Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Beauty in Everyday Gaza

The news about Gaza tends to conjure up images of destruction, decimated buildings and human suffering. But theirs a beautiful side to the area that is often ignored and artist Lara Aburamadan, wants to show it off.
Where their is much hardship and suffering, Gaza remains a place of beauty, survival, and endurance.
Despite the horrors of Israels constant wars and  occupation.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

These little piggies

Simples, but their mates in the Tory press, won't tell you this. A toxic lot, money minded machine men, selfish grasping simpletons, born with some essential part of the soul missing.
Hey i'm far from perfect, but will never be a bloody tory, or remotely tory-lite.
As the piggies cry, wee, wee, wee, try to sell  us their believe, and try to make us follow their roads of self destruction, avenues paved with capitalism's delusion, contained with self-fullfillment, Revolt against their messages. But please be careful, don't allow them into your home.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Labour Party calls on Tarzan

I'd be the first to admit , that  I think the Labour Party lost it's soul  years ago,  but this thought has been rekindled on hearing the news that they have called on Michael 'Tarzan' Heseltine, to help advise a Labour Government, on business policy.
Some people might say, fair enough, good old Heseltine,  he was one of the more level headed, responsible,so called compassionate Tory's. Sorry Labour Party,wake up, this is a multi miilionaire, whose roots, however wet he looks, run deep in the pockets of the Conservative party and big business.A political dinosaur, who I first encountered, when he was a swivel eyed loon, dressed up in military regalia, evicting harmless peace  protestors at Molesworth Peace Camp, later when left in political wilderness, still to be cheered on and on, as he strode on to platforms at  Tory |Party Conferences.Oh Yes, Mr Milliband,  seeking advice from a real man of the people, a man who  back in the day stood for all that the Labour Party supposedly did not stand for, former miners and steelworkers up and down the country must be thinking of this offer in disgust.  Tarzan let me remind you, or Lord Heseltine of Thelford ( oh  the nice bit, is his mum hails, from West Wales), was a deputy Prime Minister of a ruthless Tory Governmrnt that ruled for nearly two decades, while he was their  he supported their right to buy policy, with whatever way you look at it, his ideology and his approach is grounded in favour of Capitalist economics, that bring no benefit to the people. He for many simply represents a living embodiment and reminder of a cruel Tory Government that neither cared nor understood who governed.
Ah but the Labour Party, not of old, for a long time now,  turning ever so Tory Lite. Forget about Tarzan,  it's simple, how about an effective tax rate on high earners, jail the bankers, scrap trident, offer people real jobs, appropriate training, make sure the power of capital is broken, find a heart, do not allow the  deceitful whiff of big business and their friends, do your bidding. Sadly I guess, the Labour Party of today, no longer  looks and searches for bold radical alternatives and policies, that we all richly deserve.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Remembering the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

