Sunday, 19 July 2009

Patti Smith- TRUE MUSIC

Patti Smith
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Time is expressed in the heart of an instrument. Something that stops in the heart of a man. Time is the wall and the space around. Time is the tree a life that resounds. Time to adore and time to go. To give to the fisherman the slippers of Rome, the whirling embrace the arms of the fold to gather together the swirl of the leaves turning and falling returning as thee to the clay of creation though your children will hold the wave of your hand the smile of your soul.
I was fortunate to catch this talent deliver incendiary performance at Roundhouse a couple of years ago her covers album period.Remember her playing white rabbit guessed then that theres many forms of magic .First thought best thought I remember their was something electric in the air that night. In the midst of her war dance George Bush was leading the race into an unmanageable illegal war.And she raged ,for us and our children too

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