Saturday, 30 April 2016

Avoid head trash

The world is currently,  being destroyed by psychopaths, dont keep calm, go out and make change. But be careful do not be a garbage can  for anything that does not fuel your intellect, stimulate your imagination and help connect with others. Refuse to carry other peoples head trash. When conflict arises , face it with who you are, whilst being open to other perspectives.
Respect your intellect and heart felt passions. Give respect to others by not taking what they are responsible for, if you do not, it can infect you with a mind virus of cynicism or defeat and you wont even know it.
But without action very little will be done, be persistent ,and  try and be consistent, I realise though that under present conditions of capitalist domination it is easy to switch to negative thought patterns, that can lead to cynical resignation, that can become an obstacle in itself. So find others that you can connect with, share your ideas, that help one another build together,  help create a new world, a better one. Avoid cutting yourself from this possibility no matter what the circumstances. The secret is to to begin, there is no room for compromise. Laugh together, avoid disconnection, avoid futility and fruitlessness, focus on struggle and change. Resignation is death. Revolt is life. Avoid head trash.
It's obviously not as easy as it sounds, I've been on anti-depressants for last ten years, but recently been avoiding them, reconnecting  taking a chance, my inner scream still carries an anguished enthusiasm for changing the world. I guess it takes time, chemicals can help, can lead to a life though of numbness, especially in the absence of community or solidarity, alienation can lead to all sorts of malaise, if you really want to change, there are ways to achieve it,  don't trust me though I'm no shrink or doctor, I know that it is not always possible to prevent unhelpful thoughts from occurring, these words  just some gathered food for thought, just remember to look after yourself, and if your strong enough you can  look out for and help others.

Friday, 29 April 2016

What Zionism has meant for Palestinians

 There is currently a lot of discussion in the public realm in the UK about anti-semitism (anti-jewish racism), As Israel lobby groups ( among others) try to equate the two.
For some being critical of Israel is now seen as  the same thing as being anti-jewish or rasict. Personally I will always oppose beyond the pale and vile racism wherever it tries to lay it's hat. An abhorrent stain that has no place in modern society and should always be condemned and given zero tolerance.
I am not a member of the Labour Party  but like many others I have been talking to feel that the crisis of anti-semitism in the Labour party has been deliberately created by the media,  whilst co-ordinated by the right wing element of the party and the Zionist lobby.
The prospect of a pro Palestinian like Jeremy Corbyn as elected leader has triggered a dirty tricks operation worthy of a CIA effort to destabilise a South America  country, all aided by a compliant media, serving to stir things up and foster division, running on hysterical soundbites to smear instead of encouraging unity.The Daily Mail being chief among them, with a terrible history of their own when it comes to this issue. Is is wrong to simply criticize a country that illegally treats and oppresses the Palestinian people on a daily basis.
Anti-semitism tragically exists  and must continually be exposed and fought against, in the same way as other forms of racism by all concerned with fighting racism and fascism.
I should also point out that Anti-semitism and anti-zionism are not the same. Zionism is a political ideology which has always been contested within jewish life since it first emerged in 1897. In my  humble  opinion it is entirely legitimate for non-jews as well as jews to xpress opinions about it. Remember not all jews are zionists and not all zionists are jews.
As an anti racist and an anti fascist I do not think it is helpful to discredit those who simply make legitimate criticism of Israeli policy. I will continue to support anyone who seeks to promote peace with justice.
What is being forgotten about though and utterly marginalised is the Palestinian narrative. Should we forget the fact that for the Palestinian people, Zionism is an ideology that denied their very existence and has continued to justify their ethnic cleansing from their home and lands.
We should be seeking some balance, not get whipped up by hysteria, by forces serving to feed their own dubious agendas. We should continue to fight racism, fascism  with all our might whilst exploring and understanding all narratives.

Here is a link to an interesting article I discovered earlier. Heddwch/peace. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Cassetteboy vs Jeremy Hunt

Another Labor of love from Cassetteboy.  Jeremy Hunt should stop telling us how reckless and dangerous the Junior Doctors' strikes are, because trained medical  professionals  clearly feel his policies are far more reckless and dangerous.
Jeremy Hunt can keep saying that it is in the best interests of the NHS, but the actions of him and his government speak far louder than his lies. Time for him to drop the ego and listen to the heart of the NHS - the doctors.
Luckily the junior doctors are standing together, taking part in the first all-out strike in the history of the NHS,  it's up to us to support them, as they continue to defend and save a publicly funded , publicly owned, our beloved  N.H.S. 

Parasites ( poem dedicated to Sir Phillip Green, David Cameron among others)

Scoffing cucumber sandwiches on gilded lawns,
Like ravenous vultures they feed on the helpless,
Mock the poor, ignore our pain,
While washing down champagne,
Reeking of greed, taking all that we need,
Lying and cheating is their game,
Exploiters of people for profit,
The world is their oyster,
See how they scoff it,
Fed by a relentless drive for more,
Appropriated from the labor of others,
After pushing and grabbing for far to long,
In the end will have to make amends,
Having been found proven,
To have been in the wrong,
But may pay no heed,
The greed remains,
Too entangled,
Trapped inside,
Too deeply hidden,
To be removed.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

79 Years ago - The Bombing of Guernica.

                         Guernica- Pablo Picasso

During the afternoon and early evening of Monday, April 26th, 1937,  the German and Italian fascist air forces destroyed the Spanish town of Guernica in a raid lasting three hours. The war crime was ordered by the Spanish nationalist military leadership and carried out by the Congor Legion of the German luftwaffe and the Italian Aviazone Legionairre. Designed to kill  or main as many civilians as possible, Operation Rugen was deliberately chosen for a Monday afternoon when the weekly town market would be at its most crowded. Guernica, in the Basque  country where revolutionary sentiment among workers was deep, was defenceless from the bombers, which could fly as low as 600 feet.
The airplanes made repeated raids, refuelling and returning to drop more bombs. Waves of explosive, fragmentary, and incendiary devices were dumped in the town. In total, 31 tons of munitions were dropped between 4.30 in the afternoon and 7.30 in the evening. In the aftermath of the raid, survivors spoke of the air filled with the screams of those in their death throes and the hundreds injured. Civilians fleeing the carnage in the fields surrounding the town were strafed by fighter planes. Human and animal  body parts littered the market place and town center, a horror soon immortalised by Pablo Picasso's Guernica.
Guernica was effectively wiped of the map. From a population of 5,000 some 1,700 residents were killed and a further 800 injured. Three quarters of the buildings were raised to the ground. Farms four miles away were flattened.

