Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Remember the public sector workers strike will cost economy 1/10th of the royal wedding.
Cameron seems to think people are going to  take what he is doin to this country lying down, well its clear that the people are not,  it is he who is unwilling to compromise, still talking to the public like their idiots, he'd rather spin the media, he critisises the unions when he himself is on a sticky electoral mandate, ordinary people did not make this economic crisis. Up in  the North at moment, joining Manchester's people in their time of struggle.
A total of 29 unions will be walking out across the U.K, the biggest Industrial action in Britain since the 1970's.
The tories protect their own, up to 3 million workers are trying to protect the future.

Solidarity with all those out tomorrow.

United we stand
Divided we fall.

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