Wednesday, 23 March 2011

March for the Alternative ( Saturday March 26th ) Why I'm marching.

This coming Saturday I will join thousands of protestors marching to protest against David Cameron's Tory led coalitions plans to divide Britain. Millions of workers, pensioners, students and benefit claimants are currently being kicked in the teeth by this government. A coaltion need I not remind you that the majority of the people of this country did not vote for.
Driven by right wing ideolgy hellbent on destruction, Margeret Thatcher herself did not dare to do to the N.H.S what Cameron and his cronies is about to try and do. He and his partner in crime Nick Clegg has unleashed a wreacking ball to the ethos of the welfare state and must be resisted. They seem intent on rolling back the years with mass privatisation and sweeping cuts that are based simply on ideological reasons, one based on capitalism and greed. The money supply which capitalism breathes with and the conservatives allies the bankers are sucking the life out of society while ordinary people suffer.
These are some of my reasons for joining the protestsors on the T.U.C March for the Alternative this Saturday.
The dismanting of years of progress by the wreckless antics of a priveleged few must be oppossed. The cuts about to be implemented will effect the lives of every person in the land, apart from a small elite. Ordinary citizens will be hit the hardest while the Tory's friends the bankers, who incidentally caused our current financial crises get away scot free.
Nick Clegg himself said last May that Ministers "would put fairness at the heart of everthing we do". He was obviously telling lies, because it would be hard person to find any fairness in any of the policies this coalition has pursued.
I would urge everyone who can, to try and join the demo on Saturday, we have nothing to lose and so much to gain, we must show this government that the people are united against them, we have the power to challeng them and ghange their direction.We must at every opportunity say no to their lies, their distortion of reality.
They want to crush us, and divide us, but we have the power to beat them, remember in recent times history has proven that their is no greater force than the will and the power of the people.
The Con-dem reality is a simple class driven policy of stealing from the poor and giving it back to the rich.Their vicious onslaught will continue unabated , with their dangerous policies impacting on us well into the future. It is time to fight back, time to march, time to tell them with one voice.No. For tomorrow's sake and for justice's sake.


  1. Pob lwc Dave, gobeithio y cei di ddiwrnod da. (Bydd yn ofalus wrth basio Rough Trade, nawr!)

  2. diolch yn Llundain nawr..... paratoi
    hwyrach..Jane yn dweud siwd mae.