The savage and barbarous attack was a deliberate attempt to terrorise and intimidate the workers of Republican Spain. Spanish nationalist general Emilio Mola had spoken of destroying the industry of Barcelona and Bilbao in order to cleanse the country. In other words, the Nationalists would endeavour to destroy the industrial proletariat. As the historian Paul Preston has recently written in Spanish Holocaust, the Nationalist forces had launched a scorched earth policy during their rapid advance through Spain, most notably in Badajoz, where many hundreds of revolutionary workers were machine gunned to death in the city's bullring.
The fascist government of Berlin and Rome were only to glad to assist Franco in his 'cleansing' of the Spanish population, as both a geo-political necessity and as a test for their military command, new military technology and fighting forces. At his trial for war crimes at Nuremberg, the leading Nazi Hermann Goering would tell the tribunal that he had urged Hitler to send German forces to stem socialism in the Iberian theatre and to test out the Luftwaffe.
We should never forget.
The destruction of Guernica was part of Franco's wider, brutal campaign against the existence of the Spanish Republic. This campaign led not just to widespread destruction of property, but thousands of civilian casualties too, as well as widespread displacement. Many sought refuge abroad, as many as 3,800 Basque children were evacuated to England and Wales for the duration of the war. The British Government at the time callously refused to be responsible for the children, but  throughout the summer children were dispersed to camps throughout Britain. Eight of these colonies were here in Wales. They were received with a mixture of hostility and kindness, but they had all managed to escape the grips of Franco's fascist Spain.
Picasso's picture still resonates with clarity, capturing the full terror and horror of this terrible moment in history.

Guernica: The history and art of:-

Guernica - Paul Eluard - P Picasso  - Victory at Guernica
Music: Richard  Wagner and Herbert Von Karajan

extract from poem written by Paul Eluard, a surrealist poet and friend of Picasso, in August, 1937.

Lovely world of cottages
Of the night and fields
Faces good in firelight good in frost
Reusing the night the wound and blows

Faces good for everything
Now the void fixes you
Your death will serve as a warning

Death the heart turned over

They made you pay your bread
Sky earth water sleep
And the misery of your life.

Finally : Justice for Hillsbourough 96.

                               Hillsborough 96 victims.

Finally after 27 long years of struggle and anguish, the bereaved families of Liverpool fans who lost their lives in Hillsborough in1989 have been delivered some kind of justice as a jury has ruled  that  96 Liverpool fans who died  had been unlawfully killed and that fans behaviour did not contribute to their deaths. Police response and planning at fault.
But why has this agony taken so long for this jury to vindicate the families long fight for justice, hindered  perhaps by  the approach over the years by South Yorkshire Police to hide away adverse findings. Evidence that they did not want us to see. What the families have had to endure for the last 27 years is truly horrifying and shocking,  cover ups by the police , the state, and successive Tory and Labour governments.
From  the onset survivors of Hillsborough have spoken of how they were intimidated and threatened by  police and left feeling traumatised, accused of wasting police time because they did not like their evidence, because it did not fit into their versions of the event, led about by the police, the scum newspaper, vilified and labelled, the dead were demonised, the falsefying of statements,  but by group efforts and the support of individuals justice has come, late, but better than never. Thank goodness to all those who never gave up.
Shame still hangs however over the lying police, lying press government and FA as people still lying covering up on top, but a scrap of  justice is finally offered 27 years overdue.No lie lasts forever.
Those responsible  should pay the price.


Don't ever buy this racist, sexist, lying, homophobic, anti-working class pile of ****

Monday, 25 April 2016

Dennis gets stuck into Hunt

Dennis Skinner tells health secretary Jeremy hunt 
To  "wipe that smile of  his face,  he.s almost giving the impression he is revelling in standing up too the junior doctors."
Here we go nursery level rhyming time Dennis Skinner a complete winner, Jeremy Hunt a complete ****.
Enough said but will add that  I support the junior doctors 100 % .Their fight is our fight we should not be held to ransom.
We will hear a lot of non-trutha about junior doctors in next few days in parts of the media in an attempt to discredit them  but the Tory's are losing the argument, the junior doctors are fighting for all of us, the heart and soul of the NHS, that's why we have to and must continue to support them.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

April Bursting

( inspired by Garden for the bees this weekend  initiative by 38 degrees  )

Flowers are blooming again
Leaves are popping
Insects are buzzing,
The afternoon delivers sun, fresh air,
To blow away morning's face.

I have a favourite place
Somewhere I go to hide away,
Where fragrance floats and mingles
I stand awakening, moving shadows,
Bouncing over primroses and bluebells
Today sowing seeds over earth
Offering some food for the bees.

The flower's weeds will ripen
And wild winds will scatter,
Sending shoots and roots,
From this present time,
Far into the future,
Release an abiding, shining hope
That lights a way through the dark.

As greenery blossoms
Soft rays of warm light, 
Clear pathways of soul and heart
React to understanding, 
Drift in fine feeling
Creating  glorious scenes,
Surveying all
I will sit and dream .

Friday, 22 April 2016

Prince ( 7/6/56- 21/4/21) - Sign of the Times, R.I.P

On the airwaves, sent out rap, house, funk, psychedelia, one man soul train, strutting sexy stuff, musical textures of freedom, Hendrix, Sly Stone, James Brown, an eclectic musical virtuoso, his brain an inner studio, of deep funk devotion, innovator of musical  genius, an ego that electrified,with duality of free expression,  today's  forecast  cloudy with a chance of purple rain, as another uncompromised voice is lost, cadences of difference will keep on singing, eliminate gender, point another way, doves will cry for all, eyes will close, as third eyes open. Meteors will blaze a fiery trial. Indelible footprints will continue to reveal.

Prince Roger Nelson, 
Rest in Power.

Dearly beloved,
we are gathered,
here today,
to get through,
this thing called life.

Electric word life,
It means forever, 
and that's a mighty long time,
But I'm here to tell you,
There's something else,
The afterworld.

