Thursday, 29 January 2015

France: Migrants, Asylum Seekers Abused and Destitute

Asylum seekers and migrants living in destitution in the port city of Calais experience harrassmet at the hands of French police. The abuses include beating and attacks with pepper spray as the migrants and asylum seekers walk in the streets or hide in trucks in the hope of travelling to the United Kingdom. We should not forget these ongoing  methods of repression against migrants that continue to happen on a daily basis. 
Also when European politicians from the extreme centre parties justify the deaths by drowning in the seas surrounding Fortress Europe on the grounds that this will dissuade people fleeing in search of a better life, We should not fail to notice why these people are here in the first place, humans trying desperately to escape conflict ridden countries trying to escape suffering,  fleeing from extreme poverty, seeking refuge  from violence and  persecution.We should remember who actually creates these unfair conditions in the first place. Is it not time to create and enforce a fair, coherent and humane asylum system. We must stop these individuals from being dehumanised. Often their journeys fraught  with danger, with at least 23,000  people estimated to  have lost   their lives trying to reach  Fortress Europe since 2001.
No person should be illegal, no borders are necessary.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Holocaust Memorial Day 70th anniversary lest we forget

A film made by Pembrokeshire animator from Newport  by the name of Gemma Green-Hope to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz- Birkenau .We should never forget this legacy of heartbreak, those that died in these Nazi Concentration Camps. The  gays, slavs, poles, Anarchists,  Communists, gypsies, Jehovah witnesses, resistance fighters ,trade-unionists, those with mental or physical illnesses, who did not fit into the Nazis warped  view. Today I remember all the precious human lives  lost during this holocaust. It would be so sad to forget even one precious life extinguished so ruthlessly. The past still tragically around us, in continuing crimes against humanity.

Naima Shalhoub - Ferguson-Gaza Blues

Nina Simone said " that it is an artists  duty to reflect the times.", I take that call seriously"

Lebanese-Amercian singer perfoms her song  paying homage to the struggles of Ferguson and Gaza

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ysbryd/Spirit ( a poem for Dydd Santes Dwynwen / St Dwynwens day; The Welsh Patron Saint Of Lovers)

(for Jane and all lovers)

St Dwynwens spirit lives again today
dances on the earth, echoes amongst heartbeats,
she opens up our eyes, to unite and embrace
with residues  of light, releases feelings of joy,
traces the smiles of laughter and deep expression
the breath of kindness, the bliss of kiss,
moving us together, on paths of harmony
as we walk on strong, together hand in hand.

Though her tale was cruel, marked by pain
She wraps her arms around us gently,
to comfort and protect, the flow of shining time
shimmering with protective potency,
under star-studded sky, allows  goodness to prevail
she heals again, answers our whispering cry,
fortifies and keeps us warm, in the name of love
her flame planting chords of harmony and peace.

A beacon of hope, enables hearts to conquer 
unweighted. unburdened,  unconstrained,
allows poetry to flourish, to be shared
moments to cherish, the taste of  ebullience,
Welsh lovers look to  her for help in courting their true love
or for forgetting a false one, that became an obstacle, 
a sparkle that flutters amongst the crazy folds of life
infuses the world again, with scents of passion.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Free Raif Badawi blogger who dared to criticise Saudi Arabian clerics.

It is time to free Raif Badawi, the Saudi blogger who is to be publicly flogged 50 times, each week who is to be publicly flogged 50 times, each week over 20 weeks for daring to criticise  Saudi Arabian clerics, despite  appeals around the world for him to be pardoned.
Flogging is prohibited under  the convention against torture a law which Saudi Arabia is party to. Badawi was found guilty  last year of  insulting Saudi Arabian clerics on his blog Free Saudi Liberals, a now shut website he created.He was given a sentence  of a decade in prison and 1,000 lashes. A court  had originally sentenced him to 600  lashes and  7 years in prison, but a judge increased the sentence after appeal.
All that he did was write about secularism, and about what it meant for him, a free society and freedom of expression.He has become a symbol for many thousands of other men and women who are in prison for doing nothing more than expressing their opinion.
We must stand with him and condemn  the use of this cruel  inhuman and degrading punishment in all circumstances.
His flogging has been postponed on medical grounds,  but this does not mean his suffering has ended. His flogging could resume at any time.
Keep up the pressure.


