Friday, 4 October 2013

Destruction of Chartist Mural


The destruction of the popular Chartist mural, in Newport yesterday has robbed many Newport residents of part of their rich personal and cultural history. Commemorating the Chartist uprising of 4th November 1839, it was located close to John Frost Square (named after emminent local Chartist leader, who was packed of to Tasmania, only to return later to heroes welcome.) in 1979, made by artist Kenneth Budd, to act as a memorial to the 20 Chartists  who were killed by soldiers outside the nearby Westgate Hotel.
A local campaign had collected over 4,000 signatures in support of keeping the mural. Many locals had gathered to show their opposition, and to try and defy the wreckers, however sadly now reduced to rubble in an act of cultural vandalism. All for the sake of building yet another shopping centre, a disgrace in any context, but absolutely disgusting under the direction of a Labour Council, who do not seem to carre about their roots, or the proud heritage of the local people.
We should never forget the  insurrectionary spirit of the Chartists,  and the proud part Newport played in fighting for workers rights,  nor the people of Newport who determingly and willfully campaigned to save this mural from this willful desecration and destruction.

Democracy dead and buried in Newport

Chartist Mural destroyed

After the Lights Go Out (a film  by Dominique Michael)

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