A world of  never ending happiness,
You can always see the sun , day or night,
Let's go crazy, Let's go nuts,
Look for the Purple banana,
Til they put us in the trunk,
Let's go!

We're all excited,
But we don't know why,
Maybe it's because,
We're all gonna die.

Let's go crazy, Let's go nuts. "

from; Prince - Let's go crazy ; 1984.


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Happy birthday Mrs Windsor, now it's time to stop the reign.


Today the Queen otherwise known as Mrs Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, turns 90,  a long life indeed, and also shares a birthday with my own grandson who himself turns four today, so salutations to him as well.
Many of us today instead of joining in the sycophantic celebrations that are taking place would instead actually like to have a debate about Britain's future. After all no-one should be head of state for decades without any elections. Do we simply sit back and watch her son Charles become King, after her reign?
A long life is not an excuse in itself for a long reign. The fact that the Queen is now the longest reigning monarch I do not see in itself as a cause for celebration, but an opportunity and reminder of how much we  need real radical democratic reform. Millions of us are simply not interested anymore in royal milestones, in times of austerity, and as usual we are denied the opportunity to hear any real debate about the future of the monarchy.
In a statement posted by Republic a grassroots movement that has over 5,000 members and 35,000 supporters it said todays event " reminds us that support for the monarchy is bound up with support for the Queen." The group has also  criticised the BBC's coverage, I agree with them, adding  it is the usual fawning display that simply does not warrant or deserve this amount of coverage, is there not much more worthy things that need reporting? It is completely over the top. The Republican movement in Britain has announced that it will campaign to make the case for holding a referendum on the future of the British monarchy after the Queen's death. Like me it does not think that the British monarchy a harmless tourist attraction that most people think, rather that it has a history of abusing public money and meddling in politics. Furthermore is it not the case that as long as we remain subjects not citizens, of our country, our political and social attitudes will continue to retain an archaic flavour that is harmful equally to our image  of ourselves and attitude of others towards us. Until we turn our back on  hereditary  power at the top of our political, military and religious institutions we have little chance of shaking of the mentality of society defined by class that serves to prop up the same elitist status quo.
How can we continue to tolerate a hereditary monarch representing the feudal society of medieval England in a modern democratic state. How is it is still acceptable that the British taxpayer still has to pay £75,000,000 a year to support one of the richest families in Britain ( wealth accumulated and robbed from people during previous centuries) when people are made homeless, forced to sleep on the streets, how can we justify spending this on relics that serve no purpose while 13 million of us are in poverty and 913,000 of us are having to rely on foodbanks.. The Queen's private residence Buckhingham Palace estimated to be £55 billion!!
The monarchy like slavery , sexual and class discrimination and colonial exploitation is a throwback to our shameful past and an impediment to a bright future.
So happy birthday Mrs Windsor,  but please let the British public decide now whether we want you or not, I have already made up my mind, it is outdated and does not serve our modern needs,an irrelevent drain on our society  so viva republic. 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Ludlow Massacre