A hundred years ago today, amid the upheaval of World War 1, countless villages across the Ottoman Empire became killing fields as the desperate leadership of this region, having lost the Balkans and facing the prospect of losing its territories as well, saw an imagined threat at home.
Worried that the Christian Armenian population was planning to align with Russia, the then primary enemy of the Ottoman Turks, officials embarked on what historians have called the first genocide of the 20th Century.
Nearly 1.5 million Armenians were systematically killed,  becoming tragically part of one of the biggest atrociies of the Great War. Initially intellectuals and community leader were rounded up, one by one, then thousands were  instantly slaughtered, there were reports  of mass burnings, others  put in concentration camps,  to be tortured and gassed,  others left  to die of starvation, exhaustion and disease. Rape was frequently reported too. All this occurred between 1915-1923, to   further add to this misery, the great bulk of the Armenian population were forced from Armenia to Syria, where the vast majority were sent into the desert to die of thirst and hunger.
This  horrific moment in time has since with great shame been bitterly contested by Turkey, under President Erdogan the successor of the Ottoman Empire, who has consistently denied the word genocide, as an accurate term for what happened. Years later the issue of whether to these killings a genocide remain raw and emotional, both for the Armenians, who are descended from those killed, and the Turks, the heirs to the Ottomans. For both,  the question touches as much on national identity, as it does on historical facts.
Whilst at the same time for geopolitical reasons the U.S.A too, has never  labelled the atrocities committed by Turkey as genocide, being close  friends with Turkey, their allies in  the NATO alliance. It should be noted that Robert Dole in the Senate introduced a mild resolution commemorating 1990 as the 75th anniversary of the Armenian  genocide, at the time the Israeli government worked with the Turkish government to lobby against it. ( The resolution was subsequently defeated in the Senate) Obama himself, pledged in his  Presidential campaign to call it genocide, but two terms into to his Presidency , he remains silent.  The fact that Israel has been very strongly opposed to efforts being made to recognise the Armenian genocide, for me is really quite astonishing. Especially from a country founded  in the aftermath of its own genocide, holocaust. There are growing calls from within Israel for them to finally recognise this historical fact , and  not to be  in denial, which would be good, since  both peoples, the Armenians and the  Jewish people having suffered the same fate, the same terrible tragedies.  But at the end of the day the Turks are their allies, and you don't want to alienate allies, do you, because that's much too important. Israel thinks it's not their business, lets simply not talk about the Armenian holocaust, but any  conciliatory offerings, I am sure will be welcomed. Sadly , too, the British government will not recognise it. Despite , that  during the time of Lloyd George, in fact even Churchill  himself wrote "There  is no reasonable  doubt that this crime was planned and executed for  political purposes." He also used the phrases "Administrative  Holocaust" and  "clearance of race".
Yet countries  like Canada, Argentina, France, Greece and Russia, Poland and Switzerland where the survivors  of  the Armenian genocide and their descendents live have officially recognised the Armenian genocide, thus helping the process of healing.
I believe the voices of the people killed and those haunted should not be forgotten, we should mark their identity, and  the psychic wounds that have passed through generations.
Today the anniversary will be commemorated, the date the Ottomans rounded up groups of Armenians in 1915, as the first step in what many agree was a wider plan for annhiliation.
Armenians from Turkey and the diaspora are preparing to gather in Instanbul's central Taksim Square to honor the dead. A concert will feature both Armenian and Turkish musicians.
Years later Hitler would use this model of genocide for his own tools for a Holocaust. Hitler and Himmler, guided by the same evil,  were inspired  by the Ottoman Empires own methods of quiet extermination. Mass genocidal maniacs since  like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot followed suit with their own reigns of terror and slaughter of millions.
We should recognise the sad fact that Turkeys lack of contrition leaves descendents struggling to reconcile loss and renewal. It is simply implausible that we should still question the reality of this appalling terrible injustice.
It is a moral necessity that we continue to condemn these massacres and ethnic cleansing of Armenians, that began on this day. To continue to deny this truth amounts to a criminal lie. We need to enshrine in our collective memory this crime against humanity, so as to ensure that it is understood, learnt and transmitted to future generations. We need to recognise the wounds  that have never been able to be healed.

Armenian refugee children 1915

Please consider signing the following Armenian Genocide petition

No time for music

There is no time for music today,  
realities tears flow, that cannot be denied,
remembering children, mothers,
who were taken, and dragged away,
words to be silenced forever,
the scattering of bones.

The Armenians memory, still suffering,
choking, in bitter frustrated rage,
echoes still screaming out over the age,
the sorrow and the sadness,
continuing to burn today,
as people  seek recognition,
some form of reconciliation. 

thanks to Mr P James and Mr chomsky ........

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Hazel Jane Dickens (1/6/35 -22/4/11) - The Rebel Girl

On the fourth anniversary of her death, lets remember Hazel Jane Dickens, bluegrass singer, songwriter, double bassist and guitarist. Singer of pro-union and feminist songs, a clarion vocal advocate for coal miners, working people and the downtrodden.
Below she sings Joe Hill's outstanding song about Elizabeth Gurly Flynn, the original rebel girl, feminist, wobbly (Industrial Workers of the World) and activist.
Hazel Jane Dickens was born June 1st 1935, in Montcalm, West Virginia, U.S.A. One of 11 children, she grew up in a family whose survival depended on the coal industry. Her father was a Baptist preacher and a forceful singer, who hauled timber to feed the household. Her brothers were miners and one of her sisters cleaned the house for a supervisor at the mines.
A reluctant feminist role model, Hazel said she was originally scared to write about issues like sexism and the oppression of women.
Her music was characterised  by a high lonesome, singing style. If you like old time, country and bluegrass music, and  a dose of left wing politics, you will probably like Hazel Dicken's work. Cultural blogger John Pietaro noted that " Dickens didn't just sing the anthems of labour, she lived them and her place  on many a picket line,staring down gunfire and goon squads, embedded her to the cause."

Hazel Dickens - Rebel Girll

Hazel Dickens - Fire in the Soul

Hazel Dickens - Old and in the way

Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard -  Working Girl Blues

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


(Poem inspired by my garden)

The earth at play again,
whispers monologues of devotion,
among paths of nature, freedoms creation,
strong in faith, firm in love.

