench knows far too much-
  And hanged her on the Salem green?

Adellaide Crapsey , grew up in Rochester, New York. Educated at Vassar College. Spent her life teaching, studying and writing poems. Her poetry A study of English Metrics  was published in 1918, after her death in a sanatorium of tuberculosis.  
The Witch from 'Verse' by Adelaide Crapsey 1922.

Happy Samhein everyone
May it be good. xx


Friday, 28 October 2011

Attila the Stockbroker - Looters


Dazza is a looter
in trainers and a hood
He trashed his local corner shop
He'd learned that greed is good
The CCTV nailed him
The papers called him scum
Now Dazza's in the barry place
And crying for his mum...


There's no such thing as society
So steal and cheat and loot
Just one more thing to remember though-
Make sure you wear a suit!

Bazza is a looter
In pinstripes, brogues and tie
Short selling in the City
He made millions on the sly
He nicked our hard earned savings
Then turned round and said thanks
He walked off with the money-
And we bailed out the banks...


When greed's the creed that breeds
and breeds
What else can you expect?
The selfish scum get richer
And communities get wrecked
Some rob us with an iron bar
Some a computer screen
And when they say it's "legal"
It's even more obscene....


Dazza is a street kid
And what he did was wrong
But he probably wouldn't do it
If he felt he could belong
Bazza's rich and privileged
He doesn't give a shit
He takes us for a load of mugs
And gets away with it!


More from one of my favourite political songwriters below

and nice little post on him here, it mentions a little gig that I attended.


Can you imagine working for a company that only has a little more than 635 employees, but has the following employee statistics -

29 have been accused of spouse abuse

7 have been arrested for fraud

9 have been accused of writing bad cheques

17 have directly or indirectly banrupted at least 3 businesses

3 have done time for assault

71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit

14 have been arrested on drug-related charges

8 have been arrested for shoplifting

21 are currently defendants in lawsuits

84 have been arrested for drink driving in the last year and collectively, they have cost the British tax payer £92,003,748 in expenses!!!

Could you imagine whose organisation is this?

It's the 635 members of the House of Commons.

The same group that cranks out hundreds ofnew laws each year designeed to keep the rest of us in line. What a bunch of sweeties, no sorry, bunch of crooks, this is what is running our country. The figures say it all.... And just to to top all that they probably have the best 'corporate pension scheme in the country - whilst trying to ensure that everyone else in this terrible economic climate has the worst  time  possible!!!
It really seems crazy doesn't it? A really appalling state of affairs, somethings gotta change.Sooner than later.
Before the rot from the top starts infecting us all. The expenses row might have been forgotten, but it seems those in power are still playing their games.
One rule for them and another for the rest of us. Remember wrap up warm cost of heating is impossible at the moment, but don't forget to turn up the heat on those who should be looking after our interests. Thw wonders of democracy eh, think it's time Parliament was reclaimed.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

99% of humans are civilised.

99% of capitalists want to maintain capitalism.
99% of misogynysts want to maintain patriarchy.
99% of fascists want to maintain the state.
99% of racists want to maintain racism.
99% of humans want to maintain domestication.
99% of the civilised want to maintain all the aformentioned, because without it they will die.

99% of humans are civilised
99% of us question why?



Saturday, 22 October 2011

International Brigade 75th Anniversary

Today , 22 October, is the 75th anniversary of the Spanish Republic issuing the decree to recognise the International Brigades which were forming to join the defence of Spain's Land and Freedom. In a short period of time some 32, 000 volunteers from more than 50 countries joined the Brigades. Made by Sanum Ghafoor, Philosophy Football's film of the Gala to celebrate the 75th Anniversary features Billy Bragg, Robert Elms, Jackie Kay, Tayo Aluko, Gracie Petrie, one of the last remaining International Brigaders, David Lomon, and many others. It is educative, entertaining and inspiring, a fitting way to mark the anniversary.

Plus! Philosophy Footballs Anniversary T-shirt design features the iconic solidarity poster designed by one of Catalonia's greatest artists. No Pasaran.

Get it here.

Volunteers for Liberty - Luis Perez Infante

Your country does not matter.

