Wednesday, 30 July 2014


In a video  meant to draw attention to innocents killed in Gaza violence.Two Canadian schoolgirls, described as Palestinian Syrians  are warmly embraced by Toronto strangers, when they hold up a sign saying ' HUG A TERRORIST'.
As Gaza and Palestinians   resist the  continual terrorist  attack  and brutal emotional and physical abuse, that has resulted in  a toll  of 1000  plus deaths, thousands  injured, nearly  all of them civilians,  and mostly  women and children,  the full destruction of the City, the world is finally experiencing a  rude awakening.
This war on  Gaza has been justified under the pretext of fighting terror, yet children are the main victims.
Only yesterday Israel  shelled  a U.N school in Gaza, killing 16. Where Palestinians had been sheltering after being told to  evacuate their homes. Women and children, killed while sleeping.
Clearly a crime against humanity.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Vi Subversa ( Frances Sokolov Sanson;b; 20/6/34) - Song: Persons Unknown

Born of East European Jewish parents. Spending two years in Israel in the late 1950's, before returning to the UK. Artist, poet, performer, visionary. Lyric  writer, singer and front person for seminal band the Poison Girls, the first anarchist feminist rock band, which between  1977 and 1989 was a potent force in the international peace movement playing hundreds of gigs in the UK, Europe, Scandivania and the USA. A truly amazing, inspiring individual. Here's to all the persons unknown.

This is a message to persons unknown
persons in hiding / persons  unknown
survival in silence isn't good enough no more
keeping your mouth  shut / head in the sand
terrorists and  saboteurs / each  and every one of us
hiding in shadows / persons unknown

hey there mr average/ you don't exist/ you never did
hiding in shadows / persons unknown
habits of hiding soon will be the death  of us
dying in secret from poisons unknown

this is a message to persons unknown
strangers and passers-by / persons unknown
turning a blind eye / hope  to go unrecognised
keeping your secrets / persons unknown

housewifes and prostitutes / plumbers  in boiler suits
truents in coffee bars / you think  you're alone
big men on building sites/ sick men in dressing gowns
agents in motor cars who  never go home

women in factories / one parent families
women in purdah / persons  unknown
wild girls and criminals / rotting in prison cells
patients in corridors / persons unknown

statistics on balance sheets / numbered and rubber-stamped
blind and invisible / you're  lost in your homes
liggers and  layabouts / lovers on roundabouts
wake  up in the morning with persons unknown

accountants in nylon shirts / feminists in floral skirts
nurses for when it hurts / persons unknown
astronauts and celibates / deejays and hypocrites
Liars and lunatics / persons unknown

hopefully  on football pools / teachers in  empty schools
kids into heroin / not yet fully grown
typists and usherettes / black men who can't forget
the lonely who long for persons unknown

closet idealists /  bald-headed realists
rastas and bikers / the voice on the phone
pimps and economists / royalty and communists
rioters and pacifists /persons unknown

visionaries  with coloured hair / leather boys who just don't care
garter girls with time to spare / persons unknown
judges with prejudice / dissidents and anarchists
policemen deal dirty tricks to persons unknown

strikers and pickets / collectors of tickets
radical architects / the queen on her throne
soldiers in uniform / sailors and stevedores
 beggars and bankers / perjurors and men of law

football crowd hooligans / bunkin' of scool again
workers down tools again / united's at home'!
smokers with heart disease / cleaners of lavatories
the old with their memories /persons unknown

flesh and blood are who we are / flesh and  blood are what we are
flesh and blood are who we are / our cover is blown
flesh and blood are who we are / our cover is blown
flesh and blood are who we are / flesh and blood are who we are
flesh and blood are who we are / our cover is  blown

Poison Girls - Persons Unknown

Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Real NATO Agenda

On 4-5th September NATO meets at the Celtic Manor in Newport South Wales. Supposedly meeting to strengthen partnerships and forge alliances around issues of national security and protection of vital resources, this video  reveals for the first  time  the Real NATO Agenda.
Wales  could see its  biggest protests in a generation as  world leaders  meet  planning  their war on the world.
War is the enemy of the poor. At this years  summit the US will be pressuring Western Powers to increase their already huge military budgets at a time when poverty and inequality are soaring. The worlds 85 richest  people have as much as  poorest 3.5 billion.
Money into war is money out of our communities. In the UK, 500,000 people had to resort to food banks last year.
None of the cuts would be necessary if the sums Britain spends  on its military and armanents were invested in social need instead of the war machine.
This autumn the powerful will make their voices heard at the NATO summit. We must make sure  that the voice of the millions  around the world who need peace and justice  is also heard.