Vapour trials, in the sky above,
create residues of escape,
swallows sweep  through time , 
descend  across the landscape.

The smouldering garden slumbers,
waking slowly, to be re-moulded, re-cast,
as the day turns soft and still,
mind wanders, rests in observation,
watching wildflowers colour, 
weaving through the grass.

Plants offer protection,
to bright insects, 
dancing in the cool shade,
bluebells shimmering,
bursting with life,
as afternoon, again is made.

Ceridwen's breathe calls again,
swirling and whirling, among healing herbs,
scenting the air with magic,
while the cauldron stirs,
releasing seeds of  enchantment,
vibrant pulsations, to catch the heart and soul

Saturday, 18 April 2015

The shame of Fortress Europe

This week we have  seen  the tragic loss of 400 peoples lives , dying in an attempt to reach Italy from Libya, after boat capsized.  The boat was carrying about 500 people in total, according  to some of the  150 survivors who were rescued.  Italian coastguards intercepted 42 boats on April 12 and 13, carrying 6,500 people attempting  to make the crossing to Europe.
Human beings seeking a new way of life, many driven by desperation, fleeing persecution, violence, the torture, or the threat of,  fleeing from regions where human rights abuses are rife, inncents simply seeking a future. As many as 700 people have now been lost at sea this year alone. Human beings with dreams and fears in pursuit of some happiness.
Europes response has been shameful, inadequate, inhumane, and quite simply pathetic.We are after all talking about what is an injustice.
The European Union and its member states, under the guise of its Fortress Europe policies has been complicit  in these tragedies to occur, again and again,  leading to innocent   people needlesly and shamefully dying on Europe's doorstep. A result  of inhuman policies still in place today  that deny access to the asylum system for refugees.
These  deaths are not isolated incidents but the direct consequence  of tightening our immigration policies and controls. In the face  of civil war, conflict, global politics and social unrest, Europes  response has been at the end of the day disgusting, with the use of  practices and  policies that turn a blind eye to the root causes of migration.
I do not feel we will find answers in building the walls of fortress Europe higher, what is needed is the provision of more  safe and legal channels for people to access protection. For human beings to be treated  with respect and dignity. The decision  to close doors and build fences, means that men, women and children are forced to risk their lives and take a desperate journey across the sea. The boats will not simply stop. Ignoring the situation, will not make it go away. This is Fortress Europes daily shame.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

McDonalds :- Now Serving Homeless Spikes

McDonalds  has come under fire after metal 'anti-homeless spikes' were installed outside one of its Leeds branches. Simply inhumane and shows a complete disregard for homeless people who struggle every day.
Homelessness is one of the worst  injustices within our society, having a place  to live  should be a right not a privilege. These spikes show a complete disregard and lack of respect for homeless people.
McDonalds claim they were there to tackle anti-social behaviour,  not target the homeless, saying  they welcome all customers through their doors.
Well they have since been hit by a 70,000 strong petition still growing. By the way I would not reccommened you eating their  food, it is definitely not good for your health. As disgusting to taste too, like their actions.

Here's a link to the petition
sign and share.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Eduardo Galeona ( 3/09/40 - 12/4/15) R.I.P Poet laureate of the anti globalisation movement.

Sadly another truthsayer has gone, Eduardo Galeona,  poet laureatte of the anti-globalisation  movement, a Uruguayan writer, poet, anti-capitalist of much depth. A committed  socialist, whose historical works condemned European and US  colonialist exploitation of Latin America over 5 centuries, which made him a revered figure among leftists. He died aged 74 after a battle with lung cancer.
Weaving tapestries of society obscured by historians, his books ( he was a productive writer of over 30 books) presented alternative histories that gave equal weight to the suffering of the downtrodden, as to the grand achievements of better known historical figures.
He was forced  to flee from Uruguay  to neighboring Argentina in 1973, after he was briefly imprisoned  bt recently  installed  military dictatorship, which banned his book Open Veins. He was blacklisted by death squads in Argentina following a military coup and fled to  Spain.
"We have a memory cut in pieces"  he once told Democracy Now. "And  I write trying to recover our real memory, the memory of humankind, what I call the human rainbow, which is much more colourful and beautiful than the other one, the other rainbow. But the human rainbow has been mutilated by machismo, racism, militarism, and a lot of other isms,who have been  terribly killing our greatness,  our possible greatness, our possible beauty."
The following is one of his  fine poems. R.I.P

The right to dream of a better world ( El derecha a sonar)

The right to dream is a poem written and read by Eduardo Galeona.
In  1948, and again  in 1976, the United Nations  proclaimed long lists of  human rights, but most of the worlds people still enjoy only the rights to see, hear and remain silent.
Suppose we excercise the  never  proclaimed right to dream? Lets set our sights above  the abominations of today, to divine another possible world

Edward Galeano - Interview ; Living without fear.

