Thursday, 14 January 2021

The Waiting Game

These are dark days, torn and broken
America now, a ticking time bomb, 
A nation on the brink of martial law
It's populace under house arrest,
Imploding on multiple fronts all at once
People  losing all sense of reality, 
Their Constitution now bruised and battered
Clouds of  reason erased and shattered,
Stained by White Supremacist- in Chief 
Impeached for incitement  of insurrection,
I am sick of eyes so dark they can''t relate
And the  hands that sought to desecrate,
A cruelty of vision, that created  division
Leaving five dead, caused by spiteful emission,
Countless more in the days and months ahead
The consequences of his superspreader event,
Under infected skies, pandemic runs its course
As hollow undignified man offers no remorse,
It's a perilous waiting game for now
Time for  healing winds of change to blow,
The need for peaceful thoughts and reflection
The blind to accept result of Presidential election,
Keep the darkness of hatred from calling once more
Retrieve the sense of intellect and seek to restore,
Beyond emboldened discordant voices, dispense some cure
So this  'land  of the free, home of the brave' may endure,
For the stars and stripes to fly with pride again
Truth to become the victor, to erase all hurt and pain.