You have forgotten the name
of the city that shielded your childhood.
But the songs of your cradle
remain to return the corn
now dark with the kiss of flaming suns.

The factories you left,
and the fields with their richness, the places
impelled into life
by your rough and vigorous hands.
Your home you have left and your bed
that daily called you to rest.

Your country does not matter.

Those words are forgotten
which whispered the names
of your loved ones, the tender caress
of the anquished mother.
Forgotten the tremulous word
that troubled the ear of the lover

Your language does not matter,
for free men speak one language alone.

That language alone now matters.

Here you have spoken
in thirty-eight different tongues,
but each vibrated with one impulse,
with one passionate voice,
clamourous and pure,
That is the voice of the blood that sings.

( Translated from the Spanish by Hans Kahle and Leslie Phillips
from the Penguin Book of Spanish Civil War Verse, Penguin , 1980)

International Brigades Anthem - Himmo de las Brigades Internationales 

Christy Moore - Viva Le Quinita Brigada

Link to earler post on the anniversary of the  beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

Friday, 21 October 2011

I like a good scarf

I like a good scarf , and as winter approaches am always on the look out for one. Here  the wonderful actress Tilda Swinton, regally stands, looking quite dashing in my opinion, wearing a Palestine Scarf (designed by Bella Freud) in the pages of November's Vogue.
The proceeds of the sale of the scarfs go to the hoping foundation for which it was designed, so you not only get a nice scarf but you also support a nice cause. My God I can see myself in telesales, swinging  my scarf round my shoulder, adopt sarcastic tone to caller, doubt I would look as good as Tilda though. Nice idea , shame about the logic.
Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.
Free Palestine.

Link to hoping Foundation

The world includes Palestine. Wouldn't it be great if the kids could read about it.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Charles Bukowski (16/8/20 - 9/4/94) - No help for that

No help for that

there is a place in the heart that
will never be filled

a space

and even during the
best moments
the greatest

we will know it

we will know it
more than

there is a place in the heart that
will never be filled


we will wait

in that

'Frankly, I was horrified by life, at what a man had to do simply in order to eat, sleep and keep himself clothed. So I stayed in bed and drank. When you drank the world was still out there, but for the moment it didn't have you by the throat' - Charles Bukowski.

More here.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Support # Occupy LSX initial statement, a work in progress.


1. The current system is unsustainable. It is undemocratic and unjust. We need alternatives; this is where we work towards them.

2. We are of all etnicities, backgrounds, genders, generations, sexualities, disabilities and faiths. We stand together with occupations all over the world.

3.We refuse to pay for the bank's crisis.

4. We do not accept the cuts as either necessary or inevitable. We damand an end to global tax injustice and our democracy representing corporations instead of the people.

5. We want regulators to be genuinely independent of the industries they regulate.

6. We support the strike on the 30th November and the student action on the 9th November, and actions to defend our health sevices, welfare, education and employment, and to stop wars and arms dealing.

7.We want structural change towaeds authentic global equality. The world's resources must go towards caring for people and the planet, not the military, corporate profits or the rich.

8. We stand in solidarity with the global oppressed and we call for an end to the actions of our government and others in causing this oppression.

9. This is what democracy lokks like. Come and join us!

( Well that was yesterday it seems the momentum is gathering pace.

" Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step".
-Martin Luther King.

Capitalism's bubbles seems to be blown  this way and that at moment, even the printed press has started watching another world being developed. Some are pushing for restraint, some are building the barricades, but passionate insistence seems to be undertaking a revival, the  people don't look that apathetic now, some of them are angry. All methods that topple  the rotten bubbles welcomed here.But already making waves on amazon, T.Shirts for sale, selling revolution, some like sheep ,put in orders.

' The new groups /don't understand/what there is to be learnt/They got Burton suits/HUH/ They think it's funny/ tuyning rebellion into money.'
- Joe Strummer.

Capitalism must drown, it won't go silently however having insulated and wrapped itself around our foundations. But drown  it , we must.

The Future of Capitalism ?