Monday, 19 January 2015

Time to think outside their box

As billionaires and politicians gather in Switzerland this week for their annual meeting of the World Economic Forum at Davos, we should remember that 1% of the world's population still owns  more wealth  than the other, in the 21st century surely a ridiculous state to be in.
But we should also remember how the oligarchs that rule are world, like to distract us from these inequalities, how they want to maintain their status quo, through the media that they own, keep feeding us a steady diet of entertainment, disinformation and lies, designed  to distract and misdirect us.
The world of television and modern media has become a tool of de-evolution and propaganda and social control. Since the rise of the Tavistock institute in the early 20th Century, nearly unlimited resources have  been applied  to understanding how to manipulate the human psyche through television and other forms of mass media.
What we have today  is an increasingly sophisticated full-spectrum assault on free will and psychological well-being,  and we have come to a point where it  is no longer even necessary for media institutions to attempt to hide their blatant work of manipulating public opinion, manufacturing consent and creating  winners and losers in the minds  of an already brain-washed public.
With the  increasing pace of globalisation, the ownership of many mainstream media resources  like newspapers, television channels and radio stations, are  increasingly concentrated in the hands  of an enormous smaller number  of enormous companies.
As a result, the tiny number of individuals that own and control these companies enjoy effective control over a huge  percentage  of information that is seen by the public. So  what happens  is the news becomes to reflect certain oligarchs  own world views, shedding their own distortions. I'm talking about the likes of media mogul Rupert Murdoch.
The focus on sensationalism and entertainment lend  initially to  short segments composed of 'sound bites' making it extremely difficult to introduce concepts that fall outside so called 'accepted wisdom' of a particular wisdom. This is how the 'status quo' excercises its control, seeks to blind us, in accepting their versions of truth, try to prevent us for looking for alternatives, new models of fairness, paths towards  more tolerance and understanding, routes of progress, where avenues of social justice can be truly addressed.
We have to learn  to start thinking outside the regulators box, find other sources to tell our truths, or the world  of George Orwell's totalitarian control will be upon us.
The internet  has already proved to be an effective to overcoming  barriers put in our way, beyond  their corporate spin,  it has been proven to be effective too  in building an impressive network of support, sharing alternative ideas to a mass audience. A revolution already taking place in cyberspace, where people are already learning to  think outside their box.
However in light of recent events, where freedom of expression was attacked, the powerful now  uses tragedy to censor free speech even more, blocking the sharing of information, hinder innovation and control how internet users get online, they want to monitor everything we say on social media, to try to shift the blame on the state of the world on a small minority of users, in a way that enables them to stay in control, in charge. As is often the case, it is a small amount of people trying to make these decisions behind closed doors, about how we should all operate, threatening our freedom to connect and communicate. We must  be allowed to carry on speaking out, defending our internet freedom.
I personally will continue questioning, find my own perspective, think outside their box. beyond the hierarchies of coercion and control, continue looking for sources of hope,  allowing our collective struggles to be  grown and exchanged.
We must  move forwards, find another way, a brave new world , if  we try hard enough it  could all  simply be round the corner.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

In defence of freedom of speech, tyrants of the world unite.

