Monday, 15 June 2009

gerald winstanley (19 /10/ 1609 – 10/09/ 1676 - To know the secrets

" To know the secrets of nature is to know the works of god...And if you would know spiritual things,it is to know how the spirit or power of wisdom and life,causing motion or growth,dwells within and governs both the several bodies of the stars and planets in the heavens above;and the several bodies of the earth below,as grass,plants,fishes,beasts,birds and mankind.For to reach god beyond the creation,or to know what he will be to a man after the man is dead,if any otherwise than to scatter him into his essences of fire,water earth and air of which,he is compounded,is a knowledge beyond the line or capacity of man to attain to while he lives in his compounded body."

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