Friday, 29 March 2013

Quietude - for R.S Thomas , (29/3/13 -25/9/00 ) on the centenary of his birth

Wake up to quietude
no rush, tension is outside,
 go on journeys
but take one step at a time,
slowly step out into the garden
swathed in mist
all life is difficult.

Look for truth,among the hedgegerows,
dream on earth,  behold paradise
capture y teimlad - the feeling,
mornings full of mystery and innocence
before we slip into the unknown.

Every doubt, every suspicion
can becomes a quite ripple,
every unkind word
thoughtless act, cancelled out,
the joy of living still in the moment
each  birth of  day,
surrenders a flash of gentleness,
as  puzzles of thought,
flash with illumination,
feeling supernatural winds of sensation,
amulets of revelation, revolution.
In quietude,
no borders are necessary,
the riches of our gardens leap,
the seeds of wild profusion grow.

(Happy Easter Weekend, heddwch/Peace)