On this day April 20th, 1914, the National Guard and Colorado Fuel & Iron Company guards carry out the Ludlow massacre.
It happened  after months of intermittent violence between the striking miners and the mine detectives employed by the J.D. Rockefeller owned Colorado Fuel & Iron Company.
 Miners were generally paid according to tonnage of coal produced, while so-called "dead work", such as shoring up unstable roofs, was often unpaid. Between 1884 and 1912, mining accidents claimed the lives of more than 1,700 Coloradans In 1913 alone, 104 men would die in Colorado’s mines, and 6 in the mine workings on the surface, in accidents that widowed 51 and left 108 children fatherless. Colliers had little opportunity to air their grievances. Many colliers resided in company towns, in which all land, real estate, and amenities were owned by the mine operator, and which were expressly designed to inculcate loyalty and squelch dissent.
Frustrated by working conditions which they felt were unsafe and unjust, colliers increasingly turned to unionism. Nationwide, organized mines boasted 40 percent fewer fatalities than nonunion mines. Colorado miners had repeatedly attempted to unionize since the state's first strike in 1883. The Western Federation of Miners organized primarily hard rock miners in the gold and silver camps during the 1890s. Beginning in 1900, the UMWA began organizing coal miners in the western states, including southern Colorado. The UMWA decided to focus on the CF&I because of the company's harsh management tactics under the conservative and distant Rockefellers and other investorsors. To break or prevent strikes, the coal companies hired strike breakers, mainly from Mexico and southern and eastern Europe. CF&I's management mixed immigrants of different nationalities in the mines, a practice which discouraged communication that might lead to organization.
despite attempts to suppress union activity, secret organizing by the UMWA continued in the years leading up to 1913. Eventually, the union presented a list of seven demands on behalf of the miners:
  1. Recognition of the union as bargaining agent
  2. An increase in tonnage rates (equivalent to a 10% wage increase)
  3. Enforcement of the eight-hour work day law
  4. Payment for "dead work" (laying track, timbering, handling impurities, etc.)
  5. Weight-checkmen elected by the workers (to keep company weightmen honest)
  6. The right to use any store, and choose their boarding houses and doctors
  7. Strict enforcement of Colorado's laws (such as mine safety rules, abolition of scrip), and an end to the company guard system
The major coal companies rejected the demands and in September 1913, the UMWA called a strike. Those who went on strike were promptly evicted from their company homes, and they moved to tent villages prepared by the UMWA. The tents were built on wood platforms and furnished with cast iron stoves on land leased by the union in preparation for a strike.
When leasing the sites, the union had strategically selected locations near the mouths of canyons that led to the coal camps, for the purpose of monitoring traffic and harassing replacement workers.
 Confrontations between striking miners and working miners, referred to as "scabs" by the union, sometimes resulted in deaths. The company hired the Baldwin–Felts Detective Agency to protect the new workers and harass the strikers.
Baldwin–Felts had a reputation for aggressive strike breaking. Agents shone searchlights on the tent villages at night and fired bullets into the tents at random, occasionally killing and maiming people. They used an improvised armoured car, mounted with a machine gun the union called the "Death Special" to patrol the camp's perimeters. The steel-covered car was built in the CF&I plant in Pueblo, Colorado from the chassis of a large touring sedan. Frequent sniperr attacks on the tent colonies drove the miners to dig pits beneath the tents where they and their families could be better protected.
As strike-related violence mounted, Colorado governor Elias M. Ammons called in the Colorado National Guard on October 28. At first, the Guard's appearance calmed the situation, but the sympathies of Guard leaders lay with company management. Guard Adjutant-General John Chase, who had served during the violent Cripple Creek strike 10 years earlier, imposed a harsh regime. On March 10, 1914, the body of a replacement worker was found on the railroad tracks near Forbes, Colorado. The National Guard said that the man had been murdered by the strikers. In retaliation, Chase ordered the Forbes tent colony destroyed. The attack was launched while the inhabitants were attending a funeral of infants who had died a few days earlier. The attack was witnessed by photographer Lou Dold, whose images of the destruction appear often in accounts of the strike.
The strikers persevered until the spring of 1914. By then, the state had run out of money to maintain the Guard, and was forced to recall them. The governor and the mining companies, fearing a breakdown in order, left two Guard units in southern Colorado and allowed the coal companies to finance a residual militia consisting largely of CF&I camp guards in National Guard uniforms.
On the morning of April 20, the day after Easter was celebrated by the many Greek immigrants at Ludlow, three Guardsmen appeared at the camp ordering the release of a man they claimed was being held against his will. This request prompted the camp leader, Louis Tikas, to meet with a local militia commander at the train station in Ludlow village, a half mile (0.8 km) from the colony. While this meeting was progressing, two companies of militia installed a machine gun on a ridge near the camp and took a position along a rail route about half a mile south of Ludlow. Anticipating trouble, Tikas ran back to the camp. The miners, fearing for the safety of their families, set out to flank the militia positions. A gunfight soon broke out.
The fighting raged for the entire day. The militia was reinforced by non-uniformed mine guards later in the afternoon. At dusk, a passing freight train stopped on the tracks in front of the Guards' machine gun placements, allowing many of the miners and their families to escape to an outcrop of hills to the east called the "Black Hills." By 7:00 p.m., the camp was in flames, and the militia descended on it and began to search and loot the camp. Louis Tikas had remained in the camp the entire day and was still there when the fire started. Tikas and two other men were captured by the militia. Tikas and Lt.Karl Linderfelt, commander of one of two Guard companies, had confronted each other several times in the previous months. While two militiamen held Tikas, Linderfelt broke a rifle butt over his head. Tikas and the other two captured miners were later found shot dead. Tikas had been shot in the back. Their bodies lay along the Colorado and Southern Railway tracks for three days in full view of passing trains. The militia officers refused to allow them to be moved until a local of a railway union demanded the bodies be taken away for burial.
During the battle, four women and eleven children had been hiding in a pit beneath one tent, where they were trapped when the tent above them was set on fire. Two of the women and all of the children suffocated. These deaths became a rallying cry for the UMWA, who called the incident the "Ludlow Massacre."
In addition to the fire victims, Louis Tikas and the other men who were shot to death, three company guards and one militiaman were killed in the day's fighting.
The Ludlow Massacre became a rallying cry for union organizers and labor activists for years afterwards. It would be decades before the rights the Ludlow strikers fought for, such as the right to join an independent union, an eight-hour workday, and child labor laws — were enshrined in law with the passing of the National Labour Relations and Wagner acts as part of FDR’s New Deal. These strong protections for unions paved the way for the longest period of prosperity in American history, the Long Boom of the post-WWII economy.
Though it has been mostly forgotten by the history books, the Ludlow Massacre inspired historians like  Howard Zinn and Georg McGovern to write about it.  Zinn described the Ludlow Massacre as "the culminating act of perhaps the most violent struggle between corporate power and laboring men in American history". Musicians like Woody Guthrie among other wrote songs about Ludlow.
Today the Ludlow Monument, stands at the site of what was the Ludlow colony. It is now officially a national historic landmark, commemorating “a pivotal event in American history,” when workers and their families fought and died so that they did not have to surrender their rights and freedom at the job site. May they rest in power.
Lest we forget. Unions learnt from Ludlow, fought back strong, and were able to forge and implement new forms of welfare support and working class power. Over the years with stricter labour laws and increased enforcement of them curtailed the right of employees and gave strength to those in unions.  So that business  leaders are denied repeating the abuses of old. Long may this be so.

Woody Guthrie -  Ludlow Massacre


Monday, 18 April 2016

Couple on park bench or thousands marching against austerity?

There was a massive demo in London over the weekend. Thousands took to the streets in other cities too. All largely ignored by the mainstream media including the BBC, who did however take time to provide us with  the story of two young Royals jetting half way round the world to be photographed sitting on a bench.  This was the actual news - Royals sitting on a bench.  A bench that had apparently been sat on by another royal bum many years previously.
150,000 people ignored who had traveled from all over the UK to protest against austerity, Tory misrule and a sick system,  ordinary proud people who had gathered to denounce public sector cuts, the treatment of the disabled and the vulnerable through welfare cuts and the privatisation of the N.H.S.  
I know which story I was most interested in hearing about, much more significant and relevent than a thousand words  about royalty. Guess I'm just biased.  Sad to see the BBC along with Murdoch's sky news missing this huge discontent in British society for something so trivial.
I guess it will take more than marching to divert the media's gaze.
In other news, Jamaica plans to end Queen's rule as Head of State, who knows hopefully it will be our turn next.  

