Thursday, 20 August 2009

Avoiding depression(just some suggestions not absolutes)

Learn a language
especially Welsh,its one of our oldest living languages.
Learn an instrument
Learn to belly dance
Carry on regardless.
Listen to your friends
Don't  ignore your neighbours
Unless their fascists.
Tell the truth
Follow every sunset,
Learn to jive.
Cull books you never look at
Plant a tree,climb a mountain,
Listen to music
Avoid Chris de Burgh ,Michael Bolton,S club 7
Try some Half Man Half Biscuit,or maybe the Fall,
Bonjo Dog Do Dah Band ,Captain Sensible.
Sit by a local river,try not to fall in.
Try to be honest,try to be real
But remember its ok to be cruel to be kind.
Learn that its ok not to open the door
Especially to certain fundamentalists
Militant paper sellers,most salespeople.
Learn to be glad,eat fruit,
Abstinence can be fine,but remember not to stand in line.
Learn that were all free,
If you have the energy take a walk in the park
Kayak,make sandcastles on the beach.
Read some Chomsky,Spike Milligan
Avoid Jeremy Kyle,Alan Titchmarch,
Murder she wrote,most daytime tv.
Dont fear the reaper
Eat some peach,float downstream
Relax,don't do it.
Reach out and embrace the things you love
Pass it on,sing a song.
Remember theirs always gonna be some darkness,
But their will always be light.


  1. Really lovely post... which i'll try to keep in mind.stay free.x

  2. i guess you're well aware spike milligan had 40 years of depressive experiences...
    also, vivian stanshall, the 'bonjos' main vocalist wasn't always the happiest of people if i'm not mistaken.
    now mark e smith, there's you have a person who lights up a room when he's havin' a laugh, i'm feeling cheerful just thinking of him, haha!
    listening to ivor cutler brightens my day, and the neil young lyrics 'don't let it bring you down, it's only castles burning', even if i have no idea what that means.
    greetings from belgium.

  3. cheers for greetings,check out DATBLYGU Welsh band from 80s/early 90s,lovely,DANIEL JOHNSTON,oh and I find the lovely ROBERT WYATT always does the trick too .Best Wishes