Saturday, 19 March 2016

Spring's Promise

A poem in celebration of the spring equinox

In the midst of  a frayed world
The sap is rising, new life returns,
Spring embraces, weaves its great design
As buds awaken from winter's cold sleep,
From darkness we greet the light
Blossoms emerge from slumber,
And eggs dyed red as the womb
Are offered as gifts.
We hail the green godess
Salute nature's renewal,
The spring equinox we celebrate
Planting desires, scattering seeds,
Time of rebirth and days of hope
To refresh us with new beginnings,
Of spirit and wonder.
The earth stands afresh
Hares leap, Ostara walks,            *
Flowers bloom, the sun kisses
Moistens and refreshes,
As we praise the day
And bless the night,
Honor and express
Sustain one another. 

( Ostara or Eostre , was the Goddess of Dawn (Saxon) who was responsible for bringing spring each year.    

Tom Waits - You Can Never Hold Back Spring

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