Some useful links:-

The protests have already started. Yesterday there was a successful event in Cardiff, where protestors  managed to disrupt army recruiters, managing to close down  the "Career Centre" for 2 hours. Onwards to NATO.

The message on the banner translates as :-


Friday, 25 July 2014

Arhundati Roy (24/11/61) - 'Colorful demonstrations and weekend marches are vital but alone are not powerful enough to stop wars."

' Colourful demonstrations and weekend marches are vital but alone are not  powerful  enough to stop wars. Wars will be stopped  only when soldiers refuse to fight, when workers refuse to  load weapons onto ships and aircraft, when people  boycott the economic  outposts of Empire that are strung across the globe."

Reprinted from :- Public Power in  the Age of Consent.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Tories can they sink any lower?

Yes they definitely can...first we have the news that the Tories pocketed £160,000 from a mate of Putins - and that  over 400 Russian  oligarchs have been given visas for a million squid a go. This after Camerons sanctimonious  rant about sanctions over the Malaysian airline atrocity. It turns out that amongst the hundreds of fat defence contracts signed with Russia,  was one for  anti-aircraft components. We sold Putin anti-aircraft componements! ( Remember it was the tories  who also flogged   some camouflage gear to A CERTAIN  S. Hussein just in time for the first Gulf War, which left our own soldiers short, forced to  buy their own gear. But then I would expect nothing less than the Tories. To see the full extent of Cameron's hypocricy, as he mumbles and makes calls for sanctions, see how he still receives backhanders and his governments  continuing complicity  in Israels brutal assult on Gaza.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Click on Pic to enlarge.
here are the  132 Children killed in Gaza by Israel's Operation Protective Edge.
More  details here.:-

Finding  it increasingly  hard to quell my rage. It is not healthy. Who will bury the children when their parents are already dead and  there is nobody to bury them. Who will kill the sniper that kills those children of the parents that are already dead? Who is goin to mourn them? I will. Who will forgive? Not me. I have so much to say, but nobody seem to be listening. It is beginning to really  is anybody listening. This pain is really starting to hurt.
I guess I need to take a deep, deep breath and then  continue to keep pushing.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

All born equal?

As the Royal family-  and its cheerleaders at the BBC celebrate Prince George's  First Birthday... the above is just a reminder about what has already been said. As people celebrate, remember too the children  dying across the world because of hunger and starvation, the children  currently being killed by genocidal repression. The BBC continues its fawning, bring out their sycophantic royal slime  Mr Nicholas  Witchell,  not a pretty picture, why are not the people revolting. in search of a sick bag.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Every walk to the woods is a religious right - John Burroughs ( 3/4/1837 - 29/3/1921)

" Every walk to the woods is a religious right, every bath in the stream  is a saving ordinance. Communion service  is at all hours, and the bread and the wine  are from the heart and  marrow of Mother Earth. There are no heretics in Natures church, all are communicants. The beauty of natural   religion  is that you have it all the time;  you  do not  have  to seek it afar off  in myths and legends; in catacombs, in  garbled texts; in miracles of dead saints  or wine-bibbing friars. It is of today; it  is now and here; it is everywhere."

- John Burroughs :- American naturalist, reprinted from essays in Naturalism 1920

You are a Prisoner of your own mind.

" The church, the state, the school, the magazine, think they are liberal and free !

It is the  freedom of a prison yard."

- Henry David Thoreau

(12/7/1817 - 5/5/1862)

Friday, 18 July 2014

If Israel Bombed Your Home, What Would You Do?