Following recent posts,  I am reminded that the ability to be mocked, or mock yourself is a cornerstone of our humanity,  so it was funny to see at the weekend, a rogues gallery of 40 world leaders, perpetrators of  imperialist wars, colonial occupiers, feudal despots and serial jailers of  inconvenient journalists, gathered together in defence of freedom.
So today I remind you of what has been done in the name of the leading marchers,who seemed to  be as they walked to be spreading hypocricy in all its many directions.
So we have Prime Minister Rajoy of Spain, whose government has just passed  a new gag law placing historic restriction  on the right of protest in Spain, who was responsible  for 16 lawyers of Basque political prisoners being arrested, and 11 Anarchists arrested merely for their beliefs.
Next comes  Foreign Minister Lavrov  of Russia, who last year jailed a journalist for "insulting a government servant."
Then we get Foreign Minister Shoukry of Egypt who has detained Al Zazeera staff and the Journalist Shawken for around 500 days.
Along comes King Abdullah of Jordan  - who last year sentenced a Palestinian  journalist to  15 years in prison with hard labour.
Followed nearby by Prime Minister Davutegbu of Turkey, which  imprisons more journalists than any country in the world.
Oh lest not forget Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel,  whose force was responsible for killing 17 journalists in Gaza, last year, then their is Foreign Minister Lamamra , which has detained Abdessami Abdelhai  for 15 months without charge, then Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates  who in 2013 held a journalist incommunicado  for a month. According to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, freedom of speech is severely restricted here, Amnesty saying that more than 100 peaceful activists and government critics have been detained since 2011.
Prime Minister Jomaa  of Tunisia - jailed blogger Yassine Ayan for 3 years for 'defaming the army'.
 Next we get the Prime Ministers of Georgia and Bulgaria both of whom  have a record  of attacking and beating journalists.
Still with me, next their is the Attorney General of  the U.S where police in Ferguson have already detained and assaulted Washington post reporters, lest us forget Guantanamo, and the wars of division that have been fostered in America's name, and guess how many times the U.S has bombed Al -Jazeera.
Prime Minister Samaras of Greece - who  riot police beat and injured two journalists recently.
The Secretary General of Nato, he really had to join in didn't he, an organisation who are yet to be held to account for  deliberately bombing and killing 16 Serbian journalists in 1999 bombing of Bedgrade, an organisation intent on warmongering too, and spreading fear.
President Keita of Mali, where journalists are routinely expelled  for covering human rights abuses.
Foreign Minister of Bahrain - here's the 2nd biggest jailor of journalists   in the world per capita ( they also torture them).
Sheikh Mohammed Ben Homad Ben Kalifa Al Thani of Qata, which jailed a man for 15 years for writing the Jasmine poem.
Palestinan President Mahmoud Abbas  who had several journalists jailed for insulting him in 2013.
Prime Minister Cera of Slovenia, which sentenced a blogger to 6 months in prison for defamation in 2013.
Prime Minister Kenny of Ireland, where blasphemy is considered a criminal offence.
Prime Minister Kopaaz of Poland  , raided a magazine  to seize recordings  that were embarrassing for the ruling party.
Prime Minister Orban of Hungary - the autocrat who  Amnesty International  recently said - " has put an end to the free press in Hungary.                                             
Last but no means least we have our very  own Prime Minister Cameron of the UK, where authorities destroyed documents obtained  by the Guardian and threatened prosecution, who as I type wants to reintroduce 'internal exile' a hallmark of the worlds most oppressive regimes, yet more  civil liberties stripped  by the Tory regime.
Yes my mind truly boggles at times, here we have  predators of press freedom, mingling with terrorists and other suppressors of freedom, taking part in a rally against terrorism, in support of freedom of speech in what must amount as an example of shameless political opportunism, in a cynical photo op, that seemed to suggest that they were leading the million people  gathered. Freedom lives, so above are a list of people we can continue to seek out to criticise, hypocrites all, enemies of the poor and oppressed every single one of them, we would be fools if we ignored these simple facts, we carry on then, pointing the finger at those that richly deserve the piss being taken out of them.
So in this time,let us   remember the hundreds of journalists targeted and silenced.
The above so called defenders of free speech, should continue to be mocked and scorned, because this is what  freedom is for, so this is why  today  my pen  pours scorn on theses powerful  yet corrupt  leaders of privilege, let our freedom of expression and thoughts continue to seed,and rebel against all, those that seek to rule us with tyranny and  oppression, and speak up for the powerless.                                                           

Monday, 12 January 2015

Tom Waits reads Nirvana by Charles Bukowski

A link to what is for me, to be  one of most  thoughtful and melancholy poems the great Charles Bukowski ever wrote, a poem whose words I feel immensely.Filmed  in Forest Hill, London Dec 1, 2010. I for one am still looking for Nirvana.

Friday, 9 January 2015

No Love, no friendship, no kindness is ever wasted.

(an experimental utopian prose adventure)

In dangerous times, we need to remember what we have almost lost. Take a walk and climb, look out to sea, let the salt waves surge over gorse flower, peace to arrive softly, mingling with our days,with  restorative sigh.
Remember too, that no friendship, no kindness is ever wasted. Tiptoe gently through the land, allow words of comfort to scatter,leave them on park benches, allow them to float down easily, for anyone to claim. There is no such thing as loving in vain, true one  can love someone who does not return it back. But for every unrequited  love another bigger love is born. The more  people you like, the more people will like you..The more you give, the more will be yours to give, forget about profit, forget about war.
Remember that the more smiles you put into circulation, the more will fly back. Let love and friendship and smiles be the currency of life. Not to be hoarded, to be shared, for all to benefit, to be kept in constant circulation, then we all benefit, under the moon and sun. We are all born in individual moments, not tarnished by injustice, essences of innocence..
Our  infinite possibilities contain keys to unlock the doors, we are denizens all,  here  just for a short time, so tread carefully, follow hands and the trail of sunsets, adventures mixed with diversity, return to tomorrow, be alive with mystery, knock on doors of memory, when moments come calling with doubt and bewilderment, shoulder to shoulder, we can learn.Together we are strong, strained of all its worries and misfortunes, life could be endurable, shaped with the glow of possibility, breathing gently, unveiling a future world of heddwch/peace.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dark days for freedom of speech