' They control our world. They've poisoned the air we breathe, contaminated the water we drink, and copyrighted the food we eat. We fight in their wars, die for their causes and sacrifice our freedoms to protect them. They've liquidated our savings, and used public money to bailout out unending greed. We are slaves to their corporations, zombies to their airwaves, servants to their decadence. They have stolen our elections, assasinated our leaders, and abolished our basic rights as human beings. They own our property, shipped away our jobs, foster division, make money a god? They've shredded our unions. Profited off disaster, destablized our currencies, raised our cost of living. They've monopolised our freedom, stipped away our education, but have not extinguished our flame. They spread lies and confusion..... we are hit.. we are bleeding.. but we ain't got time to bleed. We will bring the giants to their knees and you will witness our revolution! '

- anonymous

No Walls can silence our voices
human dignity knows no borders!
Occupy the World.....
justice knows no borders!


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Revolution: a how to from anonymous to the citizens of the World. Enjoy

Click pic to enlarge. 


The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you
Don't go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really wan't
Don't go back to Sleep.

People are going back and forth across the doors
Where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open
Don't go back to sleep.

- Rumi.


- Frederick Douglas, 1857.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sleep easy war criminals - Michael Mansfield

Britain's insulting rules on arrest warrents will only encourage Israel's view of itself as above the law.
Israell  has violated innumerable UN resolutions and international laws over the past 50 years  without any sanction being incurred - whether legal, economic, political or military. Most blatant is its disregard for the overwhelming opinion of the international court of justice in The Hague, which in 2004 declared the erection of a wall through the occupied territories to be unlaful. If you add the illegal occupation pf Palestinian  tterritory, continued extension of illegal settlements, forced evictions and house demolitions, requisitions of water recources, Gaza blockade and illicit use of cloned passports to facilitate an assasination outside Israel, anyone might br think that this is a state that regards itself as above the law.
The creation of international crimes with universal jurisdiction was accomplished after years of negotiation and careful deliberatin for one purpose: to ensure there could be no hiding  place or safe haven for the perpetrators of the most heinious crimes against humanity. Examples of such cases are genocide, war crimes and torture.
The ICJ itself made clear in the wall case that the obligation to prosecute is the concern of all states. The problem is that no state has been willing to take on this task is-a-vis Israel other than on a very muted diplomatic level. Lawyers acting for individuals in Palestine have been forced to do so themselves.
In 2009 Westminster magistrates court issued an arrest warrent for Tzipi Livni, the Israeli foreign minister at the time of Operation Cast Lead , which caused an estimated death toll of 1,400 in Gaza. Britain's Labour government hierarchy fell over itself rushing to the Israeli authorities, not about the death but to apologise for the warrant.
A dramatic incident occurred as Livni was about to appear on Israeli television during the invasion. The interviewer Shlomi Eldar recognised a name that appeared on his mobile - Izzeldin Abuelaish, a Palestinian doctor who had given services equally to Israelis and Palestinians. "They sheeled my house. They killed my daughters. What have we done? Shlomi, I wanted to save them  but they are dead. They were hit in the head. They died on the spot. Allah, what have we done to them?" Three of his daughters and his niece had just been killed by Israeli forces. The call was broadcast and transmitted round the world. The whole story is told in his acclaimed book I shall not hate.
There could be no question  that this admired physician was associated with Hamas or terrorism, or even a hostile thought. Only two possibilities make sense: a deliberate attack, or an indiscriminate one that dod not afford proper protection for civilians. In these circumstances it is hardly surprising that the UN fact-finding mission on the Gaza conflict found that the Israelis -and Hamas - had committed war crimes and possible crimes against humanity.
In September the British Government changed the ground rules by providing the director of public prosecutions with the power of veto over private applications for arrest warrants. It is an insult to the court to insinuate that they cannot be trusted  to assess the requisite threshold for issuing a warrant. In 10 years only two out of 10 such applications had been granted. We are dealing here with arrest, not charge.
It is therefore highly unlikely that any prosecutions of consequence will ensue either at the instigation of the government itself or of an individual - ax - Livni's meeting with William Hague in London last week demonstrated. Given the British Government's lacklustre performance in this field when it comes to nations or individuals who are seen to be unacceptable (eg Pinochet, where it took a Spanish magistate to act), those in positions of command and responsibility at times when war crimes are committed can now rest easily in their beds.


