Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Love Trumps Hate/Mae Cariad yn Trechu Casineb

July 13th is coming
Catch a bus and protest
Greet orange man
With  freedoms voice
Cast out intolerance
That is accountable to no one
Flaming and flaunting fear
Daily releasing sad delapitdation
Let's weave together in unity
Be a speck that proudly stands
Sing together with one voice
Our bubbles shifting together
Hands together, raised high
Cries refusing to be silent
Collectively not frightened
Speaking in different tongues
Against racism and bigotry
Offering no welcome
To a narcissistic clown
Our love will triumph hate
We will loudly drown


  1. That’s lovely Dave . So positive!

    Did you see this?

    Hope it all goes well.✌🏽

  2. cheers, I did, wonderful stuff, all the very best.