Friday, 3 September 2010

Harry Crosby ( American poet 1898 -1929) 2 Poems.


What is your feeling about the revolutionary spirit of your
age, as expressed, for instance, in such movements as
communism, surrealism, anarchism?
The revolutionary spirit of our age (as expressed by
communism, surrealism, anarchism, madness)is a hot
firebrand thrust into the dark lantern of the world.
In Nine Decades
a mad Queen shall be born.


I exchange eyes with the Mad Queen

the mirror crashes against my face and
bursts into a thousand suns
all over the city flags crackle and bang
fog horns scream in the harbor
the wind hurricanes through the window
and I begin to dance the dance of the
Kurd Shepherds

I stamp upon the floor
I whirl like dervishes

colors revolve dressing and undressing
I lash them with my fury
stark white with iron nlack
harsh red with blue
marble green with bright orange
and only gold remains naked

columns of steel riseand plunge
emerge and dissapear
pistoning in the river of my soul
thrusting upwards
thrusting downwards
thrusting inwards
thrusting outwards

I roar with pain

black-footed ferrets dissapear into holes

the sun tattoed on my back
begins to spin
faster and faster
whirring whirling
throwing out a glory of sparks
sparks shoot off into space
sparks into shooting stars
shooting stars collide with comets

Naked Colors Explode
Red Disaster

I crash out through the
window naked, widespread
upon a
I uproot an obelisk and plunge
it into the ink-pot of the
Black Sea
I write the word

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