The concept of universal jurisdiction is that a national court . of one country , should be able to try cases in which grave crimes against humanity are suspected. The principle is that no country should be a safe haven for those thought to have committed crimes recognised as war crimes and crimes against humanity. The bill to approve the change in Britains Universal Jurisdiction Law was passed because of one decisive vote. Meanwhile the foreign Office has declared that Tzip Livni, former model now enjoys temporary  diplomatic immunity. Wth a what  the **** message to the world, Welcome to Great Britain , War Criminals gratefully recieved., our government is openly compliant!


Monday, 10 October 2011

Counting the Mad - Donald Justice (12/8/25 -6/8/04)

Susan T. Adams
- They leak through me

Today October 10rh , is World Mental Health Day, the issue still seems a problem, but it's not the mentally ill who are the problem. It's attitudes and ignorance, everyone can be affected, but is not like a virus that people can scrutinise under microscopes. Effects eveyone regardless of their class, their race, their politics, but having certain governments in control will often aid the spread of declining mental health, especially among the poor, the dispossessed, the marginlised, the voiceless. Often people fall beneath the cracks in the pavement, where they are shunted and betrayed.
Sadly in this present time, still so many causes, so many labels,  often people  are misdiagnosed, mislabelled , put in boxes and forgotten about. The stigma of being  different, with a different perception can in the end be very painful, one of the last taboos,   labels need to be cast aside, we should be looking for equality, a world without fear, without exploitation, a rejection of a society that  offers us no hope.
For me the summer has ended but the fall now approaches, learnt different methods to ease me through the good days and the bad days, the highs and lows, without ignoring the dark impulses that sometimes reappear, like  heavy magnets thrown through time! Am lucky can still smoke funny cigarettes, they make me normal, well sometimes. Able to form new relations, acquaintances, I guess I'm lucky because I prescribed myself a while back, a formula called hope.
Today I have I suppose a good day, that's just me, I guess I'm a survivor but many others are caught up daily in a cycle of depression, anxiety and  unnessecary pain and suffering, life a constant battle, some wrongly prescribed, stuck in an endless loop of frustration, some get tired of fighting.
The tory government smiles and empathy is silenced, they do the worst for everyone, especially those ostracised  or who daily suffer. On this day Mental Health provisions and services are now being cut, the compassionate side of our government is not easy to see. . Today  I try to think of others, we should try and show understanding,  no judgement today......  I think that's how it should be..... think for yourself, but lend sometimes, someone a helping hand, small gestures can be amazingly  worthwhile, say hello to a stranger, spread love instead of hate,  but for future's health.... kick out the Tories. Formulate new ideas, spread understanding, through tolerance and yeah sometimes it takes a lot and lot of patience. Remember theirs more than one way. Having awareness is one thing, but theirs still a long road untill the mentally ill get acceptance. As the gap between the rich and poor mounts, and the governments extreme  austerity measures, sadly anxiety will only increase. We must resist this.
In our age there is no such thing as ' keeping out of politics'. All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly , hatred and schizophrenia. Now what does that scenario remind me off.

Counting the Mad

This one was put in a jacket,
This one was sent home,
Rhis one was given bread and meat
But would eat none,
And this one cried No No No No
All day long

This one looked at the window
As though it were a wall,
This one saw hings that were not there,
This one things that were,
And this one cried No No No No
All day long

This one thought himself a bird,
This one a dog,
And this one thought himself a man,
An ordinary man,
And cried and cried No No No No
All day long

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Judy Chicago (b 20/7/39) - Untitled Poem.

Judy Chicago
-Through the flower.

                                                         Judy Chicago

Feminist artist.
Untitled Poem

And then all that has divided us will merge
And then compassion will be wedded to power
And then compassion will be wedded to power
And then softness will come to a world that is harsh and unkind
And then both men and women will be gentle
And then both women and men will be strong
And then no person will be subject to another's will
And then all will be rich and free and varied
And then the greed of some will give way to the needs of many
And then all will share equally in the Earths abundance
And then all will care for the sick and the weak and the old
And then all will nourish the young
And then all will cherish life's creatures
And then all will live in harmony with each other and the Earth
And then everywhere will be called Eden once again

Judy Chicago
-Caroline Hershell Test Plate, China paint on Porcelein, 1978.

