Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Built by Bevan...Crushed by Cameron

"No attempt at ethical or social seduction can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin - Nye Bevan

Today woke up  with great sadness and anger, the Tories insidious N.H.S bill has been passed.
Medical experts believe the tory's changes will do horrible harm to our health service. It makes me wonder who the hell voted for the tories. Their policies when they put themselves up for election seemed to suggest to me an ideology of pure hatred, and one of divide and rule.
Perhaps they are the same people who spent yesterday fawning over the Queen in Westminster, whilst our beloved N.H.S was being kicked in the guts. The people who voted for them and those who have kept them in power, the lib dems have sounded the death knell for the N.H.S and for this they should be thouroughly ashamed. The N.H.S is to me like the pulse of the nation, essential, where my father worked and dedicated himself to, for over 30 years.
The people who voted for the Conservatives  are the same people who must accept resposibility for the slow demonisation of the unemployed, the marginalised, the weak, the mentally ill.
So David Cameron and Andrew Lansley keep on smiling as they rob the poor to pay the rich. Proving time and again, what contemptable bastards they are.
Their Budget today, proving that we really are not in it all together, housing buget cuts already means soaring homelessness,  the poorer you are the hardest your hit, tax cuts for the rich... nothing about the thieving banks, help for students, help for people getting jobs, for communities that they have already started battering apart.
Yesterday I was full of Springs promise, celebrating the rebirth of nature, today I try to keep on keeping on, just...... so let me compare for a moment . The Conservatives like to think of themselves as ineradicable, indestrutible and imperishable, but like their nearest relation the cockroach this is not true, when crushed they can make a horrible cracking sound...... we must not let them defeat us, we have the power to beat them back. Ah I'm feeling better already.


Nope, absolutely none.......


  1. There was actually no mention of NHS reform in the Tory manifesto - so no one voted for it.

    I don't know why political parties bother having manifetos anymore; they're meaningless - consider the Lib's plans: no raising of education fees, no changes to child benefit, etc. etc.

    (Thought you could do with a comment ; ) ) roy

  2. yep......agreed, always nice to get a comment....and where exactly is the oppossition?
    All the best....