A weeklong bombing campaign by Israel has pushed Gaza's biggest hospital  to the brink - beds filled with the critically injured, the wails of relatives filling  the air and supplies running short. Because of Israels military campaign the civilian death toll is rising. In many cases no warning, as peoples homes destroyed, innocents killed. A sea of bodies children killed whilst sleeping in their beds. If this happened to you, would you not resist, defend yourself?
In  Israels case in open violation of international law, carry on their mission to destroy, business as usual as they blame victims.
Last night, Israel launched a ground invasion of Gaza. At  the time of writing 250 Palestinians have been killed, many of them women and children.
We need to tell our  government to stop this  atrocity now, join the demo tomorrow, and spread  the word to anyone you know that enough is enough. Thousands will be marching  from Downing Street  to the Israeli Embassy, in a demonstration organised  by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Friends  of Al-Asqa, CND, The British Muslim initiative, Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Forum in Britan and  the Muslim Association of Britain. It is also supported by an unprecedented alliance of faith organisations, Trade Unions,  civil society and Peace organisations.
Tell your M.P  to act now,  my own Mark Williams M.P for Ceredigion  has already written to me  expressing his condemnation of the collective punishment of the Palestinian people.,
The media must be forced to tell  the truth  about what is happening in Gaza, even though over 5,000 people protested outside the BBC  HQ earlier this week  their coverage of  the ground invasion has been business as usual. We must  keep up the pressure, and confront the BBC's bias. Israels siege and occupation of Gaza must end. Acoss the world people want justice, peace and freedom for the Palestinians.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

I'm tired, but not not quitting yet.

Sometimes just opening your eyes in the morning can feel like the most painful thing one can do, but as the sun shines,  there is a realisation that somewhere outside, their are thousands suffering constantly  far more than we can ever we can ever realise. People constantly tired because their  hopes are daily being taken away by tyranny.With weary hands  some of us reach for pen, because bad behaviour often makes us tired of waiting. Now is the time to get rid of  greed and oppression,to awaken  thoughts of gladness, to fight the lack of sympathy and empathy that governs our lands. I'm tired of waiting, for people to awake, but if your listening world, I'm not giving up yet, so will hang around now, wait for some change.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How to make an online BBC complaint

Noam Chomsky, John Pilger and Ken Loach are among more than 40,000 signatories who have signed an open letter to the B.B.C calling on its journalists to reflect  the reality of Gazas occupation while reporting on Israels current assault.
MPs have also  signed the letter  which will be delivered to the B.B.C today (15 July) during a protest  outside its  Portland Place,  London  headquarters.


Please keep signing and sharing this

A lot of people  are not very familiar with doing online complaints to  the BBC. Really quite simple, and quite effective, for those unable to get to demonstrations that the BBC does not deem important to cover.
They have a statutory duty to reply to complaints to protect the so called independence of the BBC. Sometimes watching the BBC news I have to awake myself  up from the utter pointless of it all. Fawning excuses for News about  Royal  family, minus their excesses.  They used to say it had a left wing bias, I only see a right wing drift. If we don't complain nothing will change.

( I have used below  the Today programme as an example.

Click on

Have you read our page ' What happens to your complaint - Click  "Yes"

Which service is your complaint about? Click "BBC News (TV, Radio and website)"

What is your complaint about? Click "Radio News"

Which radio station is your complaint about? - Click "Radio 4"

What  is the programme title? Start to type "Today" ( after  the first  few letters, an  option list will appear; click  on "Today")

When was it broadcast? Put in the date (15 07 2014 for example)

How  did you watch  or listen to the programme? -
Click the correct option

How far  the programme did the issue happen?-
You can ignore this. Just go to the next question

What is the best category to describe your complaint?
- Click an option

Have you contacted us before about this complaint? - Click "No"

What is the subject of your complaint?
Type for example " Yolande Knells  reports from Gaza"

Type your complaint into the box


On  the next page it asks: Do you want to receive a reply?

- Click Yes

On the next  page you Put in all your details

Are you under 13? Click "No"

Next Question - Where do you live? - Click your country 

Next Question - For UK users - please provide the first half of your post code.

Then click : GO TO REVIEW AND SUBMIT - This allows you to check and if necessary edit what you have written.

