Monday, 17 April 2017

MOVING ON : A Cut Up Experiment

                                 The River Teifi

It was fun, oh how we laughed, the driftwood floating,chasing moss, dreaming of schemes,counting the hours, unpadlocking the gates, half-in. half-out, a way to blue through a tunnel of zen.
Paradoxes unfurl  as we wade through time. Alcohol is an anaesthetic it numbs the pain of silence.It lifts the waking dead. Sometimes  things need to be  rearranged otherwise we keep moving round in circles with details left  pencilled in the margins. Last night, in the sorting room  of ideas , I broke out, instead  of  running backwards,  honesty wandered, memory upturned, weight of the west met east,where there is no home, moved forwards towards another summer ending.
Outside in , outside out, released some promises , regrets rising onwards to a faraway place. The secret is surprise, love is always  here, in the delusions of heaven,  fragile  heartbeats keep beating, constantly from deep within, and fights a way through the dark inside, screams aloud with lungs open wide, the miracle of life is what you give or take, we are all made in this world to live in, until time runs out, blows away circumstances, each different position  reveals, gaining inspiration as days go  by, growing  in progression. From ancient springs we gather, waiting for the dust to settle, the weekends will always laugh in secret release their streams of tears.
Acceptance is not surrender ,old ghost will always return, every day will wear out, sinking into dark corners to lick its wounds, glistening, silver with dew  in the early sunlight, we can all remember, from Gaza to Allepo, Calais to the streets of London , nothing should be taken for granted, the thunder crashes all around, the winds forever will cast a ghostly mourn, the fury of storms will play out, so be peaceful,  with no menace now, the dawn chorus will  keep welcoming for all to hear, towards a new beginning- another day.we still have a long way to go, off the point,a little reckless.


  1. well thank you kindly.... the cut up , were all my words, just released spontaneously. xx