Monday, 10 July 2017

Don't live in fear

Don't live in fear. Live your life.It is our responsibility to break down these walls of indifference, to shatter these conspiracies of silence,to stand up and be counted and not look around to see whoever else is standing before we make a judgment to do so, because in the world in which we live, there are few people prepared to stand, let alone be counted.
So open up the borders, give refugees a safe welcome, oppose war, fight injustice, stand with others in solidarity. Together we can make a difference. In the words of the philosopher Edmund Burke ’the surest way to ensure that evil will triumph in the world is for enough good people to do nothing.’ 
United we can bring about a better society, we can cheer one another on  in pursuit of love, truth, justice and freedom. 
People standing together, gain strength, I believe in people  power,the more of us standing together, raising the call for justice and equality, the louder our voice. United we can take on the might of governments, corporations, and the media , holding forces of tyranny and oppression that brutalizes and dehumanises to account. With a shared inclusive identity in which all have a stake, we can build another world. Never be complicit through silence. And as for Jayden K Smith they can simply piss off.

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