Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Still, here.
different name than on facebook
still a faint echoe
in this spinning world.

Still feeling numb
still got my eye on a page or two
in the library
watching humanity fly.

Still got time
to wonder about
stuff and things
finding ways to connect and survive.

Still here in the wild sky
armourless among the branches
a fair weathered friend
still pointing the way towards another reality.

Still here, distant and far
revealing a message or two
still fizzing, smouldering
still have not found a way, to stop the clocks.

Still getting older, getting fatter
a desperate drum beat
wine stained, leaving a mark
still slightly dangerous, still under the cloudy sky.

Still believe it's possible for the world to change
still following loves order, still free enough to apportion blame
still looking for some change, still moving forwards
still waiting, still  here tomorrow, hopefully!

Still safe here, beyond the rivulets where I have strayed
still groaning under the stars , still foaming at the mouth
still the music calls , and the echoe returns
still politicians stall, still deceit brings its tears.

Still the questions feed, looking for answers
still discovering ideas at the edge
still little by little, replacing old heirarchies
still got time to breathe, still the essence is what is imagined.

Still a flame , flickering in existence,
still considering, still following resistance,
still finding  momentary vision
still  have not surrendered, still running free.

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