Sunday, 2 December 2012

Nocturnal Blue/ Silouettes

Nocturnal Blue

Past midnight, I went for a walk
down to the estuary to roam alone,
under the moonglow, where thoughts alighted,
anquished anger welcomed strangers kindness.
It was cold but clear, and a freezing hum spoke to me,
I have long believed in prophecy,
remembered beginnings, passing its time,
between the gnarled roots and the shadows,
brooding upon heavy lidded eyes,
shoots shouting, yes you can,
breath congealed, confused murmours,
returned to me , again and again,
like a shaman, that had hit me
full force,
then tumbled away. moved downstream.
as the burnt clearing of memory,
penetrated into the bowels of the earth,
headed home, to plant seeds,
chant some passionate verse,
to stubbornly repeat, the science of practice,
pray to an unfathomable god,
that has vanished from this world.
This heart gulped a glass full of wine, left out,
concealed myself in another constellation
slowly dissapeared, underneath, unseen.


the afternoon rolls on, we follow the testimony of brothers and sisters, tonight, we will bask in defiant
thoughts, step by step, the same night fall, we speak to all or nothing at all, at first we tried to be
different, some of us boiling were left unattended, but hopefully now we share, hearts content with
nothing short of justice, joining hands, outside the world is ours.


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