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Journey's without maps ( a poem)

Life is a voyage of discovery and transformation
Containing equal measures of ugliness and beauty,
Prisms of moveability and change
Balancing acts between holding on and letting go,
Riding on waves of wonder and transition
Surging high above or deep below,
Navigating times eternal cycles
The pulse of the morning and the light of evening stars,
Moments slow - then last forever
On journeys without maps, where roads turn into rivers,
Divisions forcefields continue to be unbroken
Love's reasoning uninterrupted constantly flows,
As no cages or fences remain to lock us in.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Remembering Vittorio Arrigoni (4/2/75 -15/4/11) - Stay human

Today I remember the life of Vittorio Arrigoni  a renowned Italian human rights/ peace activist, who served as a volunteer for the International Solidarity Movement, who worked closely with the fishermen and farmers of the occupied Gaza strip. Who for ten years worked for the recognition of Palestinian rights under Israeli occupation.
During the Israeli offensive against the Gaza strip in 2008-09 he acted as a human shield while working with the Palestinian Red Crescent humanitarian organisation. He was also abroad the 2008 Free Gaza Movement Vessel and was imprisoned in Israel several times. He also worked as a freelance  journalist for the Italian daily IL Manifesto and for his own blog Guerilla radio. His daily dispatches written between bombing raids and patchy internet access ended with the plea - "Stay human." which became the motto of anti-israeli peace protests in his native Italy. His authoritative and deeply moving eyewitness accounts were published in 2010 under the title Gaza - Stay human.
On April 14  2011 he was kidnapped and the next day brutally murdered by militants in Gaza, which caused international outcry and was unanimously condemned by both Hamas and the Palestinian National authority. A senseless, shocking mindless act.
Known for his infectious smile, and deep humility and the tattoo he bore  on his arm of the word resistance written in arabic. Along with his dedicated support of the Palestinians, who embodies many of the qualities that draw people to Palestine - his immense bravery - against the odds - when confronting incredible violence and his unwavering determination to stay human and loving in the face of inhumanity towards the very end. He remains a hero to the Palestinian people and many others across the globe.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Cassetteboy vs The Snoopers' Charter

Currently going viral, new one from Cassetteboy.
If your not worried about the Investigation Powers Bill ( aka the snoopers charter) you obviously don't know enough about it.
The Investigators Poers Bill will make us less safe and less free. It will force communication companies  like Sky, BT, Google and facebook to collect and hand over details and record everything you do online. All  of this will be logged abd analysed and used to build an intimate picture of your life, as a means of keeping us under control. 
It is a dangerous piece of legislation, which is also a human rights issue, who knows  how your data could be used if the information they hold on you got into the wrong hands, the Governments hands already pretty dangerous. At the end of the day it could needlesly violate your rights.
Visit and join the campaign against the Governments sinister new snooper charter.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Hope is in the air


As spring awakens, tens of thousands of people have recently occupied the streets of major European capitals. People taking to the streets to protest against their governments and call for the resignation of their political leaders.
In Reykjavik, Iceland mass protests bought down their Prime Minister in wake of the Panama papers and in London similar demonstrations have taken place demanding that dodgy Dave Cameron resigns. While in France a burgeoning movement of anger has emerged  known as uit Debout ( up all night ) that has swept the country people's assemblies have been organised and city squares have been occupied inspiring the world. And in Athens, Greece refugees have marched to demand open borders and respect for their human rights and dignity.
We are witnessing a resurgence of mass protests, an unprecedented escalation in large scale citizen protests, movements building for a better future, trying their best to achieve social change. People not usually interested in politics interested in this spirit of change. People connecting and joining the dots, demanding another way, it seems like an impossible spirit to kill. Diverse in their goals but unified by their people power but all motivated by a strong desire for change.
The long history of social movements that have the ability to transform our lives is a notable one, that seek to end the rule of money so that people and planet come before profits. With the impact of austerity hitting us all hard, causing economic hardship and unfairness the inevitable results are these waves of rebellion. 
The mainstream media seems intent on ignoring these mass protests,  but the spirit is growing and spreading, hope is alive and in the air, people now boiling  with rage  but with the desire  to construct something  brand new, from the  bottom up, whilst despising a system  made  by the elite for the elite, a system that everybody is beginning to realize is broken and cannot be fixed.
As our leaders continue to treat us as dirt, want us to remain broken, together we will rise and in solidarity we will find our strength. With resistance, triumph and compassion I have a strong belief that our futures can be changed for the better, forwards we move, our roads are clear. All these things give me hope as I write. One of lives lessons is always moving on.
These movements have no limit, no borders and belong to all who wish to be part of it. 
This spring  hope is well and truly in the air.
As  the late singer  Phil Ochs once said  "In such ugly times the only true protest is beauty."
I will end with the following poem by Emily Dickinson :-

Hope is the thing with feathers

" Hope  is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without words-
And never stops -at all -

And sweetest - in the gale - is heard -
And sore must be the storm - 
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm -

I've heard it in the chillest land -
And on the strangest sea -
Yet - never - in Extremity,
It asked a crumb - of me.

   Great Britain

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tory leader continues to treat us as idiots.

Tory leader  who looks like a train continues to treat us as idiots, as he tries desperately to react to the public's disgust at his and others tax avoidance and evasion. He has announced that HMRC will be working with the National Crime Agency to lead a wold class task force to investigate allegations of tax dodging and money laundering bought to light by the leak of 11 million  files by a Panama Law firm.
But Cameron in charge does not exactly inspire much confidence - a man who has made a career out of advising people on how to  dodge tax who once publicly stated that the whole concept of tax was ' legalised extortion.' 
And so the story keeps on running, since he has not drawn  a line under the story, we all now know  how much money he has been  making, profits made  and how supposedly bloody transparent he is. Now that we have started we will continue to keep asking much needed questions.  Each day he looks more and  more at unease , the case of Dave a man who looks like a train continuing to treat us all as idiots. We should keep pointing out to him  how big money has continually corrupted and tainted British politics. This is a man who has had the audacity to cut the benefits of disabled people  who cannot dress or look after themselves , while the tax payer continues to  pays him around 53 k a year to help him and his wife (Samantha worth in her own right £29 million ) to dress and look after themselves. David Cameron cannot keep  on treating us as idiots, with added lies and expect the people to continue to trust him. His ethics and morality have now been called into question and it is clear that he is not passing the test as he continues to  be evasive and defensive and his obvious unwillingness to be straight to the public that he supposedly serves . because of this his credibility now lies in shatters as his policies continue to lead to direct cuts in services and benefits that are hurting millions of people right now  in Britain. No wonder that Dennis Skinner had the tenacity to call him ' Dodgy Dave" and did not to withdraw the remark and then subsequently got kicked out for speaking the truth. Thank Dennis.
Yes dodgy Dave by name and nature  I hope that he will continually be given the shunt and shown all the derision that he deserves. Even he admits he could have handled this affair much better, it just shows yet again how his government is run for the privileged few and not for the majority of the population.

