Friday, 12 March 2010

EARTH MOTHER for Mickey Jones & Mark Linhous, R.I.P,

Crouched at the third door
a robin pecks , it's little wings flapping,
before it's chased away by a three-legged fox.
Peace eyes full of light,
shine down through scented woods,
dream letters offer sweet surrender
as everything about to bloom,
the bushes, the hedgegrows,oblivious to mass parades,
marinade's for the heart
a school of greenflies chatter at breakfast,
all is calm
all is near,
no flags, no borders,
no partition, no destruction,
green bottlenecks crawl
on her muscled limbs,
no destination, no surrender,
prayer meeting
we retreat into the forest
deeper, deeper
into it's beautiful, translucent sanctuary.
sprayed all over by harmony,
we breathe deep
into the real
and further out,
we are allowed to shelter
in these moments
single doubt.
The seeds are waking
the earth burns like the sun
but a thousand times
we sing our songs,
and in the faraway
a guitar soars,
up high
on and on,
and on and on.
Riding electric waves
to a different land,
the roots carve a wake
as ectasy showers.
fresh dew
the dust.
gravity is weightless.
hunger a new experience,
comes out to play

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