Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Tory Politician - A definition

Tory Politician; a definition :-

The Tory Politician  is native to Britain and is easily distinguishable by its snake like appearance and smug grin. 

A member of a British Political Party  founded in 1689.

Politically Conservative. A hector, a bully. 

Parasitic, noxious. objectionable, harmful and difficult to control.,

Known for its cruel ideology, callousness and vicious nature. Self serving and elitist. Intent on destroying the N.H.S and the Welfare State

A single Tory Politician is capable of destroying 300,000  people  in 90 seconds.

The Tory Politician always hunts in a pack and while  2 or 3 distract their prey, the rest attack quickly without mercy.

The Tory Politician preys on any person with an income of less than £150,00 per annum and gains most pleasure from attacking the elderly, the sick and the poor.

Tory Politician will vote to slash benefits  to poverty levels for the sick and disabled claimants while with staggering hypocrisy act as patrons or trustees for charities that claim to support them.

Tory Politician; you can insult them , blame them criticise  them , smirk and snigger, and they will continue to treat you with contempt.

Whilst  most of us consider animal cruelty wrong , fox hunting is the Tory Politicians  cruel  sport  of choice.  

Tory politicians sit with a majority in the House of Commons, even though most people did not actually vote for them. 

The Tory Politician  is an extreme danger to the economy and the growth of Britain and should be eradicated as  quickly and painfully as possible. Treat them with all the contempt they deserve.

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