Thursday, 9 July 2009


Tell us about your past? How does poetry effect your day?
 Do you water the garden in lunar cycles? Do you think valium o.k ?
Are you silent distant,faraway or near? Is this the saddest moment or are you absolutely clear?
Survivor or user,hedonist or comfort blanket? Naked by the waters edge or fully clothed by burning sandpit
What did Icarus see, when coming down? Can you turn wine into water or plants into medicine ?
 Is ambition lacking purpose,or is it all a lie? The past or the future, tomorrow or today?
Whole space of territories,or a world without borders? Friendship before profit ,love before greed?
Can you see ideas transforming, or do you stay asleep and dream? Mountains and rivers without end?
 Plant life or pond life? Is the end better or worse? A fantastic feast or curse?
Cant get no satisfaction or are you really free? Fact or fiction ,fantasy or reality?
A distant singing a far crying? A lunatic of loving,or a gentle sighing?

Or maybe, just maybe, no ending!


  1. just found your blog, quite interesting,I will be coming back.

  2. just found your comment, thanks