I personally do not follow any Gods or masters, I believe though in the realities of the rain and wind, the dark shadows that fall, light and shade.
The savage attack on the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo are simply atrocious, it is an attack on our fundamental freedom of thought and expression, and Europes vibrant press culture. It is  a dark time  when voices are silenced in this horrific way. I personally follow too solidarity's breath, so this is why I must stand with the victims of this barbaric attack. This evil in religions disguise now spreads across our lands, and I cannot condone, a twisted exploitation of  sacred pieces of paper, that only seeks to divide people in the name of unreason, and does not represent the words and deeds of the majority of followers of Islam., we must support those muslims, who might be attacked because of what some madmen have tried to exploit.
This is not the first time that the offices of Charlie Hebdo  have been attacked,  and sadly unfortunately wont be the last time that it will be either .A magazine well known for its satirical content,  that has caused deep offence to many different faiths. Yet those  who kill for the mere reason of offence have done more damage to their faith and community relations, than anyone with a pen or a cartoonists brush.
Allahu Akbar the alleged attackers shouted ' God is Great' in Arabic, this is not an act of  religion though, it is an act of war, I express my sympathy with the victims,  and my condolences and compassions to all muslims who I believe will be as horrified as the world. I hope the French people also reject the persecution of innocents, and resist the temptation to resort to stereotyping.
And though I do not defend or endorse everything that has been published in this magazine,today though Je suis, Charlie Hebdo

Powerful Palestine Rises triumphantly

                                            image - Palestinian artist Imad abu Shtayeh                                       
As Palestine seeks to join the International Criminal Court, powerful Palestine rises triumphantly: Despite the destruction, they remain steadfast, the Palestinian  voice grows stronger day by day - they have  not lost their hope or their dignity. Even though they have experienced pain and loss in an unimaginable way, they will not give up  until they get their deserved freedom, and an end  to their ongoing repression. The survival of the Palestinian  people is their strongest resistance, they do not see themselves as victims, but a people whose hopes and aspirations grow stronger everyday.
The right of the Palestinian people to self-determination remains undiminished and it is up to the international community to respect their rights and remind Israel of its obligation to respect this.
Remember too  that the International Criminal Court  specifically  finds that "Crimes against Humanity" under  the Rome Statute of 2007, Article 7, states that these offences include murder, forcible deportation or transfer of members of a group, torture, persecution of members of an identified group (ie the Palestinians ) and the crimes of apartheid.
May 2015 bring Peace and freedom, this freedom means refugees finally being allowed to return home. A freedom  that means that the Palestinian people can move around without having to hide from checkpoints or walk around walls. A freedom that means not being discriminated against, not being denieid passes. A freedom that  means having a functioning economy, that has not been stolen by the occupier, that has seen it taking  over the Palestinians tourism, agriculture, industries, land and natural resources. A freedom that does not see friends and relatives killed or homes demolished.
From the rivers to the sea I hope Palestine will be free, we should all  keep asking for justice and dignity for today's generation of Palestinians and the next ones to come, but we should  also remember that freedom is never given voluntarily by the oppressor it must be demanded by the oppressed. This freedom must be allowed to prevail, as it did in South Africa, I strongly  believe that the arc of the universe is bent towards, this goal, even when at times, it does not seem to look this way. This is one of my dearest goals.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Onwards and Upwards

Sadly the country is still full of people who will continue to vote for the Conservatives in May, but if we have any sense at all, surely it is time to show them the door.Currently  in Great Britain Tax cuts are given  to the rich, bankers are getting 35% pay rises... and even last week I read that the government has nearly  doubled its intake of champagne, all paid for by us. Food poverty grows daily, and the governments plan for recovery will mean  that people on low incomes, things will get a whole lot worse, before it gets any better.
Their arrogance and lack of empathy  is astonishing. The sooner the Conservatives and their allies are consigned  to the dustbins of history the better.We must cleanse ourselves of the shreds of their corruption and  finally show the sheer magnitude of their rampant theft  and pillaging of our countries assets.
 The media I guess is part of the problem, because the media  is not going  to stand up against a system that its owners benefit from, a few voices get through but it is not enough. Sadly the opposition  is weak too, so I'm not holding my breath for a good outcome.
"The Revolution will not be televised"
Anyway happy new year/ blwyddyn newydd dda, hope  change is truly on its way, best wishes , heddwch/peace. One final determined push should do it.