When  you are satisfied with it  - Click SUBMIT YOUR COMPLAINT

Finished, Job done!!

Some time later usually within a few  hours , you will receive  an automated acknowledgement.

In  due course (this could be a few days, weeks or even months, depending on the subject matter!!)

You will  then receive a reply.. pass it on.  It keeps  the BBC busy, and allows us the opportunity to take the BBC to account!!

(Thanks Elizabeth)

Monday, 14 July 2014

Peace Vigil - Aberteifi/Cardigan, West Wales.

Just drawing attention to a local event in my area where people can come together in protest against all wars. Possibly there will be those here who will explain the different struggles the road to peace can take. With more  and more people speaking out against wars destructive force, the road to some for justice can also be achieved. A strong reminder too, for whoever goes past that there will always be  people, ever vigilant in their stand against war.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Charlie Haden (6/8/37 -11/7/14) - Silence R.I.P

Double bass player and Jazz icon who helped change the shape of jazz, has sadly passed away aged 76. In his own words last year he said " I want to take people away  from the ugliness and sadness around us every day and bring beautiful, deep music to as many people as I can." An avant garde icon, I am thankful  for  the magnificent music that he bought to my table, combined with his wonderful creativity, passion  and political conviction.
Charlie Haden Rest in Peace.

Charlie Haden and Chet Baker - Silence

Friday, 11 July 2014

What's the difference between Palestine and Israel.

This post is dedicated to my mum and dad, and all those others perplexed by my take on recent events.
For Fuck's sake, the difference  between the Palestinians and Israelis is that the Palestinians have no military base - the struggle is akin   to David and Goliath.  WE,  I and other colluders - gave away Palestinian land in  1948 -  when we had no right whatsoever to do so - it was underhand shenanigans - and as it has turned out highly dangerous and volatile.
The recent attacks by Israel have been described as COMBAT?
A funny form of COMBAT, because where for instance are the Palestinian warplanes? Where is the Palestinian army? Where are  the Palestinian tanks?
At the end of the day Israel  murders and the world's governments are silent ( not just silent but complicit in it from  the start - the US arming Israel to the teeth so as to have another strong Military in the Middle East?
Don't look at the BBC to find this out, they will not point out that a society that supposedly values and  is apparently prepared for peace, it's people celebrate the murder of innocent civilians.
The mainstream media, wants us to demonise the victims. Israel denies and ignores all international law, continues to steal land, the Palestinians, those on the other side so to speak, remain imprisoned. bombarded by air, sea, and land.
So mum and dad if you have read this far, this is why I wont shut up. All human but the real difference between Israel and Palestine should not go by unnoticed. These are the real barriers to peace.
Remember too, that civilians are dying. Israeli airstrikes  in the past few days have killed at least  83 people, including 21 children aged 16 and younger.
More than enough reasons for us not to remain silent.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Support the strike on 10 July

Pay freezes and below inflation pay rises have reduced public sector workers pay  by 20% since the rotten coalition Government came to power in 2010 Public sector pensions have  been attacked and public services  have been slashed across the country. So this is why I will be  supporting up to 2 million people out on  a coordinated strike action across the country tomorrow  being planned by  among others the  NUT, GMB, FBU, PCS . Lets make sure  that the strikers  are supported in our communities. Remember that they are fighting for us all, as they give the coalition a message that they can't ignore.
We should also remember those unemployed existing on depivation levels, with benefit sanctions,  the thousands of workfare victims, the disabled under attack, all those suffering under the coalitions draconian policies. The Tories and their friends  are not looking after us but  together in solidarity we can, they can't ignore us, when they see us all fighting back.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tears of Gaza: The video social media keeps removing!

Tears of Gaza:
The video that social media keeps removing. Please share it while you can.
Be moved by this video, its why we continue to love and support Palestine and Palestinians and Sorry for the ugliness but this is the the horror and terror visited daily on Palestine. Children and civilians living in fear. So bloody sad.