        Untitled Poem
from ' The Dinner Party'
Doubleday & Company, Inc.


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Qui Jin (8/11/1875 -15/7/07 ) - China's Revolutionary Poet.

Qui Jin was a radical Chinese women's rights leader and revolutionary. Born in Xiamen. Fujian Province. She was one of the first women of China who attempted to educate and mobilise and emancipate Chinese Women. She loudly said no to womens degradation, advocating for their rights in open defiance of the imperial empire. She refused to be silenced or subjegated by the power of patriarchal rule. She stood up against foot binding , it is easy to forget that  for a long time, this barbaric practice had been acceptable behaviour, she also oppossed other repressive orders. Spending time in Japan where she developed some of her ideas.
She helped found and write,a radical women's magazine called the 'Chinese Womens Journal' based in Shanghai. One of the first women who attempted to educate, mobilise and emancipate Chinese Women. Encouraging other women to resist oppression.
Standing against womens degradation, her cause was one of emancipation and freedom. She also became a martial arts expert , wouldn't you want to defend yourself, and together she joined forces with other revolutionaries to try to overthrow the corrupt Manchu Government and make war against authority. However she was betrayed and on July 12th 1907 she was arrested. Subsequently though she refused to admit any involvement or implicate and betray anyone else. 
She was beheaded on the 15th July 1907, she was only 32,  but had  become one of Chinas first revolutionary martyrs and is remembered to today for the sacrifice she made for her people.
The dynasty that she revolted against fell in 1912, with the declaration of a republic. Her legacy lives on, since after all, she introduced the idea of womens independance to China,  and beyond her actions, her memory lives on in her words.
Below  I share with you some of her poems. Full of a beguiling tranquility and mythological  elements, but it is she who has become legend. That today we must recall.

On Request for a Poem

Do not tell me women
are not the stuff of heroes,
I alone rode over the East Sea's
winds for ten thousand leagues.
My poetic thoughts ever expand,
like a sail between ocean and heaven.
I dreamed of your three islands,
all gems, all dazzling with moonlight.
I grieve to think of the bronze camels,
guardians of China, lost in thorns.
Ashamed, I have done nothing
not one victory to my name.
I simply make my war horse sweat.

Grieving over my native land
hurts my heart. So tell me:
how can I spend these days here?
A guest enjoying your spring winds?

Crimson Flooding into the River

just a short stay at the Capital
But it is already the mid autumn festival
Chrysanthemums infect the landscape
Fall is making its mark
The internal isolation has become unbearable here
All eight years of it make me long for my home
It is the bitter guile of them forcing us women into femininity
We cannot win!
Despite our ability, men hold the highest rank
But while our hearts are pure, those of men are rank
My insides are afire in anger at such an outrage
How could vile men claim to know who I am?
Heroism is borne out of this kind of torment
To think that so putrid a society can provide no camaraderie
Brings me to tears!


Riding a white dragon up to the sky,
Striding deep in the moutain on a fierce tiger.

I am born in a roaring storm with a violent dancing spirit
I shall be holy on the earth.

How could I ever be satisfied with settling down!
Without witnessing Commander Xiang win his great battles,
Or hearing Liu Xiu rumbling war drums

They were only twenty years old but could make their contries floursh.
Don't blame them for bloodshed but admire them for bravery.

Shame and failure!
I am already twenty-seven

Yet have no glory to my name
I only worry for my country and do not know how to expel these invaders.

I am glad my great ambitions will not rot and waste away,
Not when I hear the roar of war drums.

Deep inside I am outraged
I cannot get help from my own people

I feel so helpless, so weak.
It is for that reason alone that I am going
to Japan: to rally up aid to look for assistance.

Here is a link to a trailer to a film about her :-

Autumn Gem

Tuesday, 4 October 2011