Sunday, 28 June 2009

STEVEN WELLS alias seethin wells Rage In PEACE

fuckin fuckin fuckin hell one of my favourite writers from back in the days died last tuesday,a bloody inspiration.wrote for the NME he did.Acerbic and witty,he seemed to cut out the bullshit that seems so prevalent such thing as a perfect human being,oh no no ,but he used to cut down to the chase took no more upset about this than fuckin michael jackson man.his anger should be suitably celebrated.fuck the bnp and any other closet racists celebrate our differences.this blog is inspired by people like him no time now for cutting corners,gotta try more to do it myself and possibly inspire others .steven wells let him rage in this age of mediocrity we have to try and keep burning.tomorrow feels like 1979 again, the nations turning blue.sorry if theirs a tear in my eye but hey ho .rage rage against the dying of the light but gotta keep dancing

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