Sunday, 12 April 2015


I follow the start of the rising tide,
sit and wait for shifting frontiers, 
to reset empty agenda, to seek change,
as people decide for whom to vote, 
if they take part in the process at all.

The politicians' luck is running out,
on a point of  flickering departure,
hopefully smiles  will be seen again,
on every turn of the corner,
if hollow policies, can be exposed,
we can all be left to our own devices.

We  have learnt how to stand still,
how to run, how to leap,
though we are closely watched,
we have strength in numbers,
to change the status quo,
but beware of paths of complacency,
the jackals are outside the door,
waiting patiently still to devour us all.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Anniversary of 1981 Brixton Riots

 On Saturday 11th April 1981, Brixton was set ablaze as hundreds of local youth fought with the Metropolitan Police. The country was in recession, unemployment amongst African Caribbean  members of the community was high, and the quality of housing was poor. In the week preceding the Brixton Riots, Operation Swamp 81, saw over 1,000 people ( mainly  from the  young black community) being stopped and searched adding to the increased  frustration of the local people. Tensions were high.
What happened next was to become one of the most significant outbreaks of civil disorder in 20th Century London. Police continued operating their hated 'sus' laws,  where in order to stop someone, police only needed suspicion.  At the time the police were exempt  from the Race Relations Act, and many people targeted  were from  the ethnic community, which  led to accusations of racial prejudice.
After arrests were made  tensions rose again, igniting violence which spread across  the streets. The streets  of Brixton became a battle zone. After police arrived in  full riot gear, people started gathering to throw makeshift petrol bombs and set light to police cars. 
By the  time hostilities  had ended,  over 360  ppeople had been injured,  28 premises burned and another 177 damaged and looted. The police arrested 82 people. 
After the riots a police enquiry was held under Lord Scarman that held that policing in a civil society can only succeed with  the  consent of  the community. But 4 years later the Police  shot Mrs Cherry Grove, , causing again disturbances  in the area. There have been many many miscarriages of justice since.
34 years later there are many lessons to be learned.  Police racism continues, as does unemployment and poverty. Capitalist society still suffers from a sickness that breeds ,the big criminals of the land get rich and fat, get rewarded for their crimes (ie the bankers) whilst the poorer members of our communities are stigmatised, getting poorer, punished because of the greedy.  Sadly conditions in  Brixton are not vastly better than  over 30 years ago. Unrest can easily be fermented, when conditions on the streets are ignored. Riots that have happened since, like those seen in Brixton do not happen without a reason.

Guns of Brixton  -the Clash,  with collage of Brixton riots.

Friday, 10 April 2015

This Farage Twit

I happen  to think that Nigel Farage is a twit of the first order. Many of his supporters though idolise him, on social media they don't  seem to like any criticism,  let alone  any satire, despite a whole host of mishaps and blunders. I have had people trying to have a 'pop' when I have tried to spoil their gilded view.
They claim  that UKIP is a libertarian party, all I see is  xenophopbia, authoritarianism and the whiff of racism. But  his supporters, carry on gleefuly, dancing to his chorus, carry on being misinformed , claiming media bias, and misrepresentation, but  their policies are  dangerous and blinkered that seek out to divide communities,demonising people , whilst creating stigma too.With their chief political philosophy  being that  immigrants are to blame for everything. This Is why I will personally keep taking the piss, as above Nigel Farage gets Dr Seussed. We must keep challenging their brand of intolerance, keep on questioning their point of view.
When people excuse, dismiss or are silent, about racism and hatred they contribute to the acceptance  of a more racist society. We should not forget the strong connection that exists between UKIP and extreme  far right fascists.
Oh Nige was said to be a bit tired a couple of days ago, after he bonded with Joey Essex, over their secret love of fish, after boarding a boat in Grimbsy.