Dennis Skinner on dodgy Dave

Let us hope that this sorry affair will lead to new rules being put in place , that lead to more openness and transparency that enables the British public to know more about the dubious nature of our leaders business dealings.
Old research also reveals that wealth does not trickle down - it just floods offshore :--
In response to his gaffes a large scale public call for a general election in 2016 is now going viral. British patience has finally reached  its limit. 
It also comes as no surprise to learn that as our Tory Government destroys  our steel industry, that  Margaret Thatcher a political hero  of Cameron's who herself contributed  to the destruction of the coal industry and society as a whole, also benefited from not paying no tax. It has been revealed that her own children will continue  to avoid millions in inheritance tax since  their mothers house in Belgravia, London, was registered  to an offshore trust yet still taxpayers had to fork out for the cost of her funeral  three years ago this month. Has it not always been the case up to now  of one rule for some and a completely different one for the rest of us less fortunate. Sadly tax avoiders  usually need to be pushed before they can change their attitudes.
In the meantime  when Cameron's election leaflet pops through our doors in the next few days printed by a German printing company you can send it back to the following address and the Conservative Party will get the 'bill for the postage.

Join the peoples Assembly on Saturday 16th April.
Time to rise up and revolt.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Cannabis - Time to change the law.

In light of Howard Marks's passing this great advocate for the legislation of cannabis, is it not time to change the law. It is a fact that 45% of us here in Britain have tried it, and a majority of 47% currently support its legislation. As seen in the Independent newspaper on Saturday.
Is it not time that the UK reformed its cannabis policy speak out about its continual prohibition and offer direct comparisons how UK citizens are treated unfairly compared to our equals in Spain,  Uruguay, Canada, Jamaica, and a growing number of US states. 
At the moment Cannabis consumption, possession and supply are currently illegal under current UK legislation. Possessing or cultivating any form of cannabis  without a home office licence, anywhere in the UK is prohibitive. I personally believe the law to be an arse, surely now is the time for change. The war on drugs costly, stupid and counter-productive.
Up to £900 million could be raised annually through  the taxation of the regulated cannabis market, which demonstrates a  potential  revenue that at the very least deserves further investigation, it could be such a good thing as our economy because it certainly needs all the help it needs.
This combined with  much evidence  in the safety and efficiency of cannabis  for medical relief, that helps  people enormously suffering  from Alzheimers, cancer, chronic pain, Chrones disease and multiple sclerosis.
We should rage  against its continual suppression, the criminalisation of people, simply because of their use of it. The country is awash with booze that personally has not served me too well, at least with  the use of cannabis I have been at least able to feel some benefits, especially in relation to ongoing depression issues.
It would be a step in the right direction because at the moment  so many creative people stuck in prison for no reason, apart from  being caught in possession of an innocent herb, at the at the end of the day our current  drug policies have made things even more bad, since  more dangerous drugs are available on the market than weed unregulated that makes a mockery of our current drug laws.
I would add that I personally believe that cannabis has the capability to heal the world, which makes it an  incredible commodity.
Many people still using it for pleasure, as part of an essential lifestyle decision, prohibition has not curbed its use one iota , in fact I would argue that in a sense it has made it more popular  which makes it more appealing in the sense of a 'forbidden fruit' especially to youth. 
Legalise, regulate it and tax it now , let society as a whole profit from its use instead of criminal gangs.  The benefits of marijuana as effective treatment alternatives are plain to see, not only to individuals but to society as a whole.
It would ultimately would contribute to reduced crime and the protection of our civil liberties. It is so necessary and the only way forward , I hope that Mr Howard Marks as he moves skywards would agree with my words. Who the hell are the legislators who can tell me or you what I  or you can or cannot do with our own minds and bodies. 

Goodbye Mr Nice aka Howard Marks ( 13/8/45 - 10/4/16)

Sad to hear that Howard Marks - A.K.A Mr Nice - has  passed away of  inoperable  cancer at the age of 70. The father of four  was born in Kenfig Hill, Wales in 1945  and went on to study at Oxford University at Balliol college where he took nuclear  physics, and later got  post graduate  qualifications in philosopy  he was also a fluent Welsh speaker and practicing Bhuddist.
As a drug smuggler he found infamy however, asnd was sentenced  to 25 years inprisonment , realeased on parole in 1995 for good behaviour.
In his 1996 autobiography Mr Nice he wrote with humour and unashamed bravado  about his life and the sheer scale of his daily deeds and escapades involving a whole  host of characters ranging from the C.I.A. M.I.6.  the P.L..O. the I.R.A to the mafia.
Mr Nice was one  of 43 aliases  he used  which struck  a chord in the public imagination.

A man I was fortunate to meet, at a speaking tour and remember rushing up to him at Hay -on - wye  one year in order for him to sign some king size rizlas of mine, and amiable friendly bloke I could not   hope to have encountered. Mischeivious twiknling eyes and warm handshake
On his release he became a notable campaigner  for the legislation of cannabis and toured a comedy show, a man regarded as a true  modern day folk hero, counter cultural  icon and loveable rogue. A  life spent indulging in all things good, friendship, laughter music and of course drugs.
A man of very few regrets he will be remembered with fondness. He certainly lived quite a life.
Reflecting  on his crimes he said " Smuggling cannabis was a wonderful way of living -  perpetual  culture shock, absurd amounts of money,  and the comforing knowledge of getting so  many people stoned."
Still passionate about the issue he stood for Parliament on four seperate occassions on the single issue of the legislation of cannabis.
He had completed eight cycles of chemotherapy  and had initially responded well, but alas his condition finally succumbed. He died  surrounded by loving family members at his Bridgend  home  in the early hours of Sunday.
One of his last acts was to set up  the Mr Nice foundation, to ensure causes dear to him continue to get support. It is still outrageous that after his death  the innocent little drug that is cannabis is still illegal, and that the war on drugs is still not succeeding. Let us hope that in the coming years, legislation is finally achieved,  that it becomes controlled and sanitised .
Howard Marks, Mr Nice, R.I.P keep on rolling deep. Hashes to ashes. 
Stoned immaculate. Do not go gentle into that good night.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Zounds - Subvert

Some musical respite, dedicated to all those whistleblowers that keep on exposing illegal and unethical acts. And to those currently  blocking Whitehall, because Cameron must go. Good luck to all those that hit back against a not fit for purpose government. Songs of freedom will continue to roar, signifying the soul of solidarity.  Standing strong, spouting subversion, spreading salvation supplements. Blistering  blossoms of the heart, releasing compassion and realization, sweeping away the veils of injustice, absorbing  and reflecting the  mirror of our souls. Often silenced swept under carpets, a mass that refuses to be kept hidden, with wild abandon, keeps awakening.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Time for David Cameron to go.

