Friday, 16 October 2020

Turbulent Daze

Getting so tired of these times
Sometimes it's so hard to listen
I know I take things for granted
But under the influence, I question
Not  forgetting the moonshots
Hands,  face, space, time continuam
All the friends and lovers gone
Stolen, secrets, hungry glances
Thinking of ways of fixing one another
Instead of mistakes that make us hurt,
Ready made oven deals sealed with haste
A Government that deliver no protection
Stay at home, under three tier system
Keep on working, support economy
Eat out, dance in your gardens, on your own, 
But because I don't have to much belief
I  don't know which way to go
Maybe, try recapture heart of another
Before, finally all my time is done
Check daily for some small change
Reboot, Reskill, Reboot, Remember
Keep on chasing rainbows, try reaching for moon
The comfortable tangible touch of magic
Beyond the sad opiated smile of capitalism
The future belongs to all, who believe in the beauty of dreams
Where imagination matters  and love and passion rules 
With forces of doldrum  abandoned, we sing impromptu..

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