This is not the sunshine, this is Gaza being bombarded!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Suicide in the Trenches - Siegfreid Lorraine Sassoon ( 8//9/1886- 1/9/67)

Following my recent post on Armed Forces Day, a poem by Siegfried Sassoon.
The trenches of  the First World War were a vast area of darkness and danger, dank and miserable conditions, often infested  with rats who ate the flesh of the dead. The stench  of unwashed humanity, all squashed together, combined with the smell of rotting flesh, and overflowing latrines, and the lingering smell of death and battle on accounts must have been unbearable.
Siegfried Sassoon witnessed  all this and came to see and understand the futility of conflict. In the following poem, the line ' No one spoke of him again.' illustrates how many soldiers at the time found dead  in the trenches at the time were simply forgotten. All his suffering, erased, because death which occurred in such vast numbers  simply merged into one.  Over 16 million deaths and 20 million wounded in what is considered to be mong the deadliest of
conflicts in human history.
We should not forget the 306 British and Commonwealth soldiers who were shot  on the orders of the military top brass, many suffering from shell shock, and what is now known as Post Traumatic Stress. Charged with desertion after  becoming dazed and confused, young disturbed, traumatised teenagers some of them , who had simply volunteered for duty.
Many other soldiers during the First World War were driven to suicide, or left with  mental exhaustion, depression and shell shock because of this war.
It has taken time, but the stigma of mental health issues  caused by conflict are  very real indeed. In the end  no glory in war, only sadness, this is how I choose to remember. This why humanity too, should  not forget the barbarity and futility  that the world has ever known.

Suicide in the Trenches

I knew a simple soldier boy
Who grinned at life  in empty joy.
Slept  soundly through the lonesome dark.
And whistled early with  the lark.

In winter trenches, cowed and glum,.
With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
He put a bullet through his brain.
No one spoke of him again.

You smug-faced crowds with  kindling eye
Who cheer  when soldier lads march by.
Sneak home and pray you'll never know
The hell where youth  and laughter go.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Happy Birthday N.H.S

The N.H.S turns 66 today - happy birthday  and lets make sure it is not the last. This is our N.H.S. Everyone rich or poor, woman or child can use it. or any part of it. There are no charges except for a few special items.We love it, we pay for it, and we will certainly fight for it. We must not allow the Tories to dismantle it, and strongly say no to any attempt at privatisation. There is still plenty of money to go round, it's just the case of it being in the wrong hands.
It has endured  so long in our hearts and minds because of its  founder, the late great Nye Bevan  who said ' Illness is neither an indulgence for which people have to pay, nor an offence, for which they should be penalised, but a misfortune, the cost of which should be shared by the community'
So while I'm at it, I will raise a glass to Nye Bevan's honour too, here's to the next 66 years.

The British National Health Service 1948

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The night is long faced.

The night is long faced
accustomed as it is to misfortune
every night the Palestinian
under occupation, since 1948
tries to sleep in its shadow.

It's people killed everyday
children left as  orphans,
daily it is hit, in the face
and in the guts,
again and again
until this process
starts to feel normal.

This is the taste of occupation
people learning  to live  in fear everyday,
knowing that any minute, their front door
could be kicked down, trying to stay human,
trying desperately to stay sane
knowing that  their children, mothers and fathers,
may never return home again.

The  children are seen as terrorists,
for simply using slingshots against tanks
and fierce looking  men with machine guns
the media  likes to portray them as perpetrators
its people as the enemy,
while turning the bully 
into a victim. 

In the mornings, seeds of bitterness spread
as grim days stretch out this peoples agony,
and the longing for their liberation
and though Palestine does not exist on the map
it exists  in the hearts of millions around the world.

Like the night, they have learnt
that with warm buds of thirst,
freedom is existence, and survival is resistance 
and that  one day, from the rivers to the sea ,
with hope on their sides, they will be free.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Glenda Jackson's speech about Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP

Glenda Jackson 30 June 2014

Every word the truth. Why can't Millibland be more like this. Perhaps he has no real life experience, does not  know lots of vulnerable people, or those daily under the receiving end of  the Conservatives bullying approach.
We need more people like Glenda Jackson, voices of truth speaking against  smiling tyrants of the oppressed in this country, whilst so called representatives twidding with their mobile phones, collect their cash, show no real interest at all, showing us that they have no bloody compassion at all.