At the end of the day, the picture below captures my feeling entirely. after hanging around with Joey he was caught standing behind the most appropriate sign. Ah a picture can help paint a thousand words.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Two years after Margaret Thatcher's death, time to bury her legacy once for all

For all the gushing plaudits  and tributes dedicated to Margaret Thatcher, upon her death, she still remains an extremely divisive figure. This is because  many people are still  living with the dire consequences of her actions. As election time approaches, her breath and twisted ideology still lingers among all the mainstream parties.
Many of us are still unable to forgive her for the devastation she wrought to our communities, the damage  she caused to our industries, our whole way of life. She fought against the miners, not giving a hoot, or  an inch of compromise, then   put her sights on our welfare state, whilst leaving an entire generation to be thrown on the scrapheap.
Her whole twisted ideology  was to try and tear up the post 1945 consensus and privatise our public services, sell of our nationalised industries, whilst smashing up Trade Union rights, embarking on a systematic  path of of destruction. Carving up the land, shifting  the balance of social economic wealth between the rich and poor, very much  detrimental  to the latter.
Being kind, she was just a sower of destruction,  not  an ounce of compassion within her, a creator of mass unemployment too, a fosterer of division with her cruel policies. A liar too, about Hillsborough, who also bombed retreating ships.
While she shafted all and sundry she still managed to be friends with right wing dictators like Pinochet and P.W Botha. I can never forgive her.
She is still hated and always will be, despite her pulse stopping, her  awful legacy lives  on, in the  toxicity that is Tony Blair who called her after her death, " a unique and towering figure" then their is the rotten tory party, still here today preaching  the same stinking doctrine. The scars and pain she caused remain.
The witch might be dead, but the stench of Thatcherism still unfortunately, fills the air it is time I think, that we bury her awful legacy, once and for all,

Some earlier thoughts.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Everything wrong, with humanity in one short animation.

The above  film, old that it may be,still relevent, though  looks at mans relationship, with the natural world,  addresses us  with issues that remain today, as urgent today, as they have always been.
At the end of the day, all are horizons can look much clearer, everything is true, everything is happening.
Patriarchy too, continues its' desire to conquer,and destroy, but out  of of control, enslaves hungry thirst and thought. Everythings wrong, everythings right.
Don't let the world hold you down. keep  releasing thought, seeds of survival, at the end of the day , don't  just sit there, look for answers,  solutions, when everything seems so wrong, keep on looking, keep searching for some  possibility.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter/Eostore

                                 Michael Sowa, Eater Bunny, 1996
Ah  Easter seems to come round quicker each year, that's a sign I guess. This morning I crawled out of bed,  but so far, even though the day is buzzing, no sign of any easter bunny yet,  but whats that towering above?
I guess this weekend, will be for some, a time to wind down, take some time of work, or business as usual, or eat, consume, eat consume,  for many a time of celebration, David Cameron has  been busy writing us his own Easter message, where he sets  about his belief  in the importance of Christianity absolutely clear, saying " It's the principle  around which the Easter celebration is built. Easter is about remembering the importance of change, responsibility, and doing the right thing for the good of the children. And today, that message maters more than ever."
Actions speak louder than words I guess, hey I'm no christian, but I don't think it is right for him to preach to us about values, when up to now what he represents seems to be devoid of it in any shape and flavour. He does not seem to mention  social justice, or even mention the resurrection,  which for some marks one of the greatest acts of disobedience in history, since once you've been  executed by the state, your supposed to stay dead. So for many its about resistance and renewal, a powerful revolutionary faith, M'mmm don't worry am not about to have an announcement of a new direction in faith, I still follow no  particular  religious bent, well the  flow of nature, and  the power of words, but believe it is more than time now for the people of the world to rise too. It will be a case of the risen people not the risen lord.
Sadly though too, across this weekend, across the world, assault, torture, genocide and a range of other depravities will be committed in the name of a so called God.
So since its resurrection time, lets try to carrry on, with selfishness and passion, with a glint of rebellion in our eyes, and tomorrow hopefully paves a way  for revolutionary, insurectionary acts, against the conformity and consensus that has been created.Anyway Happy Easter all, depending on who you are and what you believe in, remember that  Easter has pagan roots too,  named originally in honour of Eostore, the teutonic dawn goddess. Also known as the spring goddess of fertility. In ancient times our lands fertility was the key to its survival, heddwch/peace. We ll keep walking our different paths.Keep on keeping on. Find the joy that makes you, you.
Ah the public library will at least reopen on Tuesday.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Leaders' Debate - Heckler Explains Why She Interrupted David Cameron

Watch Victoria Prosser an audience member who spoke out during the leaders debate last night - fantastic, she allows me to keep faith - well said.
If  I voted she would get my vote. Speaking the truth is easy , shame politicians do not seem able to do it most of the time.