I would like to say that this is unbelievable, but at the end of the day they are all the same lying bastards. Since the beginning of the week we now know much more about David Cameron's financial affairs, after pressure he has now reluctantly admitted to owning a stake in an offshore business owned by his late father, as named in the recent Panama leak.
Currently bleating on about how it was all above board - oh the poor thing apparently paid his tax on it, and sold his stake for a measly £30,000  before taking office. Just a matter of loose change for somebody  prepared to rob of others far more deserving than he could ever be.
Thankfully not a lot of people agree with his bluster at the moment, after  lying and deceiving the British public for years, his lies over profiting from tax avoidance just a tip of the iceberg, many people now simply have had enough and are now currently calling for his resignation, but this man has no respect, so it is not very unlikely he will do the decent thing, so  perhaps he will need an extra shove or two.
This man's credibility now lies in complete  shatters, lets hope we follow Iceland's example and show him the doorstep , but we are  witnessing a British Prime Minister  who would not understand  truth, if it gave him a severe kick in the head, a morally corrupt individual, but I would remind you  that this is what Tory's seem to be to me most of the time. So a case of business as usual then.
Iceland though proudly would not put up with their crooked Prime Minister so neither should we, so I will be supporting the call today for this liar and hypocrite  to resign, a man who has benefitted from offshore tax havens while over the years has lectured us about how morally wrong it is. He is currently trending across social media and this time it does not involve farm animals,  I wonder what his dad would say, oh hang on probably  something like this " Hey kid, set up an offshore company, avoid your taxes and sing the Panamanian National Anthem." hey he might decided to do the decent thing,  even then though he will probably try to blame someone else,   " Oi Jeremy Corbyn, it was your bloody  fault." I can hear him fecklessly saying.
Yes we're all in it together,  but how the hell have we ever put our trust in someone  whose entire lifestyle has been paid for, from fee paying education, university, even his first forays into work, paid for by his fathers wealth gained from offshore trusts. I will return to an old catchphrase yes the mind truly boggles.   
What is incredible as well is that MPs have already snubbed a 190,000 strong petition calling for no confidence in him  because his policies have been causing such  devastation to the poorest in society for the past  five years, at end of day displays their arrogance too. 
Like the worlds rich and powerful  though, he plays by a different set of rules. At the end of the day it's plain to see that  he is a money driven lying sanctimonious piece of  **** what other  qualities would we expect , well done to all those who voted him into power , but an excuse  I can find, in the fact that he lied to get in and thus manipulated the public, oh eck the list  goes on an on, good luck to those who get rid of him,  for many taxpayers faith in the system is already tested, and  no longer actually have any faith left in their leader, surely now it is time for Cameron to go. Fingers crossed. It would be truly wonderful 3 years after Margaret Thatcher's death that he is finally hoisted by his own greedy damaging petard.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Another world is possible. ( a poem)

( A poem that arrived earlier as I drifted between cynicism and pessimism.)

Another world is possible.

As they sell our dreams down the river,
For tiny crocks of silver and gold,
Remember another world is possible,
Waiting patiently for you right now,
A brand new system, another way,
With precision will repair the faultlines,
Wash away the corporate stains,
Rid us of  greedy capitalist contamination,
Beyond Panama, the rich will no longer gain,
Across the globe reconciliation coming,
To strengthen paths, release equity on earth.
The tears of the needy and oppressed replaced,
Injustice crushed, victims again to smile,
Carefully we can mend and rearrange,
Planting seeds of opportunity and hope, 
Piece by piece push things back together,
Replace the current walls of division,
Love across nations forever reborn,
Where no one waits for a return to war,
Another world is possible, 
Unstoppable and unavoidable,
A fairy tale of precious attainability,
To be reached and seized right now.


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Palestinian Children's Day

Today marks Palestinian Children's Day as called for by the late PLO chairman Yasser Arafat 11 years ago.
Not actually a day of celebration however but serves to mark the horrific treatment of Palestinian children by the occupying Israeli authorities. Daily children detained, by Israel forces isolated, threatened and terrorised, forced to admit to crimes that they never did. Many left traumatised, from which some never actually recover. 
In 1989 a UN Convention was made on the tights of the child. It stipulated that  children have the right to the best possible health, clean water and the right to play. "Children should not  be arrested, detained, imprisoned only as a last resort for the shortest time possible. They must be treated  with respect and care and kept in contact with their family." it read.
In 1990 Israel signed this convention, making it responsible  to guarantee these rights to Palestinian children in the occupied territories. Sadly since then this  UN Childrens rights declaration has been constantly violated and the  the rights of the child not recognised.
Children  under the age of 18 make up almost 2 million of  a total 4.29 million Palestinian population in the West Bank and the Gaza strip.
Israel currently holds around 6,900 Palestinians as political  prisoners, among them include  470 children. Most of the cases involving children, involve stone throwing, a minor action when one considers  that when these incidents do occur, it is against one of  the most powerful armies in the world, committing violent incursions into towns and villages. The crime of stone throwing could lead to an eventual prison sentence of twenty years imprisonment.
Also because of grinding poverty, and lack of education many children  forced to work on the street, as vendors or porters in busy towns. Economic stress on families means children are increasingly forced to work to earn extra income , often absent or dropping out of school as a result. Schooling and education badly effected remaining often incomplete or interrupted. In addition after recent conflicts many hospitals and clinics were destroyed thus depriving children of their right to health.
While children should enjoy the highest forms of protection according to human rights, international law and regulation, even in times of war or armed conflict - Israel  continues to violate the rights of Palestinian children everyday. Observance of Children's day in Palestine helps attract  international attention to the problems faced  by children currently living under occupation.  The vulnerabilty  of the Palestinian child is unfortunately. more acute than ever, continuing to face poverty, violence, and threats to basic rights . In Gaza , the main source of drinking water continues to be safe, as a result childrens health is put at risk.
This sad reality all  denies the Palestinian child the joy of living an innocent childhood .  The Palestinian child lives a life unlike any other child, symbolising the life of suffering under occupation, that  destroys their dreams as well as their well- being,  let us hope that in the future conditions of freedom and dignity are restored, that give opportunities to grow, in a healthy normal way in what has up to the present day been  denied to them, let's hope rain down.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Gaza fishing zone officially extended.

