Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Some thoughts on St Dwynwen's day

St Dwynwen's day
Welsh Patron Saint of Lovers.
Dream of hope, dream of happiness
the feel of protection, listen to old choruses
sparks of history, people who circumnavigated
with inspired attitude.

Souls - direct manifestations
keep touching, turning,
over and over
ferociously spinning.
The scanner verifies
words to steal
calm amidst the storms,
comprehension becomes jumbled
follow shootings stars, the phases of the moon.

Flashes inspire, lists become endless
every man and woman a star.
In world of wonder, ergot blossoms,
the image has not yet cracked,
unconscious rambling 
everyday we ressurrect.
Fingerprints glowing
hearts beat in synchronisation.

The land of my mothers 
the green, green grass 
of  home.
A saints day parade of names
old relics shape us
our heritage forever to be hummed.
In difficult times, lose ourselves
in imaginations wander 
waiting to be fed  
let ancient currents hum
as day ripples with orgasmic
sweet cocktails.

Write it all down  
sometimes we get what we need
caught and taken in the breeze
Temperature is rising
head full of elevated thought
flickers tonight
will touch palms
will not starve
senses will tremble
the firebox  rekindled
tomorrow  smoulders
with today's afterglow.
In dreams and love,
there are no impossibilities.

    (For Jane) 

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