Saturday, 6 March 2010

NEW WORLD ODOR - Mark Vallen

Just as the need for labor in the United States fostered the development of a Chicano consciousness, Chicano identity has often been expressed in terms of personal and cultural development at the bridge of various systems of economic, cultural and political exchange.
This awareness is reflected in the above work, it's title taken from what President George Herbert Walker Bush used in the early 90s to convey what he thought of the world after the Soviet Union had fallen.
The poster suggests the new world order means nothing but the same carnage under a different regime. The pile of skulls tumbling toward the viewer presents a dark vision of what awaits us in a world dominated by capital and commerce. The gothic lettering reference the typography of the Nazis, perhaps suggesting that the fall of communism has ensured the triumph of fascistic forces. No pasaran!

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