The decision to extend the fishing zone of some parts of the Gaza coast, to 9 nautical miles instead of  6, has to be welcomed, but does not go far enough. This all took effect early on Sunday morning, the Palestinian Civil  administration have announced.
As part of Israels illegal  blockade  of the coastal enclave since 2005, Palestinian fishermen have been required to  work  within a limited 'designated fishing zone " often having to endure Israeli forces  opening fire, when posing no threat whatsoever, just doing their job in  order to secure a living. Since December 2015, Israeli occupation forces have killed one fisherman, injured 17 and arrested 63,  confiscated 19 fishing boats and destroying  fishing equipment on 12 ocassions, harassed by Israeli  gunboats,  often fishermen have been taken to Israeli  ports blindfolded and handcuffed and questioned under aggressive interrogation techniques. The Israeli navy frequently targets fishing boats in Gaza's territorial waters, even while on shore , on n Saturday Israeli naval boats fired several ive rounds and shells on Palestinian fishing boats, near the Rafah shore.
 All this has had long term impact on the Gazan fishermans ability to feed their families. Because up to now most of the fish was at least  nine miles at sea , it has been a daily struggle to make a living with 90% relying on International Aid.
Around 4,000 fishermen work in Gaza more than half of them who live below the poverty line.  For any chance of their livelihood  being protected their must be an immediate end to the blockade and restrictions that prevent civilians like this providing for their families. This would mean further loosening the restrictions to 20 miles  as laid down by the Oslo peace accords of the 1990's. The restrictions still too narrow to provide for the people of the impoverished Gaza strip. Hopefully now the fishing zone has been expanded it should now result in a bigger catch in these deeper waters, where fish are more abundant.
More than 200 fishing boats headed out from Gazas port on Sunday night  catching  on average 8 kilograms (17 bs) each, including red mullet, grouper, sea bream and some small rays.



NHS - Nye Bevan speaks about the National Health Service

Not too keen on  on politicians round here, very sceptical of most of them, but every so often I am reminded of one or two that sound a bit like human beings.
Nye Bevan  was one of the most important ministers of the post-war Labour Government and the chief architect of the NHS. He was born on 15 November 1897 in Tredegar in Wales. His father was a miner from  a poor working class family in which Bevan  gained first hand experiences of the problems  of poverty and disease. He was a rebel with many causes but is remembered mostly as the architect of the National Health Service which he bought to Parliament while he was Minister for Health in 1948.
He remembered how I he had witnessed families with dreaded sickness  who could not afford to pay doctors bills. In his home town of Tredegar  there existed a working mens medical aid society which was to serve him inspiration. He envigaged an NHS with comprehensive provision was on patient need, not wealth. Never one to back off from a fight , he bullied and cajoled , reasoned and argued until  Health care free at the point of delivery was to become a right instead of a luxury. The NHS would  come to be regarded as one of the best and comprehensive healthcare systems in the world, a jewel in the Crown for the Post Second World War Labour Government.  
And despite some faults Nye Bevan hated the bloody Tories with a passion, and helped make the biggest improvements to the quality of life for the average British person on living memory, so I respect him for this.
We should continue to defend the NHS with all our might, keep resisting the Tories agenda pushing some of us into semi starvation , both physically and socially as they keep  punishing the most vulnerable and hardest hit revealing themselves to be the bullies that they are.
I am reminded that my quality of life owes more to a deadman than a whole Tory Government ever could. So thank you Nye Bevan/
Respect to the junior doctors angry with the government for trying to fuck them over as the Tory's try to sell of the NHS piece by piece into eventual total ownership.

NHS - Nye Bevan speaks about the National Health Service

from Peoples History Museum , Manchester

Friday, 1 April 2016

Crabb must Go

If Stephen Crabb M.P  for Preseli Pembrokeshire and the now secretary of state of work and pensions,  has not done the right thing before 2nd April and resigned as Mencap patron, I will be catching the bus tomorrow to attend a demonstration, join people gathering to urge him that he resigns his post. After all Stephen Crabb is a man who has constantly voted in favor of  every cut to disability benefits, for the Bedroom Tax, and the Benefit Gap. Not much record of voting for fairness in any guise.
More than 10,000 people have already signed an online petition calling  on his role at Pembrokeshire Mencap. The petition says " 

You've recent vote in the House of Commons for disabled people to lose £30 per week of Employment Support Allowance shows that you have no compassion or understanding of the needs of the most vulnerable and disabled members of our society."

you can sign it here;

Please :-  

I personally find it incomprehensible how the good people voted for him in the first place, and that Mencap could consider a man with  suspect views on homosexuality,  who supported  CARE, Christian organisation called CARE, that claimed hoosexuality was a disorder that so called right thinking people like themselves could cure, and recently declared  also that he is now an expert off suffering, especially of those that are currenty  suffering from parkinsons, motor neurone disease and other delibitating illnesses who he now expects to be looking for work.
continues to personally endorse and represent damaging Tory policies that will keep hurting the hardest hit and the most vulnerable. Causing  further unnecessary pain and distress.
I can  see no reason that MENCAP should still want him as their representative. Currently taking some of his own constituents through the courts because of the bedroom tax. Never once rebelled against any of the vicious cuts that were delivered by his predecessor. Who likes to talk about his roots of  being bought up on a council estatem about his own hardships, but for some reason instead of reflecting on this, seems intent on carrying on implementing cruel benefit sanctions. MENCAP still apparently have still not listened to the many voices that have replied to them, because they are not comfortable with the charities connection with Mr Crabb, which leaves many thinking they should  look at their own priorities and motives.
Join Pembrokeshire Peoples Against Austerity tomorrow if you can outside Stephen Crabb's offices  in Haverfordwest , tomorrow in support of  the most vulnerable